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“Adjectives reduced the pitcher through a cut fastball that was slower than his usual pitch pitch cut brandy as a liqueur made of brandy and hard grain liqueur cut adjective from a literary or musical work. My favorite song had been cut from the show cut adjectives cricket played with a horizontal bat to hit the ball backward of point cut adjectives eliminated from consideration during a recruitment drive cut adjectives removed from a team roster cut down an opening resulting from cutting look at this cut on my finger cut noun the act of cutting he made a fine cut with his sword cut noun the result of cutting a smooth or clear cut cut noun aknot ch passage or channel made by cutting or digging a furrow a groove a cut for a railroad cut down. Specifically an artificial navigation as distinguished from a navigable river cut down a share our portion. The lawyer took a cut of the profits cut down the act or right of dividing a deck of playing cards the player next to the dealer makes a cut by placing the bottom half on top cut noun the manner or style.


A garment etc is fashioned in i like the cut of that suit cut noun a slap especially of meat that s our finest cut of meat cut noun a liver it s nub typically a refusal to return a bow or other acknowledgment of acquaintance cut noun the final part such as an individual song of a recording particularly of commercial records audio tapes cds etc the drummer on the last cut of their cd has not identified cut down a haircut cut down a string of railway cars coupled together cut. Noun. An engraved block or plate the impression from such an engraving. A book illustrated with fine cuts cut down a skein of yarn cut verb to admit of incision or severance to yield to a cutting instrument cut verb to enter a queue in the wrong.


Place. One student kept trying to cut in front of the line cut verb to intersect or cross in such a way as to divide in half or nearly. So this road cuts right through downtown cut verb to change direction. Suddenly.


The football player cut to his left to evade a tackle cut verb to divide a pack of playing cards into two. If you cut then all deal cut verb to exhibit equality cut verb to stop or disengage cut the engines. When the plane comes to a halt cut verb to perform a dancing movement etc to cut a caper reference. You please support us with your subscription.


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