California Dreams : Season 1 Episode 1 – The First Gig

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“Dudes with attitude and groovin lady bad mood skybox and we look good operation feeling feeling mellow till. My dream good morning jani is it good. I ve noticed i from page please oh no it says here that more americans are saving money everybody. But you would consider that a good thing.

No don t you get it they say that they don t spend it if they don t spend it they re not gonna go to college. And then college teachers like dad will be out of work. Which means. I ll be homeless excuse.

Me. I was reading that dad. I thought you wanted me to take an interest in reading. Oh.

Guess i ll just become a terrorist. Okay so i just all the classifieds maybe i can find us some discount tickets of grand canyon huh hey come on leave that alone don t knock his dreams. Thanks matt at least one of my offspring. Still believes in me well.

I also believe doogie howser is a real doctor go on mock me one of these days. We re gonna go to that great canyon of course. We are dear hey dad can i an see that i ma buy a new amp. I want one that ll blow out the windows jenny let s get the band together in practice.

I m working on a new song. Oh yeah oh rain did you need a little more fruit in your diet. Dennis sorry matt i can t practice. Today kathy and i are going boot shopping on melrose.

Oh come on you can do that any time. If we practice. We ll get a real gig this summer. I know it good morning neighbors and let your day start right because sli s in sight.

Hey jen. What do you say you. And i take a romantic little jaunt up the coast and find a cozy spot in the sand for two mmm that sounds wonderful it does oh we spread out a little blanket. You put your arm around me our lips move closer.

Yeah and just as we re about to kiss you wake up and remember that you re a lonely disgusting slime ball. I love it when she talks ruff come on now let s go down a shark as you know what they say the early bird gets the babes all right see you guys finally. Maybe we could find matt a new best friend no the only thing standing between you and thousands of beautiful screaming groupies is lack of good management with a 10 millionth time spy. We don t need a manager of course.

You do who put the e in bowie manager. Who put the you and you to a manager and you put the e and guns n roses and who put the up in shut. What s up i thought today was your day off. I need the extra cash there s a major deficit in my dating budget.

I m glad you re sheriff you have to talk about some vital bandage yeah. But hold that thought huh excuse me melissa. I m gonna out the place. You want a citizen s arrest.

Because your looks killer and tony. You re too much well i love being me so what s up man..

He still wants to manage our band man do the words not in this lifetime mean anything to you sylvester the name slime never ever call me sylvester you got sylvester names. What are you doing inside the surf out there look pretty gnarly. It is but every time. I d line up to catch a good wave suddenly.

There s 20 guys around me. I don t get it it s such a big ocean oh man it s randi jo. She is so beautiful and so rich i want to go out with her just once yeah. In that case.

Let me give you some advice. Matthew huh. No no let me give you some advice. There.

Mr. Wickes you want to keep your job try doing your job. Sorry sorry my man come on i m on my break huh. You know the one that you are required to give all employees by california law.

Oh. I m all aquiver in this place. I am below. Now you got two minutes and tuck.

In that shirt matt if you want to go out with randy joe. Why don t you sculpt an ass good can i get all stupid. My mind. I m saying you re so beautiful.

But my mouth says your sub well you better. Hope. She s a mind reading cuz here. She comes hi you re matt garrison.

Right yes hey i m randi jo manning. I hear you have a band yeah they re the california dreams cleanse did you guys play sometime. Yeah. Yeah yeah we practice every day great can i come by today.

Yeah sure sure i do o clock at uh uh. 128 ocean. Drive. Great.

I ll see you later smooth man. Very smooth hello that brandi joe hi. What a surprise. I mean i knew you were coming.

I mean. How was your trip huh the dude s pooey excuse me here you go front row. Seat. Thank you by the way we re taking applications for groupies don t worry if he touches you it comes off with sandpaper all right let s do it one two three four.

No i m having my sweet 16 party at my parents yacht club on friday is there any way you guys can play you mean like a gig. Yeah huh..

But they don t play for less than 250 hours. Oh 250. Okay. I ll call you later hi.

We got a job. You wanted me you won t believe this we re playing a party and they re actually paying us 250 dollars. Wow. That s great it ll pay for the dishes.

Well. When is this this. Friday night. Oh dad oh.

What a greedy dad. We ve got some great news. Me too. Now you ve been kidding me for a long time.

But i finally did it there s no backing out now. I bought us tickets to the grand canyon. We play up this friday afternoon. Yeah see how do i put this delicately.

We can t play dad bought tickets to the stupid grand canyon and we fly out friday. What very delicate oh come on man tell him you ve got plans he ll understand. No he won t he s gonna be really angry if we tell him we don t want to go. I guess.

There s only one thing left for us to do yeah get mom to tell him absolutely not telling him come on mom you know how important this is to us. Yeah and you know how important the grand canyon is to your father. I m sorry. But it s your party.

So it s your responsibility to tell him yeah. I guess you re right. But when you do tell him be sure he isn t near anything breakable hey man clever cat after death kills you tennis dad s not gonna kill anyone face it doesn t do down come on guys. We got to think of something it is our first gig well randy joe liked us a lot maybe she will over party to next weekend.

Hey listen dad yeah we re a great idea you got a caller right now oh actually i ll ask her tomorrow night. We sort of have a date. Matt i m proud of ya. How was your date.

She wouldn t move the party right i knew it was a waste of time so uh. How s your day. It s you sir let me explain something this is my room that is the door to my room. Before you come into my room.

You re supposed to knock on the door to my room. Matt you re obsessing did she or didn t she move the party plus. It s not polite to ask personal questions about someone s love life come in you see mom respects my privacy. How was your date mom i mean did randy joe move her party.

I couldn t ask her why not she was so beautiful the room was so nice she was so beautiful hi. You guys all excited about the grand canyon..

That s one way of putting it yeah. Me too check this out. I ve arranged for us to ride to the bottom of the canyon on burros burros. How nice honey uh matt and jennifer need to tell you something good luck.

Good night. Yeah bo s alibi dad you see jenny really wanted to tell you oh my head it s swelling. You know i must be getting the mumps. What s going on matt dad right before you came home last night.

We got hired to play our first gig. Hey. That s great. Why didn t you tell me oh.

I wanted to but you were so jazzed about the grand canyon. Told. Me now we both have great news. Not really the gigs this friday night well how can it be this friday night.

We re gonna beat the grand canyon. Oh yeah oh i guess you and jenny. Don t want to go. I understand um obviously.

It wasn t a good time really you mean you re not mad. No i should have asked if you had plans it s my fault. No no it s not it s our fault come on dad get mad please. No it s okay.

I guess we just won t go congratulations on the gay. I can t believe you guys aren t playing at randy joe s party. I m sorry guys i just can t do it dad. It was his dream to go to the grand canyon long before is our dream to be a band.

I ve never seen my father so bummed out boy your dad is one lucky guy to have such thoughtful children tiffany. You re not helping leave this we practice together practically every day for the last two years and now that we finally get a gig you guys are just gonna bail nah you can t do that you think this was easy for us what would you do if it was your dad are you kidding. But i tell that big mean gig wreck and moved his family out the ghetto to have a better life top secret that up going to the grand caine wait if i could come up with some way you guys could take a later flight like after the show would you still play yes. But we can t exchange the tickets they re non refundable.

Jenny matt. You ve known me for 12 years have i ever let you down all right. But i ve never gotten you arrested just leave it to me all right mr. Shibata let s exchange those plane tickets to the grand can no no no i am so apologizing no exchange tickets.

Until you meet famous rock stars as you promised all right we ll get your camera s ready cuz. I like to introduce you and your family to the one. The only van halen come on people honor to me. Mr.

Bannon oh. It s a pleasure to meet you too. Sir i saw you last spring at the gandhis stadium in calcutta. Even from the back row you were most awesome dude yeah actually party man we re gonna get arrested and deported mr.

Slicin would you please do us that stream pleasure off snapping us in the picture with mr. Vanilla..

No or. I ll snap your picture. This way. Yeah.

Wait wait wait a second. I i can t go through with it this whole thing s alive. Oh holy moly. Van halen wears a wig put me snap pictures we will sudden blink water i say sayonara uh.

Mr. Van haren has a concert to perform i ll take those tickets now come on sir family right this way thank you very much for making like you hey all right you got your best minds. We ve ever played for we re gonna take a quick five. And we ll be right back rushman.

Oh hey. What s happening for us. I got chills guys are hot. You made my party.

Hey thanks for having a blast. Oh. This is my friend dawn. She s having her sweet 16 next month.

Maybe she ll want the california dreams to play like i want it to be a bodacious shinnok. So it s gonna be on the beach like a surfing sweet 16. I ll take this one back. So a sweet thing this is a beach blanket bingo frankie and annette happening happening wonderful i m proud of you guys but i don t know how you managed to switch our flight.

The thanks most kids wouldn t gone through the trouble. Most kids don t have you for a father. Right. This is gonna be our last song.

I wrote it special for tonight. Serve dudes with attitude. They back moon sky above and below vibration feeling mellow. Don t wake me up if i m dreaming until.

Thank you let me give my big dream. I me up. If i m dreaming son. All right.

Thanks. A lot good night. You guys great. Yeah.

I m glad to be a part of it even if it is just as a friend soai. We don t want you as our friend huh. Why not because we want you as our friend and our manager. Really do you mean it well after all you did for us.

He figured you kind of deserved it yeah don t screw up ” ..

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