Axon 7 (6gb) Unboxing

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“This is the unboxing of my new axe on seven. I ordered the six gigabyte gigabyte 128 gigabyte edition. So some people are calling it the exon. 7 bro supposed only be available in the united states.

But i went through some shenanigans to get it in canada specifically. I m in alberta. So i used my us comm first thing to note is they open the box. Which is fine.

I think they disclose that on the website. I ll be totally truthful and say i didn t really read all the fine details. But i m sorry short it does contain my brand new phone now. It s also really cold right now.

So it s kind of getting a lot of condensation going on anyway. So this is just my quick unboxing. I mean it comes in the usual box like every other phone and here you can see the axon..


7. There s some details made in china as a lot of you folks probably already know the accent. 7 comes with front firing stereo speakers. Which is pretty much the primary reason why i ve ordered this phone now the accent.

7. Does come in a regular 4 gigabyte version. Which is also available in canada right from newegg actually but anywho. This is the hopefully the 6 gigabyte version.

I haven t really found any defining details saying that is specifically what i got so i m sure we ll find out inside the box. The usual stuff. There s a handy dandy plug. This is a usb type c.

I m filming this using my htc one m8. So i ll have to forgive. Some of the video quality focus and so forth anyway here are some headphones..


They do look i mean they look fancy. I m sure we ll find out how they sound. I can open that up or i can t right now because it s taped and i m only using one hand so i ll do that in a minute and here. We have the instruction booklet here.

We go okay. So there s some things inside here. Let s go ahead and open that yeah thank you card. We got unlimited out of warranty repairs hmm that s interesting quick start guide so just some basics probably uh specifically about the operating system.

I guess using the cameras yadda yadda alright. So i ll go through that finer detail later let me not done the video. It s kind of boring. It s got a screen picture on there now on the phone itself already is a a screen protector.

I don t know if you can see that in the video. It s a very very thin. It kind of seems like that plastic that they put on a lot of electronic devices just to sort of protected and shipping and stuff so i will be replacing that screen protector with something else in the past..


I ve had really good results with oleophobic tempered glass. But because the bezel on this bad boy is slightly rounded similar to some of the samsung devices out there the oleophobic tempered glass likely would hit add a ridge to the edge. So i m not sure how i feel about that because. This is a very smooth phone.

Comforting conversation right now. So this is a screen protector that they provide cn2 bacterial. So they said it came with it though because a lot of phones these days don t come with any kind of screen protection other than the gorilla glass. This is kind of a neat little tool.

This is the the sim tray key so it s a it s a ton of it that s silicon rubber focus. There we go. And it s kind of a gold tone key as you can see there you sort of bend it back and jab it in there and off the tray out and it goes on your keychain. Not that i think that i would likely use it regularly so i probably won t put it on my key chain.

But that s kind of handy. Very hard to get out some kind of oh i see that s for going to micro usb. There we go to the usb see kind of handy..


I don t know if other phones these days carry that and some rubber tommy stuff and a clear case now these clear cases. I ve seen them before they tend to sort of look scratched up and cloudy after a while but for the short term. I will probably be putting this phone into this case. Eventually.

I ll be getting something with a little more oomph to it the one i ve got on my one m8 is a incipio dual tone. Sorry dual pro shine. I think it call it and i really liked it it s kind of got the one that i ve got on my phone. Right now.

It s got a metallized case. It kind of looks like aluminium so highly recommended for people who are looking for a robust case. ” ..


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