Are Hong Kong & Macau Countries?

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“Hong kong macau. Oh. My welcome to hong kong. The island city of china npacked npacked with seven million people at unbelievable density.

But if you dear tourist start from harbor and head toward the mainland. You ll find that while hong kong is china nshe doesn t act like it to cross the bridge your passport must be nchecked and stamped and checked and stamped not because you re a suspicious foreigner nmainland chinese can t just stroll across either. But rather because hong kong has her nown immigration policy and hong kong. Isn t the only isolated island nthere s nearby macau with her own passport checking bridge and a ferry between them which also nchecks passports travel from hong kong to macau to the mainland and back.

And you ll nend up with three stamps and that goes for everyone hong kongese can t just live in nmacau and macanese can t just live in hong kong. And they both can just live on the mainland. Yet. It s all china and inconvenient travel nisn t the only speciality of these sister islands.

They also have separate governments and political parties. N. Separate. Police separate money n.

Postal systems schools n. And languages hong kong. Even has her own olympic team which ncompeted in the 2008 beijing olympics. Which doesn t make any kind of sense.

The only things these sister islands..

Don t nhave that other countries do 1 their own armies. Though that isn t unique with modern countries nand 2 formal diplomatic relations. Though even this unclear as both are members nof international trade organizations and other countries have embassies in hong kong nand macau. Sure china won t let them be called embassies.

Those are only for mighty beijing n. They re called consulates even if they re bigger than beijing s embassy. All this makes hong kong and macau as mentioned nin. A previous video.

The most country like countries that aren t countries. So why are they china. China says. So it s called one china two systems .

Though nfast counters in the audience will see it should be called one china three systems nalso. There s china s special economic zones. Where capitalism runs free making it more nlike one china four systems and if china got her way it might be one china n. Five systems .

But we can t talk about everything so back nto. China. Hong kong and macau. Oh.

My china ended up having these two essentialy ncity states..

As always because empire portugal showed up in asia in the 1500s and ndidn t exactly make friends. China and portugal skirmished. Until portugal used bigger pile of money ndiplomacy to bribe. A local chinese official into turning over the islands of macau as na trading port.

Later britannia found china and discovered nshe had many of lovely things like silks and porcelain and precious precious tea that nbritannia craved in return china wanted from britannia to be left. Alone and britannia nnobly agreed to respect china s independence and soverenty oops opium wars. Nothing generates demand like addiction. Which nbritannia was happy to supply and her bigger gun diplomacy secured hong kong as a base through nwhich.

The drugs must flow later in a world. Where telegraphs and lightbulbs nwere newfangled. A lease gave control of hong kong to britannia for 99 years. Or quote down the generations to be delt with by the nunimaginably futuristic society of the 1990s thus these sister cities grow up under the ninfluence of their emperiffic.

Parents. Hong kong. Had english common law and lived in britannia s norg chart as one of her many crown colonies and macau had portuguese civil law. And the parental effect is still seen today nvisit hong.

Kong. And she is clearly britannia s daughter. What with her love of business and ninternational finance and lasers and english. Accented.


And near identical transport system. Macau had a more troubled adolescence as nher bigger sister stole. The spotlight with her trading skills. But macau eventually grew nup to be the gambling capital of the world.

She s las vegas x10 with a mixture of portugal nand china. But empires come and empires go and the 90s neventually arrived meaning britannia s lease expired. Portugal. Claimed the treaty gave nher control of macau forever.

But china disagreed and the un was in a no empires. No longer mood nand. Frankly had portugal complained too much china could have used her own bigger army ndiplomacy at this point to resolve the situation. So the transfer was going to happen.

But the nworld was nervous about china what with the lingering communism and all so the deal nwas. The empire s daughters would go. But they had to remain basically. Independent nto.

Which china agreed as long as everyone else agreed to call them. China. The situation was a bit like if the us had nto give alaska back to russia and russia super promised to leave alaska self governing. You ncouldn t blame the locals for being nervous.

But unlike what you d expect in this case..

Nchina. Has mostly left the little sister islands alone so everything is dandy however. . The handover came with its own version of nthe.

As good as forever clause. China. Did. N t agree to leave hong.

Kong and macau alone for nall time . Only fifty years again. Passing political problems to a future generation n hopefully. One.

That s actually unimaginably futuristic this time anyway assuming such provincial concerns nas. These are not rendered irrelevant by the singularity. What happens in the 2040s will nhong kong and macau remain tiny city states or will they lose their independence and be nabsorbed. ” .


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