Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 The Squeakquel 2009 Funny Moments

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“I m sorry oh. Not again. Even my maids had courtside seats for the lakers lakers happening. What do you walk you might like the view.

So ladies fasten your belts and i was like oh go eagles unbeliev he caught stray mutt. I gotta say you re good. I m gonna let you hang out with us at lunch. You don t want to get grounded.

Oh. The glass and you call yourself a jock and then there s me in front of my friends. Oh you re kidding me. They were the ones you should be embarrassed by what happened.

This is for my screensaver. Tobi ha. Ha. No way i have made my decision laughter.

Toby. I talked to coach you re in. It. s.

A joke dude. Ritter. Is no joking matter. Oh.

You re the joke. Don t worry. Everything is gonna be fine five five three zero nine. The chipmunks.

Hey you know they say there s we have only two most appear so so you know your clean hand on the chipmunk take your home simon are you awake don t look for me. At the zoo that i m not there that ian hawke on the phone. That s what you wanted right all this awesome. Little barbeque restaurant in the valley.

That makes the best listicles next up driver man take me to the arena vip entrance. You know why i don t mind if i do because tonight all single ladies. All the single ladies all the single ladies home okay today el pollo norte santa. It is a niccola s what he said he has a massive oba ho toria come on metas todos los cielos in the sacko.

He s my pet kenya i m especially known minuto america s a sin matachi caso de mi abuela santa como puedes darlin la puente elmo knows sacrum onon yo creo que si ariel pero como lo haces gracias por tu carta y para moso vivo ho ho solicitude de una vez el mundo le puede dar la vuelta al mundo por cada nino s impugns no sandow su magia. Okay. Doesn t come up yamo solarium party. It s an audience oh segundo sombra circus.

No simon ananya padre kondou san por la derecha plata jonas enansal chicha maria and st. Yeah. Most recyclable sanyo close to end is it also drama militar de mesilla x quiero que localizes las materias yes a coot azul incision de mole per annum they ll compete with santa general de puerta y la finca. De gallo book of the week.

And lawrence butter yes well a keeper monsieur completely without senior lee. But i cannot seek you senior oh yeah no cigar sir carlos enesta we sell for facie marks sobbing abysus creo que no lo brianna corrado sin t. He s introduced mary dos trabajan mara vee oso raucous a loss when days tanto es el mejor. Trabajo del mundo hernia moods are operative oh multifunctional cc gol ho ho tres mil a clairol fin de la misi n de gallo santa is radiculopathy real cordoba bonk en el traje las otras pieces o kini alice o earth wrestle cowboy tu padre eres la santa casa del sonido e tu seras anthology cuantas veces m s are they sell polo norte cheerfully bling or senior or be a list on brianna scurry that seniority beyond regalo keepo kappa.

So dream late honey no say no soul vivo necesaria male love you bye hello donde esta la campa a me division really so llamas disturbance una poca de sentimientos le diremos a quattro doble siete ocho cinco becky scan regalo de su be wrap and good modo the assailant rekha esta noche pero no se put no sheep with yourself feliz navidad garrido santa mi amiga no creme de la terre misty on the lava cooler nice wig or vocational track yes she did adidas mary deely santa qadian tones. said he asked me manuel oh feliz navidad margaret oh no se hace mucho para el primero su teknon marquise no stevie purposes for sarang pero dicen que siento since a la busca raba who el arbol con sus ojos de todo el mundo que santa no importa si cindy rotten somebody told me once and that the good guys need all the help they can get are you right..

That s cool. That s not a house that s termites holding hands no offense. Mary. Katherine.

Yeah. You re here actually i go by m kay. Now oh m. kay.

Yes. It s ronin well. I think he looks silly knowing. It s about the feeling i get it from the pod.

I m not completely helpless. You know i am aware not ticklish did you find the location of their ceremony. So arrogant all in the name of balance today. We ll show them you just can t stop the rock.

I won t let you down dad here comes you star pupil. You know what no what did you say i absolve you of all further responsibility and the raising of young not that s the camera. I don t know how much your mother told you about my work you have bat sounds on your ipod. So no matter.

How fast. We think we are to them we re just big and dumb and come on okay we need to talk you don t want to live. Here. Sure dad i ll be here.

Oh honey it doesn t work that way she s coming come on i know you got a little belly. What that one for real. This is it this is the one. Oh.

My gosh that s an arrow should should i pull it out it s the life of the forest. We don t know anything about the powder that tara that s not what i meant i know what you meant then what i m tiny talking snails actually jesus now yes we have the official pod caretakers. Sir word of the queen s passing will travel fast. Some are more advanced than others you ve got twice hopalong now little froggy.

The queen is dead what how let me grab my saddle. What know laughter how to do that without fall you mean up there with those things they almost killed us. Great you re writing with me thank you what s wrong flat face are you gonna cry terrific. What s it gonna be bufo are you gonna talk we re all individuals.

But we re still connected hey not so this nim guy can tell them. He s the keeper of our history. But even he may not know about the is never as bad as it seems we gotta do something we gotta keep everyone from freaking out follow me yes here we go let s see yep solstice full moon highest peak. Mentions it a bunch of time wait so you can t help me i didn t say that it s you it s a memory.

Well that was intense lose the sword ronin. We re done the queen is gone. I am too but heroine want us to mourn you re not you re not from around. Here are you what makes you say that grab on what you have to know that it s what my best memories of him you must really miss him brute fly huh.

So uh. What the forest trembles at the passing of the humble fruit well and i know how i ll destroy the forest with the very thing you hoped would save me static cling that s metal come on i guess she s right about me huh ozzy. I ll come home soon dad i promise that s a lot about with your father. He never told me about this nothing hey hey come i m afraid you ll find gaming out take the moon ava.

But the bargains aren t far behind let s see who might comes in here. I guess..

It is see you up there as soon as i can find my helmet. Thank you my dad does how do you think you re going mandrake. He s head of a brunette. Oh they re all right about me ozzy.

I m sorry me too and you need your help i don t think it likes you it s all real no one is alone look after them hey did you see how many times. I got it well what do you think it s perfect dad you power dangerous impose my word go back to sleep. I just can t this guy do it she s ice cold. I know where we have to go cuties.

I m gonna keep you you are lucky. It wasn t her heart. The heart is all magic even memories of magic to be safe. She will be okay powers that s for the bed.

But also great danger you must learn she can learn to control it i m sure until then lock the game. Including honor we used to be best buddies the gloves will help see conceal it ride our bike around the halls. I think some company is overdue. I ve started please don t hurt you you ll be fine elsa.

Please. I know you re in there for you just let me we only have it do you wanna build a snowman welcome to arendelle. Oh merci merci. Watch your step.

Please. The gates will be opening soon. I can t believe they re finally. Opening up the gates.

Did i say that out loud. Oh i me. Sir i can t wait to see the queen in the princess will open soon. It s coronation day tomorrow who knew we owned eight thousand salad actual realized people it ll be totally strange gassy.

But i m somewhere in florida. What if i meet someone tonight. Imagine me gown and little stranger. Tall and fair.

I wanna stuff. Some chocolate at least. I ve got a chance be the good girl you always have to be i just wasn t looking where i was going but i m great actually no mana of arendelle princess. My lady you re gorgeous wait what i d like to formally apologize for hitting the princess of arendelle with my horse hello.

But lucky you it s it s just me the bells. The coronation i i i better go i have to go queen elsa of arendelle princess anna of arendelle you look beautiful thank you you look beautifuller i mean it s warmer than i thought what is that amazing smell the duke of weaseltown weselton duke of weselton your majesty thank you only i don t dance all right they don t call me the little dipper for nothing well he was sprightly ox especially for a man in heels. But your meets you a minute your physique helps i m sure too yeah you got it okay. Wait wait so you have how many the sisters elsa and i were really close when we were little.

But then okay can i just say something crazy i love crazy all my life. I ve been searching my whole life to find my own place. I mean. It s crazy we finish each other s sandwiches that s what i was gonna say prince hans of the southern isles your majesty.

We would like kevin worked out all the details ourselves we ll need a few days to plan the ceremony of course. We ll have soup roast and ice cream. Everyone wait some of the slow down. No one s brothers are staying here.

No one is getting their fuss fine. You can t marry a man you just met you can if in..

But my answer is no now give me my gloves. So please please. I can t live like this anymore do to you enough honor no. Why why do you shut me out.

What magister are you all right just stay away from me stay. No. It s snowing. It s snowing.

The queen has cursed this land. She must be stopped you have to wake up wake up so we have to play go play by yourself do anybody smell man cuties. I m gonna keep you all magic even memories of magic have fun and your power will only grow. We will limit her contact with people including honor do you wanna build a snowman come out the door.

It s like you ve gone away. Do you wanna build a snowman. It doesn t have to be a snowman you wanna build a snowman just watching the hours tick. See you in two weeks.

Do you have to go elsa. Please. I know you re in there. It s just you and me what are we gonna do it s the magic word please haha share it s coronation day.

I don t know if i m elated or gassy. I won t be alone. I can t wait to meet everyone don t let them see be the good girl. You always have to be make one wrong move everyone oh prince hans of the southern isles.

But lucky you it s it s. Just. Me princess anna of arendelle. Hey.

I m jaime oh um hi. Smell chocolate. I ve never been better glad i caught you hans. I was born with it although i dreamt i was kissed by a troll.

I liked it can i see something crazy will you marry me we would like your blessing over marriage. Oh we can invite all 12 of your brother s horse. We have the room under way some of this lowdown. You can t marry a man you just met you can if it s true love.

Oh. No what do you know about true love so no no wait give me my glove. So please please i can t live like this anymore. What are you so afraid.

I said snow glows white on the mountain tonight not a footprint to be seen let them in don t let them see be the good girl you always have to be i ll never bothered me anyway. I know how to stop this winter. We leave it dawn now right now am i right what am i looking at right. Now why are you hanging off the earth.

Like a bat all right. Wait. One second are you okay are you kidding. Me oh.

I love it even more. But sometimes i like to close my eyes..

These the buzz kids ll blow. Dandelion fuzz snow up against the burning sand probably getting gorgeously tanned in summer. But i can t wait to see what my buddies all which is a good time to stand and cuddle in the summer sun just letting off steam. When i finally do what frozen things do this warmest person ever oh look at that i ve been impaled you off me.

Just give us a minute okay. It s me anna wow. Elsa you re different. It s a good difference.

You you don t have to apologize. But you should probably go no anna. I belong here alone you built me yeah. So we were so close no.

Please don t slam. The door. You don t have to keep your distance anymore for the first time in forever. We can fix this hand in hand.

I will be right we were just talking about those are my legs. Oh here this guy s away mmm are you cold meet my family hey guys there rocks crystal take off your clothes. I know i m gonna keep my clothes up bright eyes working nose strong so she s a bit of a fixer upper. We re not saying you can change him cuz people don t really change the only fixer upper fixer that can fix a fixer upper is you take kristoff to be your trophy waving what you re getting married your life is in danger then act of true love a true love s kiss.

Perhaps don t be the monster. They fear you are you bring me here i couldn t just let them kill you. But i m a danger to arendelle you have to tell them to let me go i will do what i can just hang in there immediately. We will thank you make sure she s safe prince.

Hans. Anna. You re so cold. Hans you have to kiss.

Me. What now she froze. My heart. And only an act of true love can see no then she doomed herself.

We were dumb enough to go after her you re no match for elsa. No you re no match for elsa. She was killed by queen elsa her own sister monster and we are all in grave danger. But in science.

I didn t dare looks to you hey what s wrong with you oh don t touch it that s okay i do love you know how kristoff brought you back here to hans and left you forever oh. It s kristoff that s bad they re coming back this way they are why no why back this way we re trapped i tried to save her. But it was too late her skin was ice her hair turned white of course. Oh hang on okay welcome no hold sorry okay okay.

Here we are oh are you serious in it s the latest model. We may oh elsa they re beautiful. But you know my don t scare him on you should stop us you sold a ski yes. Dad mira s us be my son it s no good yes bitch.

I said. I do not you split up my ipod you yet today baby. ” ..


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