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“You re looking for a crm that can do it all agile crm and hubspot hubspot are two vendors that should be on your radar. This is a good place start. But that doesn t mean you should stop here use our product selection tool to request a free short list of the best crm software for you we ll ask a few questions to learn what you need then we ll match you with five vendors that we think you ll love agile crm builds itself as an all in one crm. This is a software as a service solution that offers modules for sales marketing and customer service.

The software comes in three price tiers with a free tier for up to ten users hubspot offers software for sales marketing and customer service. It s also well known for its free crm. This is a good tool. But to get the most out of it you ll want to upgrade to hubspot sales hub.

The other two modules marketing and service also works somewhat like paid add ons for the free crm in this video. We ll compare agile crm and hubspot side by side on their three main products sales marketing and service agile crm x. sales module. Automatically creates new tasks for your team as you complete them.

Contact cards. Include features like interaction history. Google calendar sync deals..


Document storage and integration with several different voip vendors agile crm provides a pipeline management tool so you can keep track of deals and opportunities and a handy email integration lets you send and receive emails from within agile crm hubspot lets you move deals and opportunities through kanban style boards with the pipeline management tool. Communicate with prospects via email. And phone set appointments through email or live chat and view detailed reports of your sales. Efforts.

The sales hub also includes sales. Automation. Features like automatic interaction history. Email.

Templates and custom auto. Response. Emails. Agile.

Crms. Marketing. Module comes with features for marketing automation web..


Engagement. Social media and mobile marketing. You can nurture leads with drip campaigns. That use behavior.

Based. Triggers and automatically score your leads based on how they interact web engagement. Features. Let you create web pop ups.

In the social. Crm and social. Listening. Features.

Help you to stay on top of social media. Hub. Sports marketing hub..


Includes tools for seo content. Management and marketing automation pub. Spot can show you real time suggestions to improve your site s seo. And you can build out brand.

New pages. Using the content management systems drag and drop builder. Marketing automation. Lets you build nurture campaigns with behavior based triggers.

And the software tracks how customers engage with your content. Agile. Crm service. Module lets you create support tickets categorize them by tags filter higher priority tickets to the front of the queue set standards and measures for service level agreements and assign support tickets to agents at the time of publication agile doesn t support voip calling directly through its system.

But it does integrate with third party services like ring central twilio and others hubspot service hub also comes with a ticketing system that lets you keep track of customer messages tickets are linked to the corresponding customers contact card and you can call an email customers right from hubspot. Notably hubspot also lets you build a knowledgebase. So customers can find answers to their questions themselves..


You can use this feature to write and publish support articles and customers can use fast feedback forms at the bottom of your articles to let you know how helpful they are agile. Crm and hubspot are two powerful tools for managing interactions with your customers. But they aren t necessarily even trades. If you re a small to medium sized business.

That already has a voip vendor agile crm might be better suited to your needs. However. If you re a growing business of any size that doesn t have a voip vendor hubspot might be more in line. With what you re looking for to get a free short list of the top five crm vendors for you use the product selection tool on our website.

We ll ask a few questions to get a sense of your needs then we ll match you with vendors accordingly click the button on the left to get started music. ” ..

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This video compares two popular CRM tools, Agile CRM and HubSpot. Looking for a CRM solution? Get a list of free, personalized recommendations using our Product Selection Tool:

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0:34 What is HubSpot?
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1:45 Comparison of marketing modules
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