A bargain Android tablet: The Asus ZenPad 10 review

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“I m. Keith pete today we re taking a look at the asus zenfone this this is what you would call a bargain tablet. It s an android tablet they under 200 bucks. You can find a link to it in the about section below.

I m doing this because it s the about section. It s down here. It s the video description that that area there s links to this on amazon. So just taking a quick look around to the outside of the box.

This is what the thing is going to look like there s just some serial numbers and stuff on the back. There s really nothing to this box inside..

We go there we have oh and you can see a reflection of my camera out there alright. This is the asus zenbook at this guy s you want to know about good packaging. Look at that this box. Only opens in one way look at this opens in one way.

And then there s a little tab. That tells you what to do and it s it s got a little arrow on it look look a little arrow. So what am i supposed to do with this i m gonna pull on it look at that just like that look at this out comes the tablet in search of incredible. There s a couple of warranty cards and stuff.

There s the charging cable. There s the charger..

That is how you do packaging. I see that that is how you do it there s gonna be nothing else in this box that is how you do it so this is i m just gonna chuck this stuff back in the box but warranty card warranty card user thing you know how to use the tablet look it s it s actually telling me that i m supposed to i m supposed to keep pulling it and just rip. It i might as well. I don t really care all right let s take a look at these stickers up at the top here okay look at these stickers it says dts hd premium sound dts headphone dual front speaker 64 bit quad core true to life detachable mobile dock optional and this says red dot award 2016 even though it s the middle of 2017 we ll let them get away with it oh boy my desk is metal and this thing is it s stickin to it that s a that is a magnetic surface right.

There you can see here on the bottom. It s got an attachment. So obviously this can be attached into some sort of accessory one accessory that i certainly do not do not have also you can see there s a webcam right here don t know what resolution that webcam is and it doesn t exactly say power is here volume. Rocker is there there s the microphone down.

Here is the headphone and the charger goes in there. I ve already shown you the attachment that goes here..

There s nothing along that right side and nothing along the top except that on off switch. Here. We have the camera back facing camera. It s got kind of a plasticy back that s about it there s this other port here.

I m not sure what this this port is for it might just be a stabilization port for whenever you do attach that bottom to it so what it is is that the micro sd you know what that is the micro sd slot. That s a micro sd slot right there so one of the things about this tablet. That makes it so budget is the quality of the screen. So this has a pretty low resolution.

I think it s 800 is the maximum resolution that way so it s not even hd or it s what you d call 720p compatible. It s not full hd tune in again..

Later. When i do a comprehensive review of the asus. Then pat 10 for now that s it if you enjoyed this video don t forget to press like don t forget to press subscribe. You can support this channel through patreon or by buying me a cup of coffee in the about section in the about section.

I ll also find links to this and everything else you can see on my desk. Thanks very much for tuning in today ” ..

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