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“Headquarters is one of the best new features in cod world war two multiplayer. But but if you are like me. You might have wanted to leave the restricted boundaries the headquarters and explore this beach in its entirety. Well you can welcome to cod zombies hq.

Where we re going to be counting down the top 5 secrets outside of the map here in headquarters. If you want to explore outside the map on the headquarters find these secrets for yourself the tutorial on how to do it will be at the end of this video. So consider this almost like your tour guide. If you do enjoy this video.

I d appreciate a packet of you if you could smash that thumbs up button down below subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already we re going to be counting down these in no particular order starting with number 10 using the spectator camp to glide outside the map over the beach area continuing on a little bit. We see hovering above the map for whatever. Reason is this us army ammo crate.

But as you guys can see this ammo crate is right almost like it s supposed to be in the snowy environment of somewhere. Like the ardennes forest during the battle of the bulge. And not sitting here beachside in normandy. It s likely that this is just an asset from the ardennes battle of the bulge mission of the cod world war 2 campaign.

But i m not sure what it s doing here on headquarters at our number 9 spot. If you use your spectator cam to go way outside. The map. Over by the water.

You can actually plunge your camera down underneath. The headquarters map. Under there if you travel for a little. While you can see off in the distance.

A huge big box in the background well when you get closer you can see it s just that a ginormous box. That s situated underneath. The headquarters map and even more interesting. It s actually solid meaning you can switch to your character and walk around on this giant plane outside the map as far as we can tell right now.

There is no way to get inside of this box..

I d love to know if there s any kind of objects or lighting elements in there. But we can t if you can find out yourselves definitely let me know over on twitter link is down in the description. I d love to see what s inside this ginormous box underneath headquarters and our number eight spot flying way high above the map with our free camp we can actually check out some of the bomber and fighter aircraft that you can see flying way overhead when you re in regular headquarters while taking a look at those bomber aircraft. There are two different kind one for the us air force in the second for the british royal air force.

The bombers themselves are actually pretty well detailed even though they re super high above the map itself and very hard to see up close. They ve got their appropriate army designations over the wings. And even an awesome airborne logo over the tailfin. It s really cool to finally be able to see these assets close up at our number seven spot.

We re heading into the mail room. Where you can kind of peer into from the outside looking in but you can never actually get in here with our spectator cam. We can taking a look around. Where you can see that the area is actually fairly well detailed.

It s pretty freakin awesome and even taking a look at this secret poster. Which is really hard to see from being actually inside the map. Where it says keeper posted make it short make it cheerful send your v mail here. It s a really cool and detailed area of the headquarters.

I wish they could have opened it up so people can kind of just like hang out in there if they wanted to it s really cool and our number six spot. We re heading over to the beachside again for what i like to call the paper army from inside the map off in the distance. You can see that there s a bunch of army soldiers kind of scattered about the beaches located near their landing craft well getting up close and personal with these assets. We can see that they re literally 2d soldier cutouts that are placed in a line.

Then copy and pasted to give it the illusion like there s a whole bunch of soldiers waiting to move inland in france. It s really cool effect that getting up close and personal with it kind of gets ruined. Now that you know that these are just 2d little paper soldiers. But it s cool nonetheless and at our number five spot.

Some really weird things start to happen in the headquarters. When you enter the mode to be able to go spectate and actually use your weapon on this map one of those things is our boy major howard. While he ain t looking too good is he s lost his head. The headless major just kind of stands around here he doesn t move or anything it just has his base character model.

Which is really interesting considered all of the other npcs around the map actually disappear in this mode..

He s the only one that has his character model well most of his character model spawned into the map for our number 4 spot. We re over on the beachside again heading left from the beach over to the far lst. It s going to be the second last lst in the row. Where if we use our spectator cam to actually clip through the visible part of the ship itself.

We can see a hidden landed craft that is actually located inside the lst that s in the water itself. But you can never actually see this landing craft from be inside the map. It is literally inside the ship. I m not sure why the games developers decided to put this landing craft in a spot where nobody would ever think to see it.

But hey. It s cool that it s here nonetheless at our number 3 spot. We re over here in the firing range and hey have you ever wondered what s behind the bunker. That s located in the background to the far right of the firing range while using the spectator cam to head over there and kind of looking around we can see well.

There s there s actually nothing the back of the bunker isn t even modelled in so we only get the facade and not the back. Which is really interesting because most of the other objects on this map are fully rendered. Even all the way around i m not sure why this firing range bunker got the short stick in this case. But it s just something cool to note.

Nonetheless at our number 2 spot in this version of headquarters for whatever reason. If you walk up to the cave. Where the zombies section of headquarters is located you can see that it s actually blocked off with the big metal grate for whatever reason in this version of headquarters. Normally this gate isn t even here.

I m not sure why the developers decided to put it in there in the first place. It definitely is a neat little difference. We can actually use the spectator cam to get the zombies area by going under the map then clipping into it back behind the visible area. There isn t really anything interesting.

There is some more covered up statues. Which is pretty some books with bullets through them. But really no other major easter eggs to note in this zombies area and for our number one spot. I want to give you a salvo of different things that i thought were really interesting.

But not interesting enough to warrant their own spot firstly taking a look at the battleships that are in the distance in the channel..

We can see that they are modeled very well they re just very rudimentary. They re also a single bland gray except for the red that is actually at the bottom of the hull. Which is really cool using spectate to go way high above the map you can see that the actual skybox has an area of blurriness at the middle before it s actually repeated so you can see the sky. Below a strip of blurry sky.

All around you then actual regular skybox above that over where the quartermaster is in the headquarters. We can see this blue key crepe that s located kind of off to the side and behind the counter getting a closer look at it there isn t really anything inside. But it definitely does have a painting of a key on it this could be like some future supply drop maybe it gives you only one item instead of three in it i d be interested to see if they end up using this asset within the actual game in the future and finally heading over to the 1v1 pit in this version of headquarters. There is no walls in the pit.

Which to me signals that the walls aren t a permanent fixture of the headquarters. They can be changed around and moved around in different places to set up different kind of 1v1 configurations. Without having to change. The whole map.

Which is really cool. So. Here s hoping as new dlcs and patches and updates get released for this game. We start to see different layouts for the 1v1 pit well that wraps up our tour outside the headquarters.

But i m sure you want to go exploring yourself so this is how you do it heading into multiplayer and spawning at the regular headquarters. You can go ahead and walk down to the beach and enter the scorestreaks tower. Once it s gone ahead and loaded on the ps4 at least what you want to do is bring up your settings. Actually go into the connectivity and turn off your internet by clicking this check mark on the pc.

And xbox. I m pretty sure that this can be done basically using the same process right just somehow you have to turn off your internet. Then get it to turn back on you ll notice that when heading back into the game. It says.

It s disconnected you from the server. Which it has right you turned off your internet well turning back on your internet connectivity then loading into the headquarters. What you want to do is start up a custom game. Where if you did the glitch.

Correctly you ll notice that in the map..

Selection. You ll have the grounds selected instead of any normal map. That is in fact the headquarters for the best exploration experience. I d recommend you set the game type to search and destroy go into the game rules and set the round time to unlimited.

You also want to change both spectate settings to free. And you can also change the respawn time or in order to respawn instantly all you have to do now is start up the game. And you ll be loaded into the map in order to actually spawn in you have to press right on the d pad in this class selection menu then you get your regular classes click. It then you can spawn in a quick.

Tip is that if you head into your spectator cam. And then choose a team. You ll actually. Spawned.

Where your spectator cam is located. So just be careful. If you re high up above. The map like we re here.

And you spawn in you re going in for a long fall. This does count like a regular custom game meaning you can invite your friends to play in the headquarters. As well you can even hold like some kind of matches. If you really want to do.

But that wraps up this video guys i hope you enjoyed it if you did again be sure to smash that thumbs up button down below subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already i would love to know if you find any other cool secrets on the headquarters definitely send me a pic over on twitter link is down in the description thanks for watching and i ll see you with another call of duty world war. 2 video tomorrow music. ” .


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Some AWESOME secrets are waiting for us to discover outside the map of Call of Duty WW2 s Headquarters!

Using a newly discovered method to get outside the map on headquarters we get to explore the map with no boundaries! In the video we discover a mysterious huge test box floating underneath the map, get a close look at the allied paper soldiers standing far out in the distance, and find that some very odd changes have taken place in this version of the headquarters map!
In this video we will also go over a tutorial on how to get outside of the Headquarters map so you can have fun exploring yourself!

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