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“Is going on guys today i m gonna be playing w e legends of wrestlemania wrestlemania i m getting a little bored of the really 2k14 right now so let give this game a chance and hope it goes well never play this game before bar believe it s the same engine they used from a smackdown vs. Raw 2009 cuz i ve just imported my um the superstars from smackdown vs raw 2009 so let s see how it go guys anyway you guys enjoyed this this is definitely the older engine back in the days. I believe them they start changing engine from w. V12 onwards.

I don t like the new engine guys. I don t know about you guys finally. It s getting started. See what today i there they ve got a legend killer mode is what a wrestlemania tour mode and the whole fame and all you guys.

I think. This is the main mode headless get this guy. I guess hope you guys enjoy the series and as always please give it a like and subscribe complete objectives to relieve your okay let s do that i mean every guy. It.

Then that s what we got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 alright holcomb vs king kong bundy man not just as extraordinary size bobby the brain heenan some of the finest for us today just my whole can get into the ring. When i put the title on the line. We re ready for a shot in right now anywhere anytime okay we hoping it rather he d rather sit out in front of a supermarket sign autographs for kids. He d rather go.

Visit an old age home than get in the ring with anybody in my family. He knows what would happen the goal would belong to me oh wait a minute coming in now before helix unconscious. We have that internal injuries as result of that kind of damage this cage is especially reinforced cage. Because an ordinary cage would never stop something like king.

Kong. Bundy will you know something mean gene just because i get sick brother. I don t keep calm and tired for the job man. I had a commitment all those hulkamaniacs out there to defend this world title.

I m six foot six 468 pounds. And i m the man that should be the world champion and april 7th in los angeles. Oh cogan what you got on that saturday late main event in phoenix is nothing prepared what s gonna happen that steel cage. And when i felt that pain man.

All it did was drive me on made me train harder the 1986. I said i was gonna manage the champion of the world and you re looking at i m right here you say you re a giant and that s what it s gonna take to stay with me brother you better be a giant you better be ready because i m coming after brother again. I do meow alright guys hope you guys enjoyed that all no second guys let me uh put my preferences on my online stats. Too busy.

So there s no more notifications that pop up all right. What do we do here. Trading rights busted. Wide open.

What the hell oh weapon. There okay okay. Oh. What s going on here.

It s a subjective list is gold..

50. Max. Win. The knuckle chain battle and starve.

The match. Okay. Ah. What am.

I doing sorry so bad. I wish whip bundy into the cage wall to pull. The irish whip. You press back the uh.

No rap. Okay. Oh. My god full power leg.

Drop. When hogan s chain. Level. Is 3 x.

Cube finish. Yeah. This is a lot. This is a bit different from smile.

Investors for 2009. Ok i got it alright. It s getting started bam bam. Bigelow.

This takes me back in time man lottie s wrestles was still wrestling back in um. The nineties too not just from wrestlemania the get go king kong bundy look at that and he s for the wwe championship. Introducing the challenger from atlantic city new jersey. Twenty four hundred fifty pounds who they go commentating.

It s not junior and then it s not junior on the king is a combi. What s up with a atmosphere. I can t even hear the crowd how would the coward that s when he did that s when he did have hair look. He s got hair.

No he s go ahead a look later on in his life. He has no hair kind of like king kong bundy. The all american hero. There you go there s a crowd going you ain t to leon i can t believe i never played this game back in 2009 2008.

2009 by the same time when spied on versus war 2009..

Came out. But yeah can t believe i missed down this one to be honest with you i just didn t really have interest in this one for some reason maybe because it was a old wrestles in that but you know what you have to go back in time to play this fun. If i fall your lives is jr. Jr.

And the king. All right it would go guys here. We go these are got leisure on do man. I made those characters in them i didn t make them while used i m using them in dodo 2k14.

Okay wrestlemania tour mode objectives uh what no okay winning the match one lock the next match in rid alive mode uh however you you will have to fulfill certain objectives in order to obtain a gold medal okay basic yeah i know that don t worry about if the pin and give up option is on victory can come by pinfall submission escaping from the cage. By climbing up the wall or exiting through the cage door. If not victory can only come by escaping out of the cage alright. We got that yo yo.

You ready for me you ready. Oh yeah. Okay. Bring opponents to their feet.

Okay. All right okay. I know that ah. All.

Right. Let s turn. The hints. Off.

Man. Oh. Oh. Oh oh snap.

Come on inside. Bam. That s a. Lot.

At king. Kong. Burn. Oh man it s a lot different from smackdown vs.

Raw 2009 to be honest here it s a lot different wow and you know hope in love here they re locking him out man this wells s he got aah irish whip. His ass. Oh how d you block. Oh.

I got him i ll just sleep hold on him guys..

Oh. My god this is whit. It s a three way. Oh snaps yeah.

What s he doing what s he doing the whole star its roughing into a point in a match. Where you want to keep going. But you just don t have anything here we go another elbow drop to the back of the spine. We got.

Oh snap. Oh oh this grapple his ass and scoop slamming. No can t. Do.

It. Yet. Ah. Damn took a while to get up oh snap back.

But i definitely seems to be changed the intensity of these superstars is unbelievable try this i can t lift him again look oh my back my back is hurting pretty different. This is a lot different yeah get it get it scoop scoop it back in secondly. My finish. Now.

I can t lift this fat ass butt back again here. We go man. Oh oh there we go here. We go bam got him we got him gold medal unlocked kick his ass man.

I can t lift him again look i love the animation. It s a lot better for her than the 2k poutine. The graphics are way bear man mark. Oh.

Crap the way bear man. I like this engine. The old engine slop out. Oh.

My god get up get up get him back in man russia next week. No i don t want to scape here kick his ass kick his ass. I can t lift him while i keep trying now stop trying now there we go here. We go got him busted wide open.

Oh try back. She s let s go holger hogan s freaking. Look how big he looks there compared to how he looks from like 2000. Onwards.

He looks so buffed..

It oh actually got a six pack got him almost in a class of his own you re right about that yo yo yo. Don t hit me man gotcha stomp. Again i still trying to lift his ass. He doesn t really think he s gonna lift him does he know well he look weighs about like ten million pounds crap.

Oh my leg. I stopped trying to lift him i don t know walk you through now oh step reversal. There got it oh no reversed. It damn.

It. Mr. Wong. Bun.

There we go guys. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Ghin bam.

Here comes. A leg drop. Got him. I.

ll have to keep writing buns. Oh crap come on come on get up get up get up yes. I m down. I ll have forgot my bear when we met immediately that s the jump down about somehow wow.

Those awesome this kind of reminds me of a dodo 812. Write. The story like in terms of like you see so much animation and puns. You gotta press.

Where there s sequences that i don t like that. But it s interesting to go back in time to play the center engine a head. But it kind of reminds you totally 12 in terms of them of them the moments that you have to relive in that the you obtain the metal. Okay whose soundtrack is this whose theme is this these are so old school.

I can t remember half of these curved beam songs. But yeah. That s pretty awesome man anyway guys hope you guys enjoy the first part. I ll see you guys in the second part would i be doing the whole hogan versus andre the giant would bobby heenan.

Bobby heenan had so many he had so many rest as they occupied man anyway guys hope you guys enjoyed i see you next time peace guys. ” ..

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WWE Legends of WrestleMania
Wrestlemania Tour Mode RELIVE
Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy

Part 1 With Commentary
Walkthrough / Playthrough

WWE Legends of WrestleMania embraces the leading sports entertainment organization s rich history to relive, rewrite or redefine the definitive elements of WWE from the Eighties and Nineties. Players will experience the entertaining lives of 40 larger-than-life Legends and have control over Legendary Managers, each of whom will play crucial roles in match outcomes. The game s new grapple-based fighting system captures the high-energy action and drama seen in vintage WWE matches, while a historically accurate representation of past WWE telecasts will set the stage, including dynamic visual treatments, signature ring entrances, renowned commentators and notable venues. WWE Legends of WrestleMania also includes a WrestleMania Tour Mode that allows players to participate in key matches from multiple WrestleMania events, a Create-A-Legend system to develop the Legends of tomorrow, as well as online functionality for players to compete on the biggest stages in WWE history.

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