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“Price differentiation. I m gonna go over that again because usually the second time. I i say it kind of sinks. A little bit more how do we figure out differentiation well we take the difference in package prices.

Thirty seven hundred forty eight hundred the difference is eleven hundred again and we divide it by the bottom of the two packages. Thirty seven hundred so eleven hundred divided by thirty seven hundred it gets you a number of about point three i actually gets 0297. I ve given that example enough and i think i remember it being a little bit below. But i rounded.

You know rounding arrows no problem there so a thirty percent price increase that s between our twenty five to fifty percent target. And really what that saying is it s gonna cost you a thirty percent more to go from the middle package to the top package that s doable. It s very doable. It s a better deal.

I m not gonna spend a whole lot of time on this. But we know it s a better deal and we re gonna see why is such a better deal when we look at our extras. List our extras. List supports.

The fact that that album in the package is a fantastic deal and last we introduce an album. We introduced an album for the first time. And that was that final must have that was that number two must have so you re probably picking up that i think it s important to introduce must haves as you go you re probably also picking up there wasn t a must have in the first package. We ll talk about that very very important okay let s review guys those four tenets of proper packaging your starting package is so important and the price of your starting package is what s most important remember to review.

If it s too low your clients won t upgrade. If you re telling your clients. I charge. Fifteen hundred dollars.

They re not going to expect to ever pay six eight ten twelve fourteen thousand dollars. They just aren t you set those expectations..

Imagine walking into a restaurant and and then seeing something very low price. And then seen something very high price. And you re gonna be thrown off when you see a wide array. There s a story.

I like to tell i ll tell it very quickly. And it s the story of the the argentinian cow and the ground beef have any of you heard this story. Before hannah has alright good well. I ve told this story a few times.

So i apologize you heard before imagine walking into a restaurant. And it s a very nice restaurant they have you know very nice napkins. You get seated their hostess was very polite very nice and she sat you and it was just everything s really fancy that chairs are fancy the whole experience and menus. Fancy and you open.

It up and a server walks up. And says sir tonight. We have three off it s for you all right first off. We have pile o ground beef.

And all we do is we just take ground beef. We saute it in a pan. We sprinkle some ground pepper on it and we bring it out tuna pile that s 8 special tonight. Our second special this evening is seared new york strip steak.

We take a nice piece of new york strip steak aged we throw it on the grill first we sear. It then when you throw in the grill. And it s it s it s it s got a light bearnaise sauce to it i bring that out to you steaming hot that s 28 tonight. So can we add pilo ground beef for 8.

Our second special is the new york strip steak for 28 final special tonight. It s what we call the argentinian cow..

Our chef has actually flown down to argentina and picked out his favorite cow for you he flew it back in a plane live still alive on the plane was natural grass that we had laid down so the cow could still feed on natural grass. We landed the plane right out in the back of our restaurant and there the cow was slaughtered for you live just this morning. So you could have the freshest of meats. And he that s prepared to you and we ll bring that out to you for 185 tonight.

The point of the story is first off how weird it would be to have that happen. But what it s really getting at is you would never go to a restaurant and expect to be served ground beef and high priced incredible incredibly customized steak and you ve never expect to pay 1 and 185. Now if you went into a restaurant and all their steaks were around 100 to 200 dollars. You d you d know that you were at a very expensive restaurant.

But you d also feel like it s a nice restaurant. The steaks are expensive. I understand what i m doing here and then it s just a decision about whether you can afford or not and if you go into restaurant that s just serving very cheap you know very cheap meals and they have price points of 8 10. 12 14.

16. Maybe even 20 dollars. You understand that you can afford. It it s probably not to be the best most amazing thing ever.

But you there s clarity on both sides. There s clarity. There s not clarity when it tries to encompass all things we talk as photographers about how we don t we d like to hedge. We want to have that starting price to get that bride that just could you know we want to book that offseason wedding.

So we have a nice cheap price we have that middle package that s our breadwinner. That s someone a book 9 9. Out of 10 times. But of course.

We have to have that whopper. Package what if some high end bride comes along and wants to spend 12000..

We have to have a package in there for that and we make a mistake when we do that when we try to be all things to all people be very careful about your starting price and let it to indicate what you really want to charge. ed up and said hi. I m jovan. My grandmother is the bravest woman that i know my father grew up in a house in new york city.

Where the first black person owned a mortgage and believe it or not i m part velociraptor laughter applause i. m cheers. I m part vanilla ice cream with cherries in it and i m a mountain which means that most of you gaze at me while i pierce the clouds laughter. I think about the kids who don t get this moment.

I think about how many of us have to swallow a history that we don t adjust to the way that we want to i m so thankful for my grandmother and the lessons that she dawned upon me the very next year this woman. My grandmother didn t wake up out of her sleep in virginia beach. Virginia. And i was forced to have to grapple again.

So i did what i got so adjusted to do i needed to grab my pencil grab this piece of paper go to my desk. And go to war. As the exclusive author using my imagination to create order this poem is the dedication to my grandmother. It s called nana s cages music my grandma.

She wasn t the bengay and matlock type nor was she some expert in household chore techniques or even chocolate chip cookie recipes she didn t have an oversized grumpy cat or some undersized chirpy little dog. But there were parakeets within her heart that kept her company when loneliness set in see she grew up in pendergrass. I guess. That s somewhere in north central georgia.

So just deep enough in the south that one could actually see the surface as a child she would love to observe the flight patterns of turkey vultures she loved the way that their feathers frayed through the southern sky. Because where she was from they were the only things breaking the color line. The experts say that these buzzards share the same soaring shadows as bald eagles. So sitting there feeling like a carcass simultaneously.

She found freedom so her mother put her and her sister on the first feather that they could find up north because she heard that up there jim he doesn t clip his crows wings. So her mother became the first nubian in queens to own her own palace..

This was way back when there was actually enough big apple to go around the table in 1995 on a family vacation. I went to visit this place for the first time upon anticipation of patio rocking chairs bear claw bathtubs and cypress floors i was greeted by a hoarder s paradise priceless papers were piled to the ceiling. The only place to sit was on the back patio and there there surrounding all of us were stacks upon stacks of bird cages. Hundreds of them no birds just wrought iron bridged by welding joints in victorian fashion.

All of these devices of entrapment were constructed in such beauty. I didn t know what to think you see last week. I was at the thrift store and i came across a vintage bird cage. I stood there staring.

And wondering why is there so much beauty here that took me back to my nana and how it must have felt losing her son husband and the civil rights movement at the same time and i began to think what better way to defend for someone s freedom than to collect those things that trap us by leaving just one less cage in the world and ensuring another scene of formless flight. So i started to wonder how many people did this woman set free was you and my father with the one way greyhound ticket in hand and sunglasses on the back of his neck preventing him from pausing in the past could head to the mile high. So he didn t have to feel that low again was she the miracle that made my mother follow him to the mountains did she swoop. My grandfather out of cancer s misery did she hold the keys to my throat did she stitch.

My cousins into the blue angel air force falcons that they became could you feel like you won the civil rights movement in your own backyard. Let me tell you something when your time comes. How many people will you have selflessly unshackled. How many doors did you leave open how many bars did you bend or file.

Through did you make sure that the perches around you went unoccupied did you tend to their feathers. Did you feed them enough wisdom before their take off when the caged bird sings did their hymns rattle the locks or did you swallow their tunes. When the doves cried did you give any weight to their tears and. When that rooster crows will you empower it to fly nana nana.

Why d you have to go when we sat around your coffin. I think we all knew that your soul was soaring above us your feathers. They must have been fraying that sky because everyone in attendance was just a cage that you collected poem applause cheers ” ..


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In his third grade family genealogy project, Jovan made the shocking discovery that his ancestors were slaves. This might be the first time I realized I was black, and that black meant different, he said. But with the wise guidance of his grandmother, Jovan learned that you alone are the master of your identity.

Jovan Mays is the Poet Laureate of Aurora, Colorado and a National Poetry Slam Champion. A member of the Denver SlamNUBA national slam poetry team, he won two Denver city slam championships and qualified for three international finals stages. Jovan s work has appeared in The Pilgrimage, Button Poetry, and Write About Now. The former slam master for the highly decorated poetry organization SlamNUBA, he is also the community engagement coordinator for Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and the author of four books.

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