X Rated Disney Story

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“I m devin rupert. The video you are about to see is definitely not suitable suitable for young children and in most workplaces and if you are a politically correct. Offended sissy. Then you need to exit out of this video now or you could do what the rest of us do grow.

Some cojones watch through the video and try to find some humor in it all right kids um. Before i give you your milk and you go and take a nap. We re going to try something new. I m gonna read you a story.

It s off of these series. Um x. Rated. Disney stories.

With devon rupert. Now. This. One.


Is called the vacation. Donald and daisy minnie and mickey i wanted to get out of disney world quickly they couldn t stand all parades. The heroes and villains not to mention entertaining all those shitty children so many and mickey daisy and donald set off for la to do drugs. And bob bundles.

They made it to the beach and shouted yay. We re here and there voyage and ended like hulk hogan s career. Let s play volleyball. Mickey said come on guys you wanna.

Many said just one for my face with that ball. I don t want to look like rihanna daisy said. I agree you boys better play nice. Because i don t want to look like the wife of ray rice.

Instead donaldson will play one round of tag eventually. Donald. One. And he started to brag.


I m on top of the world i feel like nothing could stop me except a large dose of quaaludes from bill cosby. They all worked up a sweat in one of the drink. I know a good bar mini said with the wing. They got to the bar.

And all order. Large daiquiris screwdrivers white russians and long island ice teas donald had to excuse himself from the cheddar. Because he desperately needed to empty his bladder. Donald said.

These drinks are the best that i ve tasted. But i have to go take a piss fucking wasted so he went to the bathroom. But from one of the stalls. He heard a rhythmic clapping sound from somebody s balls then he heard a young boy scream and then shout donald yelled.

Jerry sandusky who the fuck let you out donald turn around and ran for the door trying to avoid all the blood on the floor. He shouted we need to leave and get away from that beast whose single handedly out doing all catholic priests. So they raced to the car and sped out of the lot. But donald ran a red light when he should have stopped and at the same time all of their hearts dropped because they saw the red and blue lights from the incoming cup.


The cup said i pulled you over because you ran that red light. It would be easy to ruin your night instead. I ll write you a ticket later in court. You can fight donald you re lucky.

I didn t shoot you while you were unarmed cuz you re white. They left and found a hotel where they could crash because they wanted to finish the rest of their stash. Daisy said. I m calling room service cuz.

I ve got the munchies. I m certainly not going through this buzz hungry. I want some pizza and chicken daisy murmured and do you guys have in stock. That david hasselhoff burger.

The room service man was there in a flash and outside the door he could smell smoke from the grass. But he was scared he didn t know if he should enter cuz last week. He accidentally walked in on kylie jenner. He mustered up the courage and open the door had last and tried not to laugh at daisy who was high off her ass.


He said here s your food. I hope you have a way better night that s much more exciting than the mayweather fight. He left and they continued to smoke the best kush that last twice as long. But makes you have retarded like jeb bush.

They felt so high and happy they felt like they won the lottery that night they officially got more fucked up than scientology next morning. They packed their bags and drove off with their load. They even saw tracy morgan shoes on the side of the road. They made it back to disney world happy and healthy a place you take your dumb kids when you re at least semi wealthy mickey said.

I wish the vacation was longer we re already back at my house mini. Replied. It wasn t going to last forever. Just like amy winehouse the end ” .


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