What TV Show Character Did You Slowly Hate More And More? (r/AskReddit)

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“Is a character you initially liked. But grew to hate as the show went on on griffith from berserk. If only you people knew we know and drer from the dead first time. I ve ever yelled at the zombies to stop around just eat someone andreas characterization was both an insult to the actress and the comic character andy from the office.

I was so upset with his character development as he went from an annoying kiss. But to a really likable and funny guy to then just a butthole again and it made me so bad because it felt like lazy and offseasons writing. It was just like they needed a villain and andy had nothing better to do him and erin should have stayed together piper from orange is the new black. If she just wasn t so smug about her panty business dean from gilma girls.

He became such a bitter battle as time went on i get it. But still part with some class indignity. It doesn t help that season. One dean was making references to russian literature and season two dean s like dur watsa books.

It s like they deliberately started writing him dumber. So he d contrast with guess whose bad boy image seems to rest on him pulling. Sprightly pranks. Chuck mcgill from better call.

Saul. I would be remiss to say that i totally bought into the whole. Watching out for my brother s best interests dick in the first appearances in the show. But the way the last season ended where he recorded his and his brothers conversation and the events leading up to it made me believe that even though he did save jimmy from a long time in the correctional system.

He had no problem. Shutting down any ayat of success. He would accomplish total control freak. Oh.

It started in teletubbies season 5. Episode 36 catch the ball. When po and laa laa play catch with a ball you can just see the contempt for the other actors in poe s eyes. She s just phoning it in it does not help that laa laa dominates.

The scene then kept throwing the ball too fast. It makes me question. If that was the directors intent to make the scene. So brutally violent or did the actors just take it too far then in season.

6. Episode. 24. Wait for it the teletubbies wait for tubby toast to be ready.

And the tubby phone to be answered and really then dipsy does the tubby phone dance wtf pili s i get it was the rejected orphan. The runt of the litter who has to scrap for every meal and every dime. But for her to roll over and let dipsy do the tubby phone dance that was the very last straw..


How should have stood up for herself. And done. The tubby faux dance. It just makes sense.

I m scared. This is real the martel s how they went from the viper kicking. What we are snake hiss hiss was truly an achievement margarett on regular show for me. It s doug from house of cards at first.

I was like wow. This guy gets crap. Done. I can respect that but after that whole.

Rachel fiasco. Could never look at him the same way. Again. Yes.

He started off compellingly pragmatic. In the same way as underwood and even when he first started interacting with rachel. His creepiness was sort of sympathetic and explainable his evolution into weird. Obsessive stalker was not enjoyable to watch cyril from archer.

At first he seemed like the nerdy underdog trying to get out from archers shadow. But then becomes just a whiny loser who bangs every woman and lets archer raise his baby peter from heroes like seriously dude get over at you are not gonna save the world. You just flick it up more and more felicity smoak. She can die in a hole.

Now sheldon cooper in the earlier seasons. He was kind of believable although obviously scripted. But he soon became a caricature of himself very irritating and forced also bernadette. She was cute and nice at the beginning.

But now she is kind of just mean and controlling britta from community initially. She was this cool girl in season 1. But by season 5 her character just seemed to be trying to keep up with the comedy of the other characters britta was flan to rise into being the dumb. One troy was kinda dumb bit more naive whereas britta wasn t naive.

But just not smart sila from heroes. They just wouldn t let him die for good wesley crusher. I started watching the show and i was a kid myself so i identified with him. But as it went on i really started to hate the kid especially since he was some kind of boy genius.

And i just wasn t believable now will wheaton. I think he s a great guy and a fine actor. A shame..


They didn t allow him more depth. Thought to just act like his own persona. They got it right with jake sisko and ds9. Yeah.

We all hated wesley. You should watch the documentary with gene roddenberry s son. Where he makes. The suggestion that the wesley crusher character was a projection of what gene wanted for his own son.

But never got pretty messed up. Actually the pardon. Mighty girl from dexter season 2 lila never liked her she just got worse and worse sookie stackhouse. She was always kinda annoying.

But she was the main character. So you had to like her right then at some point you realize. She s freaking retarded and causes all of this crap and the show would have been way better if she would have died in like season 2. More like as i grew old jerry from tom and jerry growing up made me realize he s the butthole always bothering tom and starting the fights poor tom such a nice kitty pan on girls.

I can t stand her or any of the other characters for that matter anymore stopped watching a few seasons ago. But specifically freak hannah. I never liked any of them. I think.

That s the point of the show. I certainly hope no one likes those characters they re all for jack and kate from lost. The only character. I wanted to be okay was desmond clay morrow from sons of anarchy mine.

Would be jax. I grew to like clay more and more because at least. He was honest about being a piece of crap. Whereas jax thought so highly of himself despite being the same as clay phyllis from the office started off as a sweet old lady type of character but ended up being this huge undercover be by the end couldn t stand her when she tried acting tough the corrupting influence of bob vance for me.

It s elizabeth keen from blacklist. I blame the show and how it shoved her romantic life down our throats last season. The show and her character was so much better when it was just about her the fbi and red clara oswald from doctor. Who started off as a very intriguing character.

But ended up just sort of being there to whine and complain all the time didn t even bother watching the most recent season. Though i m told it s actually pretty good so perhaps i ll give it a watch soon. Oh my impossible girl loved her efest. But than they tried to make her this godlike character making her the most important thing in the goddamn galaxy.

There be from shameless alan harper from two and a half men both sam and dean from supernatural after like ten seasons. And you suckers are still doing the whole. I m keeping an explosive secret and acting shifty and not trusting..


You thing you deserve each other you goddamn dysfunctional buttholes. You live for this horse crap drama. You always complained about i guess the good old dysfunctional brothers. Shtick.

Still going strong for 12 goddamn seasons lol coral from the walking dead. I ve wanted him to die since season two but instead he became adlink meme. I love that you don t even call him by his real name nurse jackie. I loved the show and it s other characters.

But jeez she burned like every possible bridge with every person in her life throughout the show. Sadly it s an accurate depiction of addiction syrena from gossip girl. War from star trek watching him repeatedly shove his son off on his parents and to ride his sons every life choice was painful. He treated alexander like crap when he wasn t just ignoring him.

Anyway at one point in ds9 wolff. Accuses jag off thinking. He d be a bad father well. Well.

Maybe. That s because you already are one lily aldrin. Oh yes to be fair to her everyone. Except.

Marshall devolved into a hugely unlikable caricature of themselves. Marshall was still a caricature. But his basic personality was that often extremely overly nice person. So he remained like a vaguely sympathetic human being while his friends turned into cartoonish sociopaths from the book.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time both parents film ii went constantly back and forth mum left because she couldn t handle the autistic son. But when he came to visit her she tried as hard as she could to help him and ends up getting kicked out of that home for wanting to keep her son there. Forcing her to take a crappy job to afford a one room apartment for her and her son to live in the dad got stuck with the difficult child so i can t blame him for getting angry once in a while. But he seems somewhat emotionally manipulative.

Especially when he gets the kid. A puppy at the end. Ruby rose female justin bieber from orange is the new black her character was so pointless. She had no personality.

She was just there is eye candy into stir crap ross from friends in the beginning. He is a bit of a dorky scientist. With some relationship issues as time goes on we find him to be an overly controlling douche who in no specific order gets caught making out with chandler s mom cheats on rachel after his obsessive controlling nature drove them apart in the first place he gets caught making out with joey s girlfriend. He says.

The wrong woman s name at the altar of his second of three total weddings hiba rates others for challenging his point of view. He condescend to rachel about her career while expecting her to take a keen interest in his he has to be the world s worst. Father with one kid almost totally disappearing from his and another being used as leverage to try to dong block..


Rachel. Q. Natto from knights of cydonia at first. I thought.

Oh. He s just the typical anime rival character. Plus. His white hair is kinda cool.

I might like this guy spoilers for knights of cydonia. Then he turns their entire space colony against the main character and has his girlfriend killed in a stage accident all because boohoo. He didn t get a cool giant robot in the main character did when the season ended he was depressed and locking himself in his mansion. While the main character earned back his lost respect and honor.

It was the only time i ve ever had schadenfreude err for an anime character tree trunks was just another adventure time character. But jesus christ the more i see at her even in reruns. The more i wish she d just get slain by the lich. She s like the self centered old woman you have to deal with who thinks everything revolves around her and the younger people ruined everything.

She literally can t do anything useful. She just freaks around at home making pies. Hoping people like them and they do the pies at half bad. But that s it they don t really like her they like her pies and they tolerate her as a price for said pies.

Other than nat. She s a bland character who s a tumor in the list of good characters. And her stupid voice to bug tree trunks sucks ragnar lothbrok. Though i must say that the hate fluctuated with the stupidity level of his hairstyle long haired ragnar.

Awesome zegna fair ragnar total tool. Shaved head ragnar kind of a dong shaved and heavily tattooed ragnar less other dong. But still bald ragnar with an epic petrarch beard. Awesome again fionna ghana.

I like the show and the character. But she s a real piece of crap sometimes floki he becomes less likeable in the show. But at least the reasons for it are sound floki is of the keenest of the vikings. And really doesn t like all this mingling and negotiating with christians diane from cheers at first she was ok a bit pretentious about her education.

But i found it cool at she had so much majors and stuff. But then she got annoying as heck and i was glad to see her leave you ve been spotted by the dojo of studying like this video for good grades for the next two years. If you are new to the channel. You can subscribe.

I publish new videos every day until then check. Another video or don t either way have a great day you magnificent people ” ..

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