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“Video is brought to you by kappas comm design. Your own custom snap backs and and hats. Everyone doing today that s right we re in new york city. I over here this morning good flight easy flight left at like 6 00 in the morning went over to ed s place.

How you doing ed and now we made it over into manhattan manhattan s one of my favorite places in the world london s amazing hong kong. Is amazing winnipeg is the freakin best. I m just kidding winnipeg is terrible we re in manhattan. We re gonna be meeting up a set.

They re gonna be doing some sneaker shopping manhattan s a freaking expensive place totally. Like rent is stupid food is stupid transportation is stupid and i was wondering like what can you get for 100 in manhattan. Both sneakers and just like living of course. You know i want to scoop a pair of sneakers.

I m hoping they actually have a couple pair of jordan ones on sale for 9999. Because that would be a great option. But also i just want to see like if you re living in the city every day. How far can a hundred dollars get you all right you spend ten dollars and forty eight cents on a metrocard to get into the city.

It s a full ride metrocard so two rides on the way here two rides on the way back. That s ten dollars and forty eight cents spent right there i have a sneaking suspicion a hundred dollars is not going to get you that far in manhattan. It will get you farther than it will in london trust me london is the most stupidly expensive city. I ve ever been to i heard paris is even worse.

But new york is still pretty bad that s upset line that stick that would be cool. The vietnamese spring girls are being late yes. The large size of it yes. Though large fish yes and then i will get the dinner was really good but 16 more dollars is gone.

Seth is the local here where are we going actually edmonson. Local. Well. Okay.

Seth is the implant. And you ve been here for what. Like four years. Where are we going now we are going to where you guys want to go the sneaker flea.

There s nike lab. There s a d dis. Where s mikey solo is that really far like a five minute walk..


We could go there yeah we can go to kiss. What else. There s a lot of sneaker stores around here. This is why i love new york like there s literally 72.

Sneaker stores within fifteen square block first stop of the day is sneaker flea on broadway. The first thing i m seeing right here this is the first time i ve ever seen these in person these are beautiful man. The low scream arrows jordan ones. These are so freakin nice.

I wish they d come with laces that were in the same art print. I think that would have been absolutely amazing. I really want to pick these up they re not going for too much money they re going for like three hundred three hundred twenty dollars. Which i mean it s a lot of money.

But it s not tons of money so this is definitely something on the list. There says nine and a half though i need a size twelve another thing. I m seeing hopefully could this be a size twelve please oh. It s a size eleven and a half the pink foamposites.

They re. Only 160. That s a really really really good price half a size too small. Though i need a saw they have it all in that one size ten and a half they have another one sitting right there.

I swear i ve been searching for that she would a good price in my size for like three or four years. And i found it once for 100 and i passed on it like a complete idiot. And i haven t been able to find them for under 350 since i feel like since last time. I was here there really hopped on the whole supreme wave everything supreme being super popular so they got a whole bunch of stuff.

I don t really get a supreme guy. I like making fun of supreme. I i do like a lot of the pieces. I just find it really cringey how much people freak out over something.

But that being said like there s still some dope stuff here up in the bogo and the headband. I personally just think. This is hideous like if you want to spend 1200 on it i completely support you spending your money the way you want to i just the color scheme looks like urine and feces like it s just it s not an attractive thing to have on a t shirt that being said supreme well done you know how to build pipe. If you want to buy it go for it if you have the money if you can afford it i m just not going to like it in nikes soho.

They got all the new nba stuff down here. Which is looking really nice. The only thing we need to find is a gordon hayward..


Jersey. And just cry just hold the jersey and cry. Honestly have always low key like these ones. I know they re hideous and their guardian is just no branding up the wazoo as the kids say kids say that right i don t that look started to creamy.

They look just super super like they re they re ugly. But in a good way. I like how these look they re only 130th a ton of fat price 130 of these correct me if i m wrong. But i think these don t drop until tomorrow maybe today by the time you re seeing this video.

I m 100 acquiring these i have not seen these in person. I already have a gold pair of foamposites yes. I know these are not under 100 yes. I know i m not gonna buy them right now they re just not gonna sell out and i think the plug has helped me out on these so i ll get them for cheaper.

Which is always great these look very nice. I already have a pair of old phones which i ve worn maybe twice. I like these ones better if you guys hate them i understand they re very gaudy. They re very bright.

I am a huge fan of foamposites though are you doing being a youtube icon okay you need to resort to ridiculous stuff like this if you want kids to watch. Is it all is this warm here in october. No cuz it s like beautiful it s 75 degrees outside today it s dark and it s great and i wore this hoodies and i wasn t stops wearing you re going to get me demonetised sef. Okay look join the club.

I need this money that s why there s seven ads in all of my videos youtube please don t to monetize me i m not responsible for seth s ridiculous antics at being said we re at adidas at houston and broadway. They usually don t have anything too good in here just like the regular ultra boots and stuff. But that being said in the past. They ve had multicolored ultra sitting in here not my size.

But they still have been sitting here okay so none of these are near hundred dollars unfortunately but check out this freaking adidas ultra boost section. I need these in my life. I might need to come back here tomorrow cuz. I can t i can t pay two thirty for these because we re trying to pay under 100 dollars for something.

But these are amazing the tan ones of course. We all know i scooped these ones up earlier this week. And we have the mid top gray ones. We have black ones.

We have the mid top maroon ones. Which are freaking amazing guys. There is just so much boost here like look at this these are hideous..


But there s still a boost which means. It s cool. I guess finally we re finding some stuff for a hundred and under these things are 90 right here. I know the gazelle gets left on a lot.

But there s some dope color it s like this is like the classic adidas indoor soccer boot colorway i know this isn t a soccer shoe. But you have like the booze new ethos up there which is like a skating soccer fusion shoe. You also have this a really nice leather one right here which i think these ones are this ones are 90. As well that s actually pretty nice not always those you have superstars here.

Which is a nice quintessential classic shoe. I mean you re not gonna get crazy stuff for under 100. But for 80 on those it s not going to break the bank. It s a nice classic pair of shoes.

If you want to go a little bit over these things are only 110. So. 10. Over you scoop up some pharrell collaborations.

Which do have a little bit of hype. There apparently pretty comfortable. I think they look like elf shoes. But i mean if you like them you like them okay.

This isn t a parent kids. But these are actually sick the adidas track pants. Everyone always tells me to get these trust. Me.

I know they look amazing with like ultra boosts and easy as and stuff like that there s 70. So like that s a lot for a pair of track pants. I think. There s an urban outfitters next door so we re probably gonna go through.

There right now so set just freaking told me that there s a new kit store. I don t pay attention to this crap. I always thought kip is on like what spring and bleaker. They ve opened up a new kit store.

And it s not one not two not four and not if i it s it s three stories. Tall and they have a whole bunch of cool crap in here. Presumably..


I don t exactly know what they have it probably have some nice stuff. But kit does not let you film inside enemy. If they have something nice i got a sneak film. Because you know i love you guys.

And i want to show you what they have inside kit. Does not let you film inside them so we re not going to be able to show kids actually had some good stuff they had these awesome yellow peanuts collab vans it was a skate hide i was all yellow with like black writing on it it s so nice and they were only 70. That s probably the best thing. I found for under 100 today also i know for a fact some of the white metallic.

Red jordan ones are on sale for 9999. At a few shops around here. So i might have to acquiesce those at some point this week. But the best thing we saw in kit well actually you didn t even see ronnie.

5. Was just chillin. There seems like a chill dude from what i ve heard of him on social media. Whatever didn t want to interrupt the conversation he was having but he was just chilling there rocking some ridiculous kit he had like on some crazy kitty and then he had on a bergdorf goodman kit hat and he had on calabasas pants.

Which i guess i m in the art kit. But they still pretty hyped how are you good how are you good thanks the financing over tonight yep. If you have a cbs quarter number. So i think that s pretty i think that pretty much wraps up the spending for today.

I m legitimately impressed. I spent like 30 today and obviously we didn t go shopping and buy anything crazy. 30. An entire day in manhattan.

It s not that bad at all sixteen dollars for a meal. 10 to get into the city 5. From mountain dew. And then the best part of today is i bought a freaking juicy drop pot who remembers juicy drop pops.

These have pushup hops. I like some of the best cat. I remember i probably only had one of these in my life my mom bought me i like always beg to get a juicy girl hot. My mom was all like no no no i she s finally bought me one and this is probably the second one i ve ever had in my life and 21 years old eating a juicy drop off in the streets of new york.

That s that s not weird at all ” ..

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