We Turned Our BEDROOM Into A MOVIE THEATRE! (YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!) The Royalty Family – YouTube

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“Music guys two days and you today we re super. Excited we got their red red carpet right there it s something guys that we ve been working on for long time finally we got it ready and we re so excited to show it to you before we get to the vlog. Let s go ahead. And do the fitness royalty hi check that everyone is doing instagram.

Yeah. Is going bio. Because you guys to do it at home. I have to tag us on our instagram right here in order for you to get feature in our videos or of our stories on instagram.

I thought all you gotta do is two things tell me guys we still have eyes left. We would love that you guys to win so make sure people are the coolest time they are you do music we the worldly family officially have our own movie theater in our own house guys. We ve been working so hard and this movie theater guy. I ve checked this out this is something that we haven t been talking about though.

We ve been working on this for about two to three months. So we know you guys are gonna love it so guys are you guys ready to see the official royalty family. Welcome to the royalty cinema music. We re here guys were right in front of the guard.

What s behind this door you probably wondering how nice in this cinema. Be what to be honest. It s well worth the wait. It s worth your time to watch this video.

If you guys know that right at defining it you know guys that we ve got style that we re pretty cool and that we put the whole lotta and for each part stuff. We do something we want to do it right because we royalty and we strive to be the best for the daughters. Where did you see i run g fam. Before we open this door make sure you get this video.

A big. Thumbs up real quick guys we hope you like it we put a lot of effort to see you guys would like to hello welcome to the royalty cinema tickets. Please do you really work here he had this everyone at the cinema t shirt as well actually sir we live here is there any way we can just get in without tickets no ticket. No entry.

Oh my god oh last minute planning. I forgot give me a sec guys give me a sec two just like in the movie. Which is the rain in the movie did he knew we only had four tickets man this movie and the best part about this is i got it for free where s the rest of my family yo guys this time. We re gonna get in we re actually we have the tickets right here.

You take one first wonderful. Okay. Thank you welcome to the royalty cinema. Music music music.

Movie theater. Guys so let us give you a quick tour of our royalty family movie theater. Because we ve been putting a lot of effort into it let me clear this for you guys look at this popcorn machine. It s perfect.

If you eaten the popper so actually this top car. We bought it because it s like a kind of vintage to style and at the same time. We saw you i mean like um. So good also guys we got this big bag in case that we want to fit more people in here.


Plus. If you can see it right there back there next to the bar. We have two more shirts in the box and total. We got four red chairs.

We got two chairs in the bag. And then we got three more chairs right here so this theater can fit up to nine comfortably. But if you guys want to sneak in we can fit like legit 50. People so let s go work on this wall.

It took like a like three weeks like up like between three weeks to one month to get it done. But we had someone come in we gave them the style that we wanted and they decorate the whole wall. According to what fits our theme basically and i think they did a wonderful job right here. Let me show you let me show you so right here.

We had the director shirt and he has a royalty on hand as well so right here we have the royal to youtube. We love you youtube and don t forget to subscribe to our youtube. It before the clueless family right behind you we have the vintage royalty. We decided to hang this up because red is our favorite color.

And if you guys don t know what 0 1. Means let me give you guys a quick history about it zero is a definition of what people think you are because a lot of people hate and they think that you re a zero. But the one is what truly represents who we are because we are number one guys and the royalty is because we strive to be the best so we decide to hang this up also the best part baby don t forget about this we signed it it s time by chris essa gucci. Ali and they re a keeper king king is the best toy.

So i decided to put these boxing gloves. Here because muhammad ali who s one of my favorite idols. He signed these boxing gloves. So i decided to hang them up here very important to me important moment in my life.

So also the chairs that you can see they re so beautiful. We chose the red color. Because red is our color. If there were the deformity color and it has like these lights on the bottom.

And you can do juliet. Here also there the church has like tables you can actually pull the typicals inside guys check out this part come over here come over here ladies and gentlemen. I don t know what age you are if you come to the royalty palace. You come to the royalty cinema.

You have to challenge me in an arcade game. That s one rule. If you ever come to our house. You gotta come over here.

Oh by the way putting some quarters. Because you got to pay the play. Which is why i can t blow dit baby. I brought all these quarters.

Even though i don t lose i don t need too many quarters. But which pink said whatever game you guys playing street fighter. I ll play you simpsons it doesn t matter you come to my house you gonna play me one on one if you beat me i ll give you guys 100 each guys. It s time to show you my favorite part of the whole movie theater guys we have the bar as interesting snacks.


We have so does more so does water basically we have a huge selection of soda sprite or cola fucking water of no water. She does my guys do we have our own menu at the royalty cinema check this out we can actually order from any waiter and they ll bring it to us and the snacks area. We got popcorn hot dogs nachos beverages. We got water soda slushy.

This is a big question then what movie are we re gonna watch a movie. I m gonna play some arcade with my seat canister. Wait a minute put a sir i m the madam for the store madam. Okay perfect.

So princess like on her seat this one. Oh yeah. These recline. All the way.

This is cool. This is actually like a bad look wow. Sleep here ladies and gentlemen. I ll have you know we do offer.

Snacks and beverages. They are not complimentary did you bring your money yeah. The thing is i brought my credit card. I just don t know if they ve brought their money we take credit card.

But we don t take discover okay how about credit card. Um. Terron do you have money yes. Let me grab it come follow me i know where the money is my quarter.

Sorry can i get the popcorn plushie and can i get candy please you may get the popcorn and the slushie. But unfortunately you do not have enough for the candy. Oh i got you i got you here. Hey.

You know how you got that money and i got this credit card. How about you use all the stuff on this credit card and pick it that money sir my wife and i would like to order. Yes. Please you know what you wants me yeah.

I would have had that well actually you re invited do you think. It s go kid to eat a hot dog. Every single day come on come again. I got a hot dog wrapped with lettuce like a hot dog with the boy you come to a will be to eby s and kisara.

Yes. I ll do popcorn and a slushy popcorn in a slushy. Yeah. And uh.

Oh you got nachos. Too we do it okay. I still like it get to get one free deal or anything. No you buy one get one.


No you borrow one good one hey they re charging for everything hi. There strictness movie theater guys. But uh yeah. We ll take those items baby.

This is so exciting. This is a legit moit whatever all movie theater yeah. But what movie are we re gonna watch all right. But are you sleeping already bro may i have your attention please for our feature presentation.

We have three options we have its chapter two thompson shaw and once upon a time in hollywood. I want to watch it but they want to watch cubs this sh all right. What do hobby shop. Ladies and gentleman often shop ladies and gentlemen your concessions music.

Oh i m so sorry. It s okay just give me. The trades. Yeah.

Thank you ah sir you actually forgot my nachos. I have them right here drink around these are my these are my oh or did nachos. You ordered the nachos. Thank you so much thank you i ll give you some.

But you can ask me why didn t you my plug back go ahead. Thank you i think you probably forgot my candy. I have it right here he s creeping me out a little hey guys guys the movies on you guys a little too loud sorry it was her sir sir is there a problem. Yeah.

Yeah. He come over here please that young man over there. He s being too loud can you go ask him to quiet down please. Thank you so you take tip.

I m not allowed to but yes well i don t have anything right now. But i ll give it to you later okay okay cool. There was another customer that complained about the noise level that you re making okay so if they give you five dollars. Maybe you ll let me scream.

I m technically not allowed to take tips. But yeah i ll take five bucks you me and you get it oh i forgot i left my wallet at my house. So maybe i ll bring you back tomorrow. I ll pay you ten twelve twenty three thirty five forty five did even make allowances top baked for kids like you do 50 50 deal baby.

I really want some candy then we go to the bar babe. I ve explained a lot of money god just go to the bar. Let s have fun we re not supposed to go back. There you have let s go to your scotus go nice try to guess budget and hopefully.

The guy doesn t see us okay. We re gonna get candy you want something if you have mister subscribe to their best family on youtube. What are you doing subscribe right now i hope he doesn t charge me for this actually i don t think he s charging me. And it was all free you have 3 26.


57. On your tab you charge us for this ok man you catch everything no you debit man. Oh wait hold up let me get this slippery. Yeah.

That s slippery tastes good excuse. Me. Sir. That s gonna be 8 for you hey i m not paying for nothing.

What are you gonna do about it okay. Oh. We re doing that oh wait you re not oh music maybe what about the popcorn. I know he s been taking a wall you know what i m gonna ask for a refund.

Okay all right thank you bro all right wait yeah hey guys what about my popcorn. I hear pablo right here okay thank you guys he s so weird. He s weird. I know i get that a lot what you say when you sit on the wire.

The last sounds like a go please apologize right now i am afraid that due to your contact. I must ask you to leave the theater. He started to all we customer you have paid do you want to pay for the cleanup. I never cleaned a mess have a nice evening thanks again for coming to the royalty cinema have a good night unreasonable to guys we hope you like our movie theater.

This room right here is very important to us because growing up as a kid. I ve always wanted to have my own movie theater. I used to always go to the movie theaters. Sometimes.

We didn t have enough money i used to work at a movie theater. That s true guys my very first job was at a movie theater. So i used to always clean up popcorn. I was serving food.

I was taking ticket stub and look at this now we have our own movie theater in our own house. Which means anything is possible work hard and you can achieve anything that you want i ve always dreamt about this and look guys guys because you gotta keep pushing you gotta run order. And you gotta be the best of yourself a lot of people told. Me you ll never have a movie theater.

Well. You know what i have my own movie theater. A lot of people now. I ll have my own arcade machine.

You know what i have my water key machine. Don t forget to drop a like on this video hit the subscribe button. Join the family we re doing a lot of big things house tour soon yeah guys wait for it with that being said guys one last thing that my wonderful son would like the saturday royalty we out ” ..


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We Turned Our BEDROOM Into A MOVIE THEATRE! (YOU WON T BELIEVE IT!) The Royalty Family

The Royalty Family

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