Update eBay How to Update eBay app in iPhone iPad iPod

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“Guys aren t two days. It s all gonna be updating a few absolutes just just go right to your app store in your app store. We will see right below says today games apps updates. And then search so let s just happen updates and right here we re gonna see ebay google photos facebook linkedin youtube twitter netflix youtube again and then we have bk google maps messenger dropbox what s up you see groupon and those odd updates are available right now for all these apps.

Now i did see youtube twice because once youtube studio and the other ones on youtube app. So there are different apps by the way then we have netflix and so on anyways if you guys don t see the update right here for the app. That you re looking for it s just going to search so let s say we re looking for facebook. And there s no date for that let s just go into search look for facebook and then we should see right here.


I should say update. So we can just tap and update. And it s going to start the update and that s for any app. So let s say it s search for ebay.

Because i know there s not date for that so let s just search for that and again i can see update there so. I can update it from there okay now let s say you guys just don t see the update. And it s kind of weird. So it might be because the updates not compatible with your ios.


So let s just update your ios. So in your settings right here you guys can just scroll down. Where it says general. Then your second option will be softer update.

Under software. I think you guys will see if you guys do need a software update so at this point. I mean ios 12. So that s up today so i m good to go.


However maybe you guys are in ios. 10. And tells you that there is update available so right now it s the time to update your iphone ipod touch alright so let s say you guys have an older iphone or an ipad maybe you guys have an ipad 2 for example ipad twos are stuck in ios 9. That means that you guys can updated to ios 12.

And don t fall for any scams do you guys see online where they tell you all you guys can just download this do that pay here pay there and then you guys can update your ios no there s no way to update your ios if your ipad or iphone app touch is not compatible with that okay so no for that in your search you guys might also see that there s jailbreaking jailbreaking sure it s great but still it will not update your ios all right so right now we re just back right here and under updates we re gonna update our google photos we re gonna update linkedin youtube studio twitter netflix then we have our actual youtube app vk google maps messenger and dropbox plus what s up yossi and groupon so there we go they re all updating at this point. Sometimes depending on your settings as well you might ask you for your passcode in most cases. You don t need it because. Most of you have that fingerprint or you guys have it set up so it doesn t ask you every single time.


Then you want to update for your password anyways. That s it for this video tutorial. If you guys have any comments questions you guys can write them down here in the comments area don t forget subscribe and rate. Thank you ” .


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