Unlock GSM BlackBerry Priv Sprint – Unlock Code

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“Method will work to unlock the lg htc samsung iphone any phone out there in in the market it is very simple i m going to show you how to it save a step by step not promise you by the end of this video. You re going to know. One hundred percent how to unlock any phone out there now it is very simple. I m going to show you how to do it step by step after you re lucky you will be able to save the world while with all gsm sim cards in the world of course.

We. But um. I want to show you the way to to unlock it and then you decide if you want to lock it or not alright. So in this case.

I m going to be using an lg g2 and it but is the same procedure with all phones out there so the first thing. We re going to have to do is you open your phone application and you dialed a following command star pound. 06. Pound.


As you can see here in the screen. A 15 digit imei. Number will appear that is the same for everyone out there so once you get this number. We re gonna need this number to request the unlock code to unlock at the phone right so just make sure you write it down somewhere.

Because that s the most important part to get this imei number alright. So the next step is to go through a computer. So i m just going to use my computer here and this will work for mac and windows user doesn t matter. Which one you are and you re just going to open your internet browser.

I use google chrome. So um. You re gonna get a message. Saying your lg and lock code is ready.


You also get instructions on how to enter the unlock code and of course you get the actual unlock code. So i m going to show you how to insert the unlock code into the phone. It is the same procedure with any phone out there so we re gonna get get the phone and we re going to power. It off ok so just power up the hunt there click.

There press. The hawk of a power button then you click where it says power off and click ok to continue. And this is a very important part so once your phone is fully off you can insert the new sim card. You wish to use your phone with for example.

My phone is from from at t. So i m going to use a sim card that is that from at t. I m going to use my sim card from t mobile. So i m just going to go ahead and put it into a sim card tray and put it inside the phone just insert it here there we go and we re going to go ahead and turn it on alright.


It will take a couple of seconds. Until. The phone is fully on and once it turns on its going to request the network unlock. The network.

Unlock pin or unlock code alright. So we re just going to give it a couple of seconds. And we should get a message asking for the unlock code. If you can see here you will get the message just like this and here is where you need to insert the unlock code.

You is if in your email. So we re just going to go ahead and insert it here so you ll see 0. 0. 1.


94. 497 647 1266 you re going to click done and once you click on lock. Now look here this rotten you will see a confirmation message saying that the unlock was successful sim network. Unlock successful that s it guys.

The ponies are fully unlocked is eds as simple as that once your code is accepted by your phone. It will automatically restart and is it can take up to one minute because i don t know i think it has to reconfigure some settings in the phone. But it is as simple as that if phone is now fully in luck you can use it with all gsm sim cards. Worldwide.

And if you have any questions. Please do leave them in the comments section below. I try to answer almost all the questions you guys ask and also remember to subscribe to my video sighs i upload videos every week and thank you for watching this video i hope it helped you unlock your phone and if it did please give it a thumbs up it really helps me a lot and yeah as soon as you hear the phone is now fully unlocked and that s it guys thank you ” ..


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