Unique Baby Girl Names A-Z with Meanings SJ STRUM Baby Name Mondays

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“Everyone welcome back to baby name mondays this week. I am filming as a dessert dessert or very unique and rare baby girl names. This was actually requested challenged by viewer who bought it would be a fun thing to do and i thought it would be great to do annie today with all the meanings that cheese stuff is really unusual all of these girl names are beautiful and very wearable but they re all outside of the top 1000. My baby girl eponine across them is right over here watching me so i m sure you ll hear her and i m sure she ll appear in a temple.

A is for an ace. I absolutely love the name and a s and i was surprised that it is so unusual. It s only at number five thousand seven hundred and eighty five in terms of usage. I feel like it s a very familiar name.

But that s probably because it is the name of a perfume. So it is very well known and very well used it is so pretty it almost sounds like a flower name. But apparently. It is probably a derivative from the name anna.

While it is very pretty and feminine. It is a little bit rock and roll and no gallagher from the band oasis his daughter is called an ace so i really like it i think it is very soft very feminine and should definitely be used loads more at b. I have chosen a name best. I love it it is a vintage classic.

It s got to make a comeback. It is so short and sweet and pretty. It is a pet form of the name elizabeth elizabeth also really popular at the moment. So if you didn t want to go just for best as her full name you could pick elizabeth.

But i actually loved the simplicity of best buy itself. It s only at number 2367. So if you re looking for a vintage. Name.

That hasn t had it come back definitely go for it. Etsy is the name cassette you probably would know the name cassette. If you have watched the movie lame is where the boucle mares been to see the music of 10000. Times and sobbed like me or just sat stood in the shower singing on my own idea party often because that is yes.

If you happened i sound crazy right now. But she is the name of a character in that musical. It was originally a book written by victor hugo. Who said he change the name cosette for her from the french word josette.

Which means little pets or little thing. But like kind of a nice way of saying that it sounds to me that s what he was going for she s a very tragic person in that musical. But she does sing the most fabulous song and i think she s really the heart of it i absolutely love it her story s all about unrequited love and basically. It s a stalking name and guess what it doesn t rank.

It s not being used at the moment. So what are we up to we need to bring back cause that d is a name you ve probably never heard of i m sure you will love it as much as me and that is the name devon devon. I really like mainly for its meaning because it is gaelic for poet. So how pretty is that if you re a writer or you just love poetry.

I just think it s a very gorgeous meaningful name it sounds to me a lot. Like all these ii v. Names. That we ve got at the moment.

That is so popular like my daughter evelina you ve also got olivia you ve got evelyn making a bit of a comeback. So yeah if you want something a little bit different devon is a lovely one e is for enid enid is one of our most beloved children s writers in britain enid blyton. But her books have sold over 600 million copies and been translated into over 90 languages. So i m sure that enid is a probably a well known and well loved name around the world.


But it s not hugely popular in terms of usage. I think it definitely do a come back with names like esme and all those coming back enid surely. We re gonna start using it again. It s at 1211 and the name enid.

Means life. Also so also an absolutely gorgeous name meaning definitely pop on your baby name list. If you re hoping to have a baby girl in the future. All gave us something new but modern therefore f.

I ve chosen something really unusual. Which is the name of pfeiffer. I just loved it harper is one of the fastest trending baby names around the uk at the moment. I m sure it is in america.

As well as we know victoria beckham has used it but those kind of lyrical occupation. Names are really cool and harper is one of them and pfeiffer is a new one that we re starting to see coming through the ranks pfeiffer is obviously after occupational name somebody who played the fife or a little kind of an flute it sounds also like michelle pfeiffer s surname. Which isn t too bad in itself. As well because she is as we know white cold.

So what do you think of the name pfeiffer. I really like it it s a bit edgy. It s very very cool. It would suit somebody very creative with a musical heritage.

Let me know what you think g is an unranked name. But i think you ll have heard of it and now it s the name geneva geneva is a bit of a guilty pleasure name of mine. I really really love it it is the name of a place in switzerland. A place.

I ve been to many many times that is famous for its lake. It s a very luxurious place. It s a very expensive place so for me this sounds like a kind of like really cool girl about town wherever in london or new york would buy or anywhere. That is kind of a very up and coming name place names are booba trendy again they come right back into fashion.

Do you think the name geneva is in everyone at the moment. It is not used it is not ranked at. I is the name is older you may have heard the name is older from the very famous legend tristan and as older. I think it is very pretty it s very sounds.

Very literary because it has been that story has been told so so many times. It is a very well known story. It is the story of tristan who goes to find the most beautiful irish princess called is older and his old actually means beauty evelina is loving this name she loves it and he brings us all to bacuse do to marry his uncle. But on the way they have a love patient they fall in love.

And then the story is all about how they can continue their love affair. Without getting caught after she does get back marry good uncle who is the king. So it is a really lovely lovely name it s very unusual. I m of names.

I name that i ll are coming in as older is a lovely way of using these same kind of sounds j. I chosen another very modern twist on a classic and that is the name juliet juliet takes a name very similar to juliet. Which i also do really like. But if you want to make it a little bit more unusual you can go with the o sound.

It s very reminiscent of angelina jolie. So again. I think people will be able to pronounce it for that reason you probably will be for but correcting it. But i think it s worth it i think it looks so so pretty and just sound a little bit more modern.


Okay is a fantastic name that s very different actually and that is the name kiki. I love the name kiki. I m really into those short nickname you type of names at the main men and this is a amazing one and i love meaning of it. It s actually originally a japanese name and it means double happiness.

How great is that it is of course. A nickname that they use on keeping up with the kardashians for kim kardashian. But i love kim kardashian as well that doesn t upset me l. Is for a gorgeous name.

Which is lilia lilia is so pretty. I really wanted to choose the name lily for a baby girl of my own. But my husband vetoed it any believe it it is such a popular name so there s two popular for you then another version of it is lilia this means lily. But it s actually the greek version and it s only at number five thousand seven hundred and eighty five in terms of usage.

Here in the uk to definitely go for it. If you love for that type of flower name so m. Is a name. It s so unique.

I couldn t even find it anywhere on the internet definitely doesn t rank. But it s a family name in my family. My cousin has an estonian wife and her name is mary list. I ve always really liked the name mary list and i think it is so so pretty i ve liked mary for a long time.

But this feels kind of a way of making it extra extra special mary means wished for child. Analyst means. God s promise so together they make a really really beautiful meaning as well. What do you think do you know mary list.

Am. I missing this on the internet in the book somewhere. Let me. Know you think of it is a very pretty name and that is named it naima naima is really lovely i first heard this on america s next top model.

She was the winner one year and i really liked that name my sister s gordon e. Amy. So it really reminds me of that probably i had nicknamed my sister s nickname is mimi. So you could also use that for naeema.

It s an arabic name and it means to be content. So i think it is a really lovely one i definitely put enough end names in our most popular ones at the moment and they are so soft and pretty what do you think the name nima at oh. I always when i found most popular baby names and with olivia and if you re looking for an alternative one. I absolutely love which is lightyears ahead of olivia in terms of modernity is the name olympia those sort of god names and god s nails are really becoming popular.

I ve noticed i think they re going to take over from hebrew names in terms of just becoming much more mainstream and olympia is the home of the gods serena williams called her daughter olympia is obviously got that sporty olympics meaning. It s just a name to give to somebody if you want to have somebody s got a real winning name a really victorious name a really strong name. But it sounds very very pretty at the same time is it number one thousand four hundred and seventy two in the uk at the moment. So it s not totally unranked people.

I use and get what do you think would you use that very little baby girl p. Is another guilty pleasure name of mine. Which is the name perry probably because i m a bit of a tragic little mix. I love fairy from little mix her voice is amazing.

It s at number one thousand one hundred and twenty three at the moment in terms of usage. It is such an edgy cool name and it means peartree how cool is that i love that little nature meaning. I love pears. I love little mix it s like i should be called perry at it that could pull it off askew.


We seem to have got stuff on quinn doing everyone loves the name quinn at the moment. But if you love it and want something a little bit more special how about just being really daring and going for queeny queeny is my granny s name and i just think. It is so cool well. It s kind of got a bit of kitsch about it those knees have to be doing it a little bit ironically.

I think. But it is an amazing great name and we re really in love with like the world or the tv shows the queen at the moment. So it seems to be something that could be very wearable these days. What do you think is it am.

I crazy let me know in the comments below r. Is a name i love. And that is the name roo roo means street in french. So i can really imagine little parisian side streets.

When i hear this name. It s also one of the most popular characters in the hunger games. So i think it will be making it a more popular come back soon. Rue itself just sounds really cute always makes me think of it ll be we in it mummy s couch.

I think. It is a great one i think we use it as a nickname a lot for boys with reuben or rupert. But on its own for a little girl s name. I think it s really cute.

What do you think s. It is the name at sunday. I love the name sunday so much i loved it when nicole kidman used it and just recently one of our celebrities here in the uk firma can choose it for her baby girl. I think it is stunning.

I wonder if you d have to be born on a sunday to use it i don t you think you do i think sunday. But everyone just means peace quiet family time kicking back. And that s what this baby name just evokes for me. I think.

It is so so pretty i love it i would definitely use it myself would you and that t is another kind of very modern culture world. Which i think is the name that sounds a lot like it could be in made in chelsea. One of those tv shows. It s a very posh english name and there is the name ticky.

I love ticky. I think it is so trendy. I love with a for the nicknames as first names ticky was actually the name of the nurse who brought up william and harry who helped look after them so it could be when that cait s even got in her mind as a nickname at you i have found a gorgeous. One which is the name yumiko yumiko is actually japanese for sea child.

I really like that it s kind of very nature ish. Very outdoorsy if you re having a water bath. If you d go for that japanese names are sounding so good to me. I think that that could be a new baby name trend that we see coming up because we love that kind of like modern utility type of name yumiko.

Sounds. So pretty. It is very easy to spell into pronounce and it is unusual. What do you think of it at v.

Is the name vega. I really like named vega. It is such a good one it is short and sweet. But very very sassy vega.


It s actually a star name as well. I think planets and stars are gorgeous ones to name your child. After vega is the fifth. Most brightest star in the sky.

A smooth brightest with brightest star in the sky. So a lovely lovely name for a baby girl. You kidding me you re in evelina. It s very similar are you baby vega and la vega actually means the meadow my goodness and that you go lipstick lipstick kiss on your head w is another name i really like it s become a bit of a guilty pleasure name.

And that s the name waverly. Do you like waverly everly is so popular of a circle and avelina maybe. I m just choosing loads of similar things to her name. But the witches of waverly place is a really popular disney thing at the moment and i think waverly would make a fantastic name for a baby girl again it reminds me of water with the waves.

I think it could be a great one x is a really nice name as i loner. What do you think of that and the reason. I absolutely love that is because it s a nature name and it means from the woods. So how lovely is that i think about a little flower fairy out in the woods.

I really love neat to name. But i ve never heard thanks for choosing. An x name is really really popular set to be much more common as i ll owner is a really pretty one if you re into yoga. I think you re gonna absolutely love this next name and that is your tree yet tree actually means traveler in indian.

So how lovely is that i think it is absolutely gorgeous. It s not hard to spell or to pronounce it sounds very very feminine but very unique and unusual so if that is your kind of lifestyle. If you are bringing to yoga you love travel. It s a gorgeous one to bring those two things together and then it said i fall zoella.

No. It isn t but you could give as olo p word to i thought for said. The name. I absolutely loved the most was the name zipporah poor.

It is actually hebrew for little bird like a small bird like sparrow. How nice is that bird names are all the rage. At the moment. I do have a bird baby.

Name list brewing and ready to go do you remember to hit subscribe. If you have to hear that one but as the pora is so so pretty isn t it and dead s names again. We should be definitely getting behind. They re very very trendy cool and edgy way of getting those pretty long in as well can you raise bye bye.

I hate they ve enjoyed this a to said unique and rare baby girl names. I would never fun with ever leader in the room again she s such a picker. But i do love this name. Thank you for the challenge remember to look out for the missing letter in the alphabet.

Which was hate and try and pop in the comments below a unique and rare baby girl name beginning with h. It s a hard one that s why i left it out don t forget hit subscribe and the thumbs up if you ve enjoyed this and steve share with a friend. You think might like it and bye bye from evelina and i i will see you all next week. Look at this little tuft look at it so ” .


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