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“I m not shooting editing writing or uploading videos. My favourite passtime in the world world is wasting time at the mall. Because even if you don t want to anything you come across people who help you with content. I m pretty sure you also spend most of your time at the mall especially during this summer.

People have different kinds of hobbies. Some like to read some like to sing some like to cook some people write hate comments on youtube. I feel that why should anyone have other hobbies if you can go window shopping. The store is really nice should i buy this no no it s too expensive.

I ll just click a picture. I ll get the same thing made from the tailor have i spent too much time here they shouldn t think i m going to buy something no one is even asking me anything nobody respects the window shoppers these days very bad service. I ll never come to this store. Why should i spend my money on some store.

Which is not even worth window shopping. These shopkeepers are so smart they increase the price by 200 and then sell it at 70 off. They think we are stupid. I firmly beleive in one thing whether it s colaba causeway or a mall.

You must bargain first rule of bargaining..

You shouldn t get excited they shouldn t feel that you really liked something from their store. They should feel that you re least. Interested what are you selling gold here. Ma.

am we have fixed rates don t give me that fixed rate nonsense. I was about to go to sharmaji s store. But someone told me that you give a better price. We ve been here so many times.

We are loyal customers please give a reasonable price if you give me a good price. I ll bring all my friends here next time even i m in the same business. So don t teach me about the rates. Everything is possible if you try hurry up i m getting late you won t go lower than this are you sure fine.

I ll go to some other store. A customer is leaving empty handed from your store. Okay i m leaving. I don t want to buy anything from here.

I m leaving bye..

Now he s going to call me back just wait and watch. I m leaving chintya uncle yes. I m montu pintya s friend. He only told me about your store next month.

I m celebrating my 18th birthday. My dad told me that he s going to buy me a new phone show. Me something nice. What features are you looking for the camera should be really nice my summer vacations are going on so.

I thought i ll try my hand at photography and improve my instagram game. And the colour should match my personality. We have the redmi note. 7.

Pro. For you it has the best camera. Really what s so special about the camera the pictures you click with this 48mp camera. It s detailing is mind blowing.

What do you mean i mean when you take pictures from this phone you can see things which you can t usually see with your eyes can i see my future you can only see things that exist are you trying to be funny let me check do you like it yes..

It s very nice oh my god it s my sister chintya uncle wanna hear a poem when i saw from a distance there was a pizza when i saw from a distance. There was a pizza when i saw it on the redmi note. 7. Pro.

I saw my brother in law. This is the best phone uncle pack it right away my car broke down right in front of the mall. So i told the driver to get the car fixed and in the meantime. I ll get my mood fixed.

Which is the most trendiest store here. How are you rajesh has he come today how are your kids. I forgot to ask you did you sort things out with your wife. The 16 dresses.

I had asked you to keep aside are still there right pack. Those and show me something new. I m bored dad your card is not working rajesh let me know in advance. When the new collection is coming in i need it when do you give the new collection to me i get the same thing from the local market before it reaches your stores.

No ya who informs about these things on the last minute..

I m in big trouble. There s a very important party and i don t have anything to wear. What are you wearing i have to go for a party in the evening. So show me some party wear not this show me something sober.

What is this i don t want to go for a rally. Listen it shouldn t be too flashy and it shouldn t be too sober. It shouldn t look like i m too excited for the party. But at the same time it shouldn t look like i m.

Least interested show me that one show me that pink one what if anusha also wears pink. People will think i copied her not this one show me that blue one which one is nice actually both are wierd show me the peach one show me that blue one this is nice but slightly out of budget. This is also nice but i m not too sure about this let it be i ll select something from what i have thanks. ” .


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