Top Stock or Bottom Stock? PSVR Aim Controllers

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“Guys i am v. Bunny. Welcome to my channel. I am a twitch streamer and and i usually stream.

This wonderful game called firewall zero our it is a psvr shooter game. I have completely fallen obsessed and in love with it this video is going to highlight some of the stocks that i actually play with the game has a named controller capability. So egan has custom made me my own bottom stock and recently a top stock that i have been trying out. But i usually do play with this wonderful bottom stock and i m gonna go into the features and the details and then also give my opinions on the bottom versus.

The top stock and which i like better both of these are custom made and my friend is not looking to sell them. But i m going to answer questions because i get them literally all the time so we re gonna go straight into it and i actually did get the chance to personally talk to eagan who is the developer and the creator of these stocks so we re gonna go ahead. And show a quick video about what went into making them hi. My name is egon and i m the bunny s friend.

I am. The developer of the two stocks that she has when the top stock in a bottom stock that we re trying to try to decide you know what s what s what s more comfortable. What s better pros and cons of a top stock in a bottom stock. So this is the bottom stock.

This is my 100 stock that i use 100 of the time. The features and the details that he put in them are amazing. He even custom put my name all up and through it i have a buddy on the sides and be bunny on the butt. So there is a little hole right here for a lanyard that i usually put on and i sling it across my shoulder right now.

It s hooked onto the top stock. So it s not on here right now. But i will show you that when we get to the top stock also the length of the stock is adjustable. He added metal rods right here.

But if you turn it over there is a knob that you can turn so if you go ahead and take the knob off and loosen it up you can collapse. It all the way or you can bring it out as far as you need to for comfort. And it can adjust to your arms length. So that s about where i like it and then also another little feature.

He made because we are using the psvr and the psvr is ilan s and it does get dirty. He added..

A little compartment right here for your little lens cloth. Which is amazing because i always lose him. But now i don t because they are tucked away inside. I love the fact that it is pretty lightweight and so playing with it i rest it about within like underneath like by my chest.

But kind of by my armpit as well i only use the taylor. Which is my favorite gun in firewalls are our and this bottom stock works amazingly with it and it s very comfortable very sturdy. There have been times. Where i shoot like a crazy woman and i don t really know i kind of like swipe as i shoot my aim significantly increased as i attach this to my aim controller.

I am a kind of everywhere type of shooter and this definitely has grounded me also it s so flexible in the sense of i can adjust it as i m shooting so as i m shooting straight up go down or if i need to turn to the side. It s still very much against me and sturdy and so i m able to shoot whichever way i need to and it doesn t move it just pivots greatly built 3d. Printed and yam. Let s move on to the time when you hold the top stock.

It s like you re actually when you re holding it in vr you can feel around you can feel the butt of the stock. If you actually you know when you try to reach for the the stock in vr. It s actually there you could actually feel it yeah. It s a it s not the right places.

And this is a lovely top stock that i recently got from eagan again made this originally. I believe because he wanted to feel what the top stock would feel like more realistically more immersively into the game. I can definitely say that with this top stock. When you are in game.

This is exactly as it does in game. And you fill the stock. It s a little bit mind blowing it freaked me out a little bit because it really felt like i was holding the gun in game. Especially with these ridges my gun the tailor that i use has these ridges on the gun.

And so as i was feeling these i m looking at the ridges in the game tripped me out. And it does have the same features as the bottom stock. It has the adjustable rods right here is the knob okay so this as far as it goes in and again you can adjust to pull more out if that is how you d like it i have to go all the way in because i have short arms. But here is the adjustable knob right here because it is on the top when you hold it against your shoulder.

Sometimes stocks have a tendency to move so he actually made a little clasp for the trigger. So that as you use the stock and push against it the stock itself does not move it stays in one place..

And it s great this is a lot heavier than the bottom stock. But that s because it has more plastic. Because you need more plastic to make it to cover the metal. Again this one also as well has the lanyard and this is a lanyard that i use especially with this stock.

I definitely need a lanyard because again it s a lot heavier than the bottom stock. My aim with this one is also very precise the only thing that i had a problem with using it was again the psvr headset. So when you re looking down with this one. It is more heavy.

So you really kind of have to control your aim and in that sense when you go to look down this site because it is a top stock and it sits higher on your shoulder. Whereas the bottom stock sat down here your psvr headset does get in the way. When you have to like like right now my cheeks against it let s say. I had the psvr and my headphones.

I would definitely be hitting it and it would be obstructing you know my way of shooting and playing the game. So what it can actually did and i m not too sure if it s because of the ps vr headset or more for comfort. I like it because it helps with my ps vr headsets where i m able to actually tilt my head. But he made this beautiful little knob right here and what you do is you turn it and the butt adjusts down.

So now does it not it doesn t sit completely on your shoulder. Like a regular top stock now. It sits just like my bottom right here against my chest. And by my armpit.

I have more of a sturdy and steady hold. I fill and now when i need to actually look down the site in game. My psvr heads. It does not touch it at all i don t know if any other stocks come with an adjustable.

But i ve never seen one. So i think he s freaking genius for this i wanted to go you know push it as low. As you can you know the position of it so that it could rest on someone s shoulder and still get out of the way of you know the vr headset. I personally still love my bottom stock.

Because this is a little too heavy for me. But i know that in like a consents he got really really good kills..

And played really really good games with this stock. It s very immersive and very realistic just like the bottom stock. He also made a compartment for your lens wipe to put in there. So you again will just never lose it and so i think.

It s amazing. I think aegon did an amazing job both of the socks are 3d printed and he really just took the time and not only made the stock to fit the aim controller. But he made this stock adjustable to certain types of guns in game. I had to think about like where where the stock would go on your body.

Where the trigger is relative to the you know where the trigger is in vr and then also where your eyesight is so i had to put those in calculation overall opinion. I do like this. It is sturdy your aim is great it s just a little too heavy for me. But again that s just because of what goes into making.

It do you want definitely immersive realistic. Feeling. Toph stock is your way to go firewall has different positioning on their guns. Right mm hmm.

So depending on what kind of gun. They have it might feel better with the top stock or you know other guns might feel better with the bottom bottom stock. If you see like stocks in the market. You have top stocks being something that bottom stocks being sold so.

Which one should you get none of my stocks are for sale actually mm hmm sorry i just but but this will help you try to pick out a stock so some of the pros would be like when when you aim with it it feels like you re holding the gun. And you re feel it feels more like mortal eights or accuracy. Like because you re kind of using your cheek to kind of hold hold it into place using your shoulder. You re using both your hands.

They have pretty much four points of contact it feels it feels a little bit more sturdy. When you like you could shoot like a with more accuracy. But that sacrifice is something that sacrifices your flexibility with a gun because you have all those points of contact. It s harder to kind of like maneuver with it the bottom stock.

It rests right on on your chest. Rarely you have to put a stock higher thing is you know with the top stock you know you see keanu reeves and john wick..

You know sometimes they ll hold the stock and it s the butt of the stock. The tip of the stock will be resting on top of his shoulder. And i found that i had to do that a couple times to get some shots in with the bottom stock it always rests on your on your chest. Yeah when you want stability with the bottom stock you stick it on your chest and you start shooting.

It it s like sticking it on a table. It s super solid. So top stock and bottom stock. Which one does v.

Bunny mostly live my bottom stock. It is light and it sits comfortably. And it s just it s honestly the first stock. I ve played with and so i just feel like it s what i what i love when i m used to but again they both have very similar features if not identical except for the fact that this one sits on the top and it is a lot heavier.

But not too heavy like if you re a dude. I m sure it ll be light. But i m not so it s a little too heavy for the bunny. But i do love my bottom stock and i was wanted to give you guys reviews.

Because what do you want to ask me why the bottom. Why not the top try the top it s amazing. But the bunny likes the bottom so there s that but let me know in the comments. What you think you would use and in the comments.

Go ahead and let me know. Which one you like better the bottom or the top stock and maybe tell me your reasons. Why and then go ahead and hit that like button. If you liked this video subscribe hit that bell and join the v.

Bunny herd and i will see you guys in the next. One bunny go thank you again taking the time for making me. The stocks and telling everybody about him no problem. I hope it helps everybody figure out what stock they want ” .


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