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“Wipes bald eagles and the wonderful world of pistachios today we re going to be be talking about some of the coolest meta advertising online. That is gone viral. All the first trend that we are discussing is going to be about the wonderful guys at dollar shave club. So.

This is their second viral video that they ve released and it s all about talking about number two basically their new product is a but wise and to release this video. They done so in the most comical way including everything from puns to machine guns to even grizzly. Bears. So this is a really fun way that they re poking fun at themselves.

But also talking about their product. So that consumers get a little bit more educated about what they have to offer..

I know what you re thinking is all this fancy. But stuff gonna cost me an arm and a log that s a very you know woods not anymore. Didn t eyelet and he pays just a couple bucks for a 40 pack. This advertisement aired just before the superbowl and this is part of a whole series that stephen colbert has done with pistachios.

This is a ridiculous ad. And this is actually a preview to the superbowl ad that he did for them. But basically. It s very self aware pokes fun at itself and the only thing that stephen colbert and pistachios have in common is that they re really able to make fun of themselves.

Which is hilarious for the viewers in honor of my first wonderful pistachios commercial. We ll be there won t we girl who doesn t love a little neil patrick harris..

So this is an ad that he recently did for heineken in which he d like to really drink a little bit of beer. But because of compliance issues. They can t show him doing that we fall out of that as pretty hilarious. And it s a great way to promote the heineken brand in a fun light hearted.

Way neil. You can t drink the heineken light just hold it up waiting. Why can t i drink it there rules about drinking in the commercial as its airing during a children s program or something no then why it s a regulatory thing we can t actually show you drinking heineken light on camera. We could just pour a regular heineken into the heineken.

My bottle that s not gonna work so we ll use a funnel. I ve done it before why would you ever have done that before this ad for honda fit pokes fun at all the cliches you see when it comes to their lifestyles of millennials and hispanic consumers to consumer segments that brands are drooling over at the moment basically the ad goes through some of the things that you know marketers might assume about these particular individuals in a really..

Comical. Way. And kind of dispels. A lot of beat.

Falsities about. Gen y. T. So sory rebels.

Show off its take design. With a picture..

And a witty. Hashtag can i like better work. Now always defying expectations the all new 2015. Honda fit wouldn t win fit for you so that s about it for this week s episode.

If you have any more examples you want to share with me bring them on over here. And i hope you enjoyed this video right here that you re watching right now. ” ..


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One way to make a commercial go viral is by including humor, as seen in these self-referencing viral ads. Trend Hunter President Shelby Walsh discusses examples of the coolest meta advertising online that has gone viral, from butt wipes and bald eagles to the wonderful world of pistachios.

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