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“You re looking nto grow your business or just escape from the nworld for a a little bit. There s literally a npodcast about everything. But it can be difficult nfind. An exceptional show something that you ll nwant to tell your friends and family about that you ncan binge on the weekends.

So we partnered with nthe. Podcasts we listen to facebook group which has more nthan 20000 podcast junkies to ask them what their nfavorite podcast is so here s our list of the top 10 podcasts. That you should listen to upbeat music. So.

The first two podcasts on our list are in the true crime ngenre. Which a lot of people think of as being synonymous nwith podcasts. Anyways. The first one being casefile.

Now casefile is one of the most npopular true crime podcasts in the world and takes you nback to the scene of the crime going back to previous crimes nand how they turned out were they solved were they not it s extremely well nresearched and quite engaging you ll probably find nyourself sitting in your car in the driveway. Outside nof your house not wanting to go in yet because you want nto find out how it turned out so. If you love true crime podcasts. Casefile could be your next obsession now the next true crime npodcast on our list is one of the most intense nimmersive audio experiences that i ve ever heard in a podcast.

And that is sword and scale. Now sword and scale can get npretty gruesome pretty graphic with the details. But if nthat s what you re looking for you re looking for something nthat really takes you to the scene of the crime nand puts you in the meat of what s going on with nsome of the world s most dastardly and sinister crimes. Whether it s murder ncannibals rape stalking.

It s all in there sword and scale is one of the podcasts that really established nthe true crime genre in the podcasting space and nit really is a can t miss so the next couple podcasts on our list fall into the pop culture ngenre. Where they re talking about current events and noffering some funny witty and often hilarious takes on them and the first one is the npopcast with knox and jamie. And it s a weekly show that ncovers modern day things things that are going on now nbut not so much the stuff that matters just things nthat are entertaining. They ll talk about emoji nawareness.

The noes of motherhood..

The noes of parenthood nfamous dogs in television stuff that doesn t necessarily nmake your life better. But is really funny to listen to so if you re looking nto waste. A couple hours listening to nonsense nthat s also entertaining make sure you go and ncheck out the popcast. But if you re looking for nsomething.

More on the gossip end of the spectrum celebrity nnews breakups hookups. Those kind of things. Then the podcast. You should go check out.

Nis. Called. Juicy. Scoop now juicy scoop.

Is hosted nby. Heather. Mcdonald. Who is an actress.

A nwriter and a comedian and she just talks about nwhat s going on in hollywood with her own spin on it of course. So if you re into like those kind of television nshows that kind of vibe. And you want to hear nmore about that stuff. Juicy scoop is something that nyou should go and check out as far as business.

Podcasts ngo. There is a wide spectrum of different kinds of business podcasts. The first being just nstories about businesses and that s where the first nbusiness related podcast on our list comes into play nand that s business wars. Now if you ve ever nwondered.

What was going on behind the scene between nike and adidas or the grudge match nthat is pepsi and coke business wars goes into nthe companies themselves to kind of get a behind the scenes look at what really goes on in nthese heavyweight fights for our attention and nour hard earned dollars..

So while listening to business nwars might not necessarily help your business. It s ndefinitely. A fascinating take on what it s like in the nbehemoths. The biggest companies in the world that are shaping nour modern day economy and how these fights really play out by the people that are fighting them and then the second nbusiness related podcast on our list is more of what you would think nof with a business podcast.

And it is dear hbr. It s produced by the people nover at harvard business review. Which if you know anything nabout harvard business school. It comes relatively highly recommended and that one s really focused nmore on the workplace.

Whether you re a manager. A leader or just a driven professional nthat wants to get the most out of your workplace environment. So they ll dive into things like how do i approach an unapproachable boss. How to really get the most nout of your coworkers.

How to inspire your nteam when morale is low. So really practical things like that with a unique spin on it so if you re looking to sharpen nyour skills in the workplace or as a manager definitely nrecommend. Dear hbr as a podcast worth listening to so. As far.

As interview podcasts. Go that s about half of the podcasts nthat seem to be out there everyone seems to have an interview show. But there are a couple nthat do it really well and there are two that ni want to point out the first one is the school of ngreatness and it s a podcast that s really filled with nthe who s who of guests. People like kobe bryant npeople.

Like tony robbins. People like richard. Branson. Lewis is a fantastic ninterview that has a knack for just pulling gems out of nevery single one of his guests.

I ve never been disappointed nlistening to an episode of the school of greatness npodcast and so if you re looking for interviews with people nthat..

You ve heard of people that you look up to and admire then i definitely recommend the nschool of greatness for you now. The other interview npodcast on our list is a little off the beaten path nbut offers a different take on what it means to have nan interview podcast and that show is the peripheral and justin who is the nhost covers a wide range of what we consider to be taboo topics things that you don t normally talk about in polite dinner conversation. He s able to really draw nout people s experiences their stories and tell them nin a way that s both respectful to the person that went through nthe worst day of their life. While also making it really engaging not your typical interview npodcast.

But definitely something that can become your nnext favorite podcast and for the last two podcasts on our list. I want to turn to the comedy genre. A podcast. You can listen to nthat will just make you laugh you re not necessarily going nto.

Learn some new skill or to hear an interesting interview. You just want to crack up nand just enjoy yourself. And the first one is called nthe dollop. Where two comedians take an event in history nor a figure in history and just talk about it you can kind of think of it nlike your funniest friend at a cocktail party retelling a story with their own spin on it.

But then just crank that up to 11 because they re legitimately funny so you might learn something nnew about something in history. But there s probably a bigger nchance that you re just going to pee you pants from laughing. So hard listening to these guys nbring on guests and talk about things that you may or nmay. Not have heard of before and then podcast number 10 on nour list of the top podcasts that you need to listen to nis.

How did this get made now you ve probably found nyourself going through netflix and thinking to yourself like how are all these movies neven in existence who came up with that idea. Why did they decide to make that video well on how did this get made three comedians field movie nrequests from their audience. Asking them what are awful nmovies that you have seen and then tell us about them. And we ll go and watch them nand give you our feedback and they cover everything from nanaconda to green lantern.

You might get offended if nthey start picking on one of your favorite movies. But nit is a really funny podcast and if that s something you re ninto. If you re a movie buff. And you just love surrounding nyourself with other people that are talking about nmovies.

All the time..

Then you should definitely ngo and check out how did this get made now in addition to our top 10 podcasts. I want to give a shout out to two more the first one is podcasts. We listen to which is a podcast by jeremy nwho is one of the admins in the podcasts. We nlisten to facebook group where he interviews.

Podcasts nhosts and asks them what is it like putting nyour show together what are things that have happened in the process of putting nyour show together let s talk about specific nepisodes things like that so if you ve ever wondered what goes into the behind the nscenes of making a podcast and what is it like to nbe on the host s side of the microphone. Then i ndefinitely encourage you to go and check out podcasts. We listen to and also if you ve ever nthought to yourself maybe i should start a podcast. But you just haven t pulled the trigger and maybe you don t know nwhat you should talk about maybe you re not sure where nto start and what gear to buy then i would encourage you to go and check out how to start a npodcast.

Which is a podcast that we produced here at nbuzzsprout to give you the steps to go from zero to 100 of nlaunching your very first podcast and before we end this video. I want to pass the question off to you what is your favorite podcast. Just leave. A comment below nthis video to let us know.

And if you always find nyourself on the lookout for new podcasts. But aren t nreally sure where to go i definitely encourage you to go and join the podcasts. We nlisten to facebook group. It s a great community and you ll never run out nof things to listen to well thank.

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