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“And gentlemen he is a recipient of numerous lifetime achievement and hall of fame awards. Awards. He s the game director at a studio that has won a bevy of and awards. And he s here tonight to tell us what he and his team have been taking so damn long to tell us all about will you please welcome my very good friend.

Mr. Todd howard applause. We re all here looking good oh. It s great to be back at e3.

Thank. You thank you so much i could not be more excited to be here this is actually my 25th year at bethesda and i have seen i have seen a lot of cool things in that time i gotta say tonight is definitely definitely one of them. But we know that most of you came here for one thing. I think it s to see where we re putting skyrim next applause well.

I think we have the best one yet the elderscrolls speak of the past and the future now skyrim looks to the future to its ultimate version alexa play skyrim your level 57 and see a tall snowy mountain climate. Now skyrim and life become one a mud crabs cuddles tortoise or doll. I didn t catch that i didn t quite catch that it goes all the way to serving guard. Oh.

The dragon unleashes fire breath..

On you okay you have seven percent health. Left over. I drink. A health potion.

You are out of health potions. Oh. How many wheels of cheese. Do i have left 473 can i eat all the cheese.

I eat all of these introducing skyrim. Very special edition also coming soon to edge a sketch motorola pagers shan your samsung smart refrigerator a sled news oh that s cool applause had to had to do it had to do it okay really we both know why you re here and that s to talk about the next fallout. We have always wanted to tell that story of what it will be like for you and the other characters who were first to leave the vaults. But there is one big difference with this game.

It s that each of those characters is a real person. Because yes fallout 76. Is entirely online. Okay i know here s what you have like a thousand questions right now so i m gonna go through them.

In order..

Now. I ll had a couple of the big ones first of course you can play this solo alright. You ll you ll be who you want exploring a huge world doing quests. Experiencing a story and leveling up.

We love those things about our games. Too it would not have it any other way. But also like many of you we have always wanted to see what our style of game could be with multiplayer your friendly old neighbor johnny. Rather than coming over to borrow a cup of sugar.

He may now be coming over for murder. The time has come to seek out greater means of protection nuclear armaments. That s right courtesy of your uncle sam. These wonders of the atomic age can be found right in your own backyard with the power of the atom.

At your fingertips be responsible and consider your target carefully attention launch sequence activated will your bomb land on a rival camp of degenerates. A random stranger. The local wildlife. We are going to have a beta.

The break in early tests application because evidently these online games are hard they can have some nasty issues..

I i read on the internet that our games have had a few bugs. I did i read it on the internet. So it s true and that sometimes it doesn t just work a map of the world that glows in the dark. So you re probably wondering when is this game coming out.

We re excited to say that it s coming out this year thanks again it is the three year anniversary of fallout shelter fallout shelter is coming to the playstation 4 and because that guy said it it s also coming to the nintendo switch and yes. It s still free applause and excited to say these versions are coming out tonight. It does kind of make you stop and realize that our games can have new lives on any type of device or system and you know when we looked at the iphone 11 years ago. We had a few ideas from mobile games.

Fallout shelter was one of them and we did have another one that was far far more ambitious and we ve been building it and it s in the other franchise that you love from us. It is called the elder scrolls blades blades at its heart is a pure elder scrolls game a massive first person rpg with console quality graphics. But with a uniquely mobile experience believe me when i say you have to see this running on an iphone 10 this gigantic screen does not do it justice you can tap to move or use dual sticks music combat is all new and it follows your specific movements and timings and of course you can create your own character and be who you want to be improving them levelling up picking new abilities and music the entire game can be played in portrait mode that one was incredibly important to us that you could play up. However you wanted you never know when you ll need a free hand to hold your coffee.

What are you degenerates. This is an elder scrolls game that you can play. However and wherever you want and we are going to bring blades to every device and system. We can phones pcs.

Consoles also virtual reality on mobile..

All the way up to high end vr on pcs. And what s really cool is all of those connect to each other so one of my dreams is we ll go back to that portrait mode. You like to call meeting mode. Because if you re in a meeting on you re playing a game in portrait mode.

No one knows you re playing a game. And so with blades you could be in a meeting playing blades against someone at home in vr blades. Is coming this fall for free and you can pre order it tonight on both the apple app store and the google play store and tell you what we have coming beyond this year in the future. We have also been working on a brand new next generation single player game.

But this one is in an all new epic franchise. Our first wholly original franchise in 25 years. We re excited to announce our next adventure music music starfield is a game that we have spent years thinking about and working on something we feel uniquely positioned to pull off and that we re incredibly excited about but we re also building toward the game. After that and it s the one you keep asking about ” .


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