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“Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another episode of video game film school. This is is the show where we take a look at classic video games and the films influence them this week. We take a look at devolver digital top down action shooter hotline miami on the surface hotline miami is nothing more than guilty ultraviolent fun at least it looks that way on the surface the game s high velocity twitch action gameplay stands up on its own but when you start peeling back the layers. You ll find the dna of the films and television shows that gave the game its inspiration from its 80 s setting to a surrealist style hotline miami is the culmination of different films and film styles to create an unforgettable experience.

The game is set in miami florida. During the cocaine craze of the late 1980s. The game s creators. Jonathan cactus soderstrom and did a sweden have stated that the setting was inspired by the 2006 documentary cocaine cowboys in fact cocaine cowboys was the original title for the game in an article with eurogamer.

One of the creators. Denis whedon. Stated. We saw.

The documentary and got very inspired to use that as the setting for the game. Because of all the violence and stuff like that so i think that s why it s in miami. The gangsters assassins and violence that make up the world of the game. Oow seems identical to the drug fueled scene of 1980s miami seamlessly going into a room guns a blazing brings images of the final scene of the film star face as you mow down countless henchmen.

The bright neon colors and pastel colored suits worn by the enemies in the game come from the highly influential 80 s tv show miami vice. The show popularized the colorful neon 80s style with pastel clothing and the iconic logo color scheme which bears a striking resemblance to hotline miami s logo when talking about the game s story. We can point to a few sources. The manchurian candidate.

The story of a man who s been brainwashed becomes an unwitting assassin in an international communist conspiracy. Resembles the game s story of a man getting phone calls from a strange source forcing him to assassinate russian gangsters. You can also see the influence of vigilante action films like taxi driver. But more on that one later.

The main inspiration for the story comes from 2011. s neo noir film drive both cactus and whedon have stated. Many times that the story and style of hotline miami is directly inspired by the film so much so that director nicolas repin. Even received a special thank you on the games and credits another quote by dennis whedon from the same eurogamer.

Article. That was a really big inspiration for the game. The music in the field to the story. Not much dialogue and how the violence was portrayed in the movie were a big inspiration.

We didn t try to hide it either drive is the story of a stunt driver by day getaway driver by night who gets mixed up with some bad dudes and thus must try to protect his girlfriend. And her son films minimalist story of a man caught up in a bad. Situation. Inspired.

The premise of the game. Protagonist nicknamed jacket in the game was inspired by ryan gosling s character nickname driver. As both characters were nameless and remained mostly silent throughout both film and game both characters. Even had an iconic jacket that accentuated their mysterious yet cool persona you could even spot the scorpion embroidered jacket.

The driver wore in the film in the first level of hotline miami. The almost reactionary nature of the game is present in the film s action scenes. The driver will use any weapon as disposal and a quick reaction rate usually topped off with a memorable head smash. Even the music in the game is directly inspired by the film another piece of inspiration comes from martin scorsese s taxi driver in the phil we are given an unreliable narrator travis bickle rescues a young prostitute from her pimp and an act of vigilante justice.

The story is present in the game s narrative in the chapter in which you rescue a young prostitute. Who eventually becomes your girlfriend. The film s ending..


Which portrays bickle as a hero has been famously interpreted as travis bickel s dying fantasy dreams. Visions and fantasies play heavily in the story and themes of hotline miami. Throughout hotline miami. Your character dreams of cryptic masked figures and eventually sees the corpses of dead people talking to him as he goes about his day.

The theme of dreams and surreal imagery is directly influenced by twin peaks creator david lynch. David lynch is notorious for his use of surreal dreams. Bizarre visions and unconventional storytelling. The scenes in the game where jacket talks to the three masked people is a reference to agent cooper s dreams and twin peaks.

The dreams aren t just there to be weird. They are there to be encoded just like a jigsaw puzzle. David lynch likes to juxtapose the mundane with a grotesque. He explores human nature and the demons.

We all keep hidden in an article on kill screen douglas f. Warwick. States. Hotline miami.

Is incredibly intricate violence is not on its own lynch ian. But throw. A silly animal mask on the assailant and juxtaposes rampages with this perfectly. Ordinary trips to rent videos or buy milk.

And it suddenly says something about the ordinary and the grotesque about the identities. We choose for ourselves versus those we have forced upon us eventually these two realities collide in twin peaks and mulholland drive. You see the personification of the characters demons as grotesque creatures appearing in their everyday lives in the game you start seeing the undead corpses of the people you have killed as you walk through the grocery store. We are also introduced to a dual narrative like the one in mulholland drive the theme of duality comes after you ve completed the gate with jacket you start the game over.

But this time you play as the biker who is one of the bosses. He fought in the main game only this time he kills jacket or puts him in a coma. This splits. The narrative into two parts jackets interpretation of the events and the truth.

It shows that jacket is an unreliable protagonist and the second half of the game might have in reality been a revenge fantasy cooked up in his comatose state. These lynching themes add layers to hotline miami making it a deeper narrative that you have to piece together beyond those layers. We see the influence of other films within the game s narrative. You can see the earmarks of quentin tarantino films like kill bill and pulp fiction with its stylish fight scenes and nonlinear narrative.

A mask you wear when going on your rampages were actually inspired by the movie kick ass and that interview with eurogamer did in sweden. Stated. We were talking about doing a kind of kick ass. Kind of scenario.

Where you re like this superhero and we talked about how you would disguise yourself. If you didn t have that much money. I decided to just start doing a lot of animal masks. Because i think they re kind of scary.

Why miami s top down action gameplay is crazy fun. But what sets it apart from other action. Games is its rich style and narrative influenced by various works of film the setting of cocaine cowboys. The story music and character of drive and the themes and surrealism of the works of david lynch give the game layers for you to peel back.

If you so choose to decipher. It you can piece the narrative. Together like a david lynch..


Murder. Mystery or just. Enjoy the game for its stylish ultra violent. Fun.

Yo yo yo trey here. Thank you so much for watching the video. All the way through. I really hope you enjoyed it please tell me what you thought if you have any more.

Suggestions of video games. They have taken inspiration from films. Please let me know i want to do a lot more of these. Thank you very much to perry dactyl helped me out a lot with making this video.

I also want to thank snowman and strummer dude. Who made a bunch of david lynch video game videos. And it really helped me a lot with the research also all the articles that are referenced in this video are in the comment section below. So dale.

I don t care if you dale gribble or if you got pockets an but you really set on a magikarp you really you re you that s i mean i m not saying you don t have the option to do that i m just saying. I wouldn t necessarily bet against it i just i m just gonna just take this from you and get what i like to call out of dodge just gonna peace out there bro music who s next okay old guy and old guy. I see you guys are roomies okay you don t want to do anything how about you okay. He said.

Trees can be cut down by chopped down. Oh hey i know you guys battle the pitting against the young keeps you youthful huh listen ear man old bean you are not gonna compete with me. Cuz. Competing against me would be an insult to me oh you re sitting on a pole alright let me introduce you to one of the most broken moves in the game so far it s gonna get a little bubbly just gonna pop the champagne pop.

The court and give me a health great job really impressive stuff. There hey pto to level up. Hey hey is level up. Yeah.

I feel like i m just like coming into these random people s place and just abuse them like they don t even stand a chance eevee s just too powerful. This guy thinks he s strong like i don t gentleman lamar wow. Sandshrew. I wonder what s gonna happen i mean.

There s no way that we re gonna go here and then and then and then pop the champagne. Oh music oh. That s exactly what we did i. Hope.

You learned your lesson come on baby. Better than man along got a grata grab. This always got to grab the loot. I really y all.

Just got nuggets just out here. Just. Sitting. I understand the child reached dudes.

But i mean y. all. Gotta..


Have better security of man. Did. I go down. Here.

Oh. In that we re in the kitchen music only to the peel onions. You heard about snorlax of course music. That guy is we re just spitting like that okay.

I guess they re all doing it music. Oh god let s say there s nothing in here. Something a super repel. I mean that makes sense you don t want pokemon oh just running in here i wonder if lieutenant surgeons place is still gonna have that stupid switch puzzle.

Cuz boy did i hate that as a kid music we did all this we went upstairs music. Really you want to do this here. I mean i don t want to embarrass you on a boat. But i mean if you want to continue being young trash.

I understand i spoke to my finally evolved that might be cumbersome oh it s levels 20. I see music sand attack more than just a little bit unnecessary. But i understand it would seem as though. We are out class in that matchup.

Oh. Well it s time for the big boy to carry music carry me to victory eliminate him oh safe to say they did a lot more damage than i was anticipating good. I grew to level 17. Now i m good music my god easy out powerful are you music.

But we re getting to a point. Now with that we re getting a little ridiculous. Oh oddish alright. Now this is a matchup that i like how i go if he just turns around music.

Hello oddish hope you know what i m going to do music. Yo acid has to be one of the ugliest. Looking animated moves on the game music. I like how all this just get some mad and just ass it hits you in the face music.

And i think that s the end of this battle yeah sorry i m trash you gonna try a little bit harder than that well i guess if he learned it anybody can learn it cuz that boy just ain t right we re actually going up the rubbers back aren t we yep music only for humans wait wait what s going on what are we doing what he stared at the tree and what um music okay i mean i guess it ll be very easy for us to go ahead and beat pokemon like sudowoodo trevenant and all that type of stuff. We just stare at the tree and the tree just knows better well that would be interesting to see that in generation 2. Just stare at sudowoodo ensue. The widow.

Just wiggle wiggle wiggle zat. You music all right bye. Bye ssn. I knew thee well music.

It s actually saying. Bye bye. I really hope that we don t find out at the end of this game. That this eevee is an eevee after all that s why i couldn t take the arcanine inside.

Oh. My god what do you mean our shoot hey aren t you the girl from like oh lola. We got a cutscene for you to tell me that battling fairy types music all right..


I could have swore this girl with some sun and moon jigglypuff. I hope you re ready for this. Oh wow. Her pokemon are quite strong great.

You re gonna use sing. And this is gonna get annoying really fast or not double slap not the doble isla of course when something needs to hit me. It ll hit me five times like we ve all seen it now right one two while you only be twice like that i m actually shocked tube. If we re being honest genuine shock genuine shock.

I was spent to hit me until i died what i guess the game heard me complain enough it just decided all right and like why does nina have the most deadpan expression. Like she doesn t even want to be here. She doesn t even wanna battle. I mean i guess she did miss her entire cruise ship.

But that s neither here nor. There but are they implying that the ssn destination was always alone music music well that s physical moves sir not that s not light screen. But we ll use a physical move anyway just for funsies music. Oh all right we can no long.

We can t mess with him. He means. What we like to call big boy business. Yeah.

That s a big that s big dammy big damage. I think headbutt did more even though he has his defenses up cuz. Yeah. It definitely did more wait.

Mr. Mime is a fairy type man. I forgot about that that s i forgot about that i can t go back to a little inside two feet here okay yo what s up champ. I now see why i don t know i may not use arcanine coz.

This is gonna get annoying like every time. I want to go into a like a small gap like i have to check lying down from him come on evie. Let s see it music and open the way to the gym. Yeah get out of my sight.

Although we do want to do one quick thing. So we have these teams and this is thing called digg and i really think that you could benefit from a tm like that we ll get rid of roar. But first we definitely need to go to that deck pokemon center because boy we are we are not at a hundred percent right now we we are definitely we definitely hurt. We re definitely reeling from our cruise ship training.

Although i wonder what s the best way to level up in this game. Since you can t battle wild pokemon you can we catch them. It s gonna be a little bit uh a little bit annoying music like silly every time that happens. It s gonna get annoying.

But he does move a lot faster so it may make up for it just by the fact that he runs. Yeah. Arcanine is definitely gonna make this a lot easier intense reversing the land music. ” .


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