The Life and Death of the Nintendo 3DS

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“Ces this year. We started hearing a lot about 3d in your living room and and of course an initial initial investment. There is going to run into the thousands. Then there s the fact that nearly there s nothing to watch yet or play on big screen 3d.

But maybe most of all it s the glasses in fact. We think there s a better way a solution that lets you take 3d along with you wherever you go ladies and gentlemen please welcome satoru iwata everyone this is nintendo 3d yes the nintendo 3ds launched throughout the first quarter of 2011 depending on where you lived offering glasses free 3d gaming on the go. With nintendo. Having such a stellar track record in the handheld market and coming off the insane success of the nintendo ds.

This thing had to be an instant hit right well definitely not an instant one 3d. Yes was the hip new thing at the time. But as we know it it never really took off in general and while the 3ds. Toted this cheaper glasses free experience.

It wasn t that cheap launching at two hundred and fifty dollars here in the states pretty pricey for a handheld and there were concerns over eyestrain from staring at the 3d screen over long play sessions. Even a lot of worries about it damaging children s eyes with nintendo themselves warning that children under 6. Probably shouldn t play this with the 3d on not exactly a great selling point for parents. More.

Realistically the tracking of the 3d was a huge problem as he had to hold the system in just the right spot at the perfect angle to even really enjoy it making many opt to just turn the 3d effect off altogether needless to say. The system had a very troubled launch. Nintendo. Was preparing for the release of the wii u.

And phasing out the wii in the ds meaning. A lot hinged on the success of this new handheld and it failed pretty dramatically out of the gate at the time. Here during its first full quarter on the. Market it barely sold 700000 systems.

Worldwide keep in mind the system launched in the us on march 27th of that year as well as various other countries you know early on in the year like i said throughout that first quarter and these numbers were from nintendo s april through june financial report. So the system was brand new to the market and already in major hot and this writer. Here. Even mentioned.

Here s hoping for their sake..

The wii u. Is a big hit and don t know about that one chief. But drastic times call for drastic measures. So the system received a major price cut the big n.

Slashed the cost of the system from two hundred and fifty dollars in the us down to a hundred and seventy dollars. Many of you early adopters may remember getting the free retro games. As a make good so about a thirty two percent price drop again in the first few months. The console is on the market meaning.

The system was being sold at a huge loss and nintendo. At one point. I know stated that they hoped it would start being profitable by the year 2013. And not only was a nintendo dealing with this difficult launch.

But the playstation vita was also waiting in the wings sony s successor to the psp was launching at the end of the same year boasting superior graphics. Build and features for round the price of what the 3ds launched at it appeared too many that this system was practically dead on arrival soon to be abandoned and forgotten like so many other failed systems. But this move of desperation turned out to be incredibly fruitful you see this massive price drop made the 3ds pretty close to the cost of the dsi. Nintendo s previous handheld.

Which the ds family of systems was still selling better than the 3ds. And since the 3ds was backwards compatible. And then the new thing and all of the sudden. Even if you mostly just wanted to play ds games.

It made sense to spend the like extra twenty bucks or so to just get the 3ds that would be compatible with future games. And then when the playstation vita. Did release later on it was met with a similar pricing issue that the 3ds started with yes. It was more powerful and fancier but 250 to 300 dollars.

If you wanted the 3g model and don t forget those disgustingly overpriced proprietary memory cards and the vita was yet again more costly than people wanted to put up for a handheld. Both the vita and the 3d weren t exactly killing it in the games department at the beginning as most systems struggled to build a strong library at the outset. But again if you were someone especially like a parent. And you see these two new handhelds side by side and one is almost half the price of the other and plays all the games from that company s previous handheld and the other is sitting there with memory cards that cost as much as a game in some cases.

Which one are you gonna pick yeah wouldn t you know it that first holiday when many assumed the vita was just going to come out and put the 3ds down for good..

The opposite happened. It was the vita that quickly found itself reeling in a similar place that the 3ds was in when it launched which obviously had many people calling for sony to do a similar price drop like nintendo. Did take the risk drop your superior handheld to a more competitive price well as koz her. I told bloomberg.

We have a very good product at a very affordable price. There s no need to lower the price just because someone else that happens to be in the video game industry decided they were going to unlike nintendo they refused to budge on that price and things went from bad to worse because as time went on both systems libraries began to materialize to take shape. The vita desperately trying to pump out home console type experiences that often just felt like lesser versions of their home console titles. While nintendo put out honestly one of the greatest not just handheld.

But just greatest overall system libraries of all time obviously you had the staples like mario and kirby classic titles like starfox and zelda 64 games being remastered for it but nintendo even took some risks of their own. With like kid icarus uprising. Which in my opinion is easily one of the best titles to be released on the system. Fire.

Emblem awakening. Similarly brought the fire emblem franchise back into the mainstream. And the 3ds. Even got some really impressive third party support early on with like snake eater 3d and resident evil revelations which honest i just love revelations even brand new franchises like square enix s bravely default and of course once new pokemon games touch down on this thing forget about it yeah.

It wasn t long before. Sony gave up on not just the vita. But the handheld game entirely stating. There wouldn t be a successor no vita or anything because as they put it people just aren t as into handhelds anymore.

Yeah. Sure sony that s that s the issue now that meant to the nintendo 3ds for a long time ren largely unopposed yes the vita still existed there were still games being made for it. But it wasn t in any position to challenge nintendo they were firmly in control of the handheld market and this was important to nintendo. Because as i alluded to earlier the wii u.

The system that during the early days of the 3ds like i mentioned before people were hoping would come to save nintendo yeah. As you re all probably aware the wii u ended up not being in the position to save anything even itself. It was a massive failure for nintendo and definitely not one they were ever able to turn around. Which is why the 3ds is success became even more vital because i handheld something that has often looked at as a a secondary in the console.

World quickly became nintendo s primary console..

So even though they were firmly in control of the handheld realm. They couldn t afford to get complacent. They needed this thing to continue to sell like hotcakes and be their main software pusher as a result. We got the new nintendo 3ds with more processing power a c stick to make playing 3d games.

More enjoyable as well as head tracking for the 3d. Which made me finally start to play 3ds games in 3d. As some of the time still not all the time. But yeah.

That was a huge improvement and of course the amazing games just kept coming zelda a link between worlds reggie s favorite game animal crossing new leaf for nintendo 3ds sam returns more great third party titles like monster honor for persona q etc all this working to keep nintendo s head above water until their next system the switch released and relieved them of all these issues caused by the you the 3ds will certainly go down. As one of the gaming industry s greatest underdog stories from something that many rode off early as an utter failure. A blight on nintendo s name to a hero that kept the brand relevant during one of its darkest times. Like i said.

It earlier. The wii u. Was expected to come and save them from the blunder that was the 3ds. But at the end of the day.

It was the 3ds that saved them during the wii u. Era. As of today selling 75 million systems and 378 million pieces of software. Compare that to the wii u.

s 13 million systems. And a hundred and two pieces of software. I mean just imagine if they had given up on the 3ds. And only had the wii u.

During this period. That would have been quite the disaster. Yeah. Its turnaround was the stuff of legends.

But like all great heroes..

It s time has to eventually come to an end it has to pass the torch as we know the switches here has been wildly successful and the sales of the 3ds have largely tapered off to make way for it in this recent nintendo earnings report one of the main things that seemed absent to many was any mention of new 3ds games. When a writer at kotaku reached out directly to nintendo about it a representative from the big end. Said quote we have nothing new to announce regarding first party software for the nintendo 3ds family of systems we can confirm that new software is coming from third party publishers. So yes.

There may be a third party game released here and there a limited run game said they re working on a 3ds physical game actually and they ve done a solid job of doing physical stuff for vita games even to this day. So there will certainly be more games released on it. But nintendo pulling support is pretty much the death knell for the system. It s truly been a hell of a run like i said definitely one of the greatest game libraries of all time even if you ve been playing it since release since 2011.

You ve probably only scratched the surface of what there is to offer the 3ds definitely stumbled hard out of the gate. But at the end of the day it did its job than anybody thought of would maintain nintendo s dominance in the handheld market fending off the likes of the vita propped a nintendo up while they struggled through the days of the wii u. And paved the way for the next. Gen.

In fact. I think. The 3ds has success had a lot to do with nintendo going the route. They did with the switch and now.

It s finally time for this hero to rest. And with that this videos are wrapped let me know your thoughts on the life of the 3ds. In the comments. What do you think of the system s history.

And what were some of your favorite games and memories with it hey guys i hope you enjoyed this discussion of the nintendo 3ds. If you re new to the channel please consider subscribing if you want to keep the conversation going hit me up on twitter at johnny s akari intro. My discord shyguy and friends linked to both in the description below and as always thanks. ” .


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