The Best Tennis Video Game Of All Time

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“There folks this black box and my friend what s the pot. How are you you today. We re gonna be talking about a really cool topic and it s we both love. But of course you ve been teaching the sport tennis.

We ll be talking about the best tennis game. Ever made now there s many good oh cool tennis games. But no you don t talk about one which one would it be this year was around this point maybe the mario tennis game was nice. But no zydeco simple arcade game.

We were looking for more you know real real game. But they gotta be a long range yeah. This is one of those one of those areas in sports. Games.

Where if you want to find the best game. You actually have to look back. Unlike hockey can always look forward to better ones better usually they spend a lot more money from it. Which is sad because tennis is a cup.

Incoming sport. It s been around god knows when we have we have legends. We have champions that we have the name synonymous with glory and and superhuman feats sampras agassi. Boris.

Becker also the one martina. We have indians we have billie jean king. And recently like we have like three four movies coming out just well tennis like you see its popularity. But end of the game in front the nazis are not selling.


We re all developers aren t motivated. There is a market for it and i just don t think they re they think they can make either they think they can make a quick buck or they re not kept able to take advantage of the modern technology that they have which is sad because again one of the best tennis games. Ever made and perhaps that i would argue the best tennis sports game. Ever.

Made is something that that s what they did they took the measurements of the bodies. They and you the movements are almost like coincides with like if you follow the sport as i do and you see the movement of the characters they re real they re very real these are movements that you can actually learn from remember. I would watch them and like constantly retry and retry and then go and try it on the court. And it would work it would work and then you watch it watch the videos of these people actually playing and it s it s near identical.

But unfortunately yeah. It s not the case now best game. What do you think tom s been for yeah rendition of. I mean it from one compared to fifa.

And the nba. Where you have a real life players topspin poor just does every two so far movement was more realistic and it was it was competing with if i remember virtual temperature tended to be that point and virtual tennis. I mean you play it s really fun it s really action actually. But that was the problem it wasn t real.

It was walk aid that was very arcadia and you re basically running running you re running in one direction. You don t sidestep you don t split step you don t move around. I think these are the things that like there s a tennis player you look for you re what you re watching think i hear your timing is completely thrown off when you want to get a ball that s going behind you instead of like tiptoeing backwards. You turn around go backwards turn again and then smash the ball it makes no sense.

It was again maybe. If you just want to have a good time. That s fun this this is what top spent for brought to realism. And we call it game mechanics and schematics sports mechanics that really made sense that was real world and the courts.


The courts and leave marks. So you would see skip marks. When you were playing yes and in the clay courts so like playing it s not all of them roland garros was just amazing to watch him slip and slide. Everywhere.

Whether it was just a monster. You felt each craft had his own you know attitude these long strands. Motions were again they would blue. It and they reflected the real characters amidala is way overhead.

Webb said a man with his under the shoulder forehand. And the single handful hand. Boris. Becker s sir kevin lee.

They got that one right so it was really fun to play and watch. And yeah. I spent so many hours now if you want to have but to be fair. I should there is one contender that probably out does this game in terms of fun.

And there s a fun okay. And that is we tennis. Fact that he had that motion controller and it was accurate. Which was pretty fun like just cool.

It actually if you learn to use it right and if the cameras position correctly you can actually do a lot of unbelievable tricks. Often so it was that would be i mean. It s really i would say first place and first place first place a first release be okay assistance for me. These two are tied.


That s great. That s fair. Thank you mr. Bob thank you ellis keep playing tennis.

That s been thank you thank you folks for watching please stay tuned and have a good day Including cortex. Ngin. Dingodile nntropy and even what appears to be nbrio in his hulk form. They also appears to be some slime like creature nthat looks like something from mind over mutant while the image is rather blurry.

We can see nthat they share similar traits to their classic designs. But with enough differences and altered nproportions to recognize that these are completely new redesigns and from the way they re painted it gives noff. The same vein as the concept art from spyro reignited. Most notably the work of nrob duenas devon.

Cady lee and nicholas kole freelance artists that has been hired by toys nfor bob in the past speaking of nicholas kole. He just so happen nto directly retweet. One of these tweets showcasing the accidental leak and believe it or not that s not the only nbit of teasing. He s done so does this mean that some key artists from nspyro reignited have been hired to create concepts for a new mainline crash game and ntoys for bob are supervising the art direction of the project.

Maybe even leading development on the entire ngame while we re unsure if the latter claim is ntrue. They seem to be playing a much larger role here that they have in previous crash nprojects especially if they have concept art laying around it s also worth mentioning another one of nthese posts. This time about the creative ops pitch. They held at digipen institute.

Nas. It might reveal a prototype level that s blurred with what might appear to be crash s norange silhouette alongside platforms and other objects. Though it s also possible that this is nsomething entirely different and finally we have so more job openings nfrom toys. For bob.


That also hint at a new project using unreal engine. The main reason we re bringing this up is nthat. Most of these listings has interesting notices. Which state that while this opportunity nis indeed located in novato california it.

Is not actually a toys for bob studio project . If those listings are related to the crash nproject. This would confirm that toys for bob are playing a secondary role in its development nwith. Another studio taking the lead.

Most likely vicarious visions how about we take a look at sony s side nof. The deal in november of last year. Sony released a nnew advertisement for the playstation 4. With.

A new slogan that being it s time to nplay featuring a bunch of characters from current and upcoming games by sony and its nthird party partners such as god of war final fantasy vii remake monster hunter world nand oh. Even crash team racing nitro fueled here we see crash cortex and coco racing nwithin a parking garage followed by aku aku and uk wait a minute that s not uka uka. What is this that doesn t look like anything seen in nthe crash universe is this another case of something that wasn t nsupposed to be seen yet managed to leak through an asset that got accidentally sent to the nad agency or the studio. It s a bit hard to discern the details of nthis mysterious mask due to how small it appears despite the video being in fairly high quality.

Luckily we have an artist interpretation ngladly provided by magaska to give us a clearer picture. Here. We can see a floating mask shaped like nthe face of an old scrawny voodoo priestess with big earrings and a turban and the most interesting detail being the nlunar cycle. Depicted above the turban signifying that her powers are ” .


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