The BEST Alternative to Playstation Vue (RIP PS Vue!)

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“We ve already poured one out for playstation view. So let s pour one out out for all the kyle s out there yeah sad. But it s time to our goodbyes and move on because playstation view stops broadcasting. Yet tomorrow so we have to move on but move on to what there are a ton of streaming services out there that would now love to snag those dollars you used to throw at sony.

But if you re looking to replace playstation view let s have a look at your options let s dive in now if you enjoy what we do here don t forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon. Thank you for joining us today now replacing playstation view. There are a few choices available. If you want to do that sling at t tv.

Now at t watch tv and those aren t the same thing fubo hulu live youtube tv philo. The list goes on but there is one service that i recommend above the others. So if you want to know you can just skip ahead to the end. But first.

I am going to quickly run through those major options so we ve got a lot to sift through..

But this is easier if we remember that we re trying to find a replacement for playstation view. If you want to change up your streaming game. Entirely well. Then that s probably a different video today.

Let s find something that s close to what you had with playstation view. Maybe even a slight upgrade now when i spoke last month. With david gambler from fubo tv. He differentiated between cord cutter options and cable replacement options.

And i thought that was interesting so i dug in a little bit turns out it is a it s cutting a fine distinction. But it is a useful one so with a cord cutter option. It s there primarily to save you money when we re talking about philo or sling tv. They offer low prices you know you don t have to stay low you can do that on sand whatnot.

But you have the option of saving a bunch of money when we re talking about a cable replacement service..

Something like fubo or youtube tv or hulu. Live. It s about giving you that same experience that you ve used to have on your cable provider your satellite provider. So playstation view was definitely in the cable replacement category so if we run through these services.

First of all we can throw out philo and other discount streaming services like that not because they re not good that s not what i m saying. But because they don t approach. What you were getting from ps view in terms of channel count. Local stations sports news.

All of that so if you re looking to keep live tv. But dramatically downsize maybe those are good for you but they don t really replace a play station. View. Now we can say no to sling tv for similar reasons.

It certainly gets closer than philo does..

But it has a confusing set of plans and even if you go for the full orange plus blue package and tack on all the add ons to try to get what you had before you re still getting a subpar experience. Especially with the poor dvr and the lack of separate profiles again compared to playstation view. So that leaves us with the cable replacement services first of all let s throw out 18 tv. Now because it starts at 65 bucks a month and only goes north from there 15 bucks extra to be able to fast forward through commercials on my dvr hard pass now i like fubo a lot more but i m gonna toss this one out as well because it is a sports focused offering that concentrates on international soccer.

It doesn t have espn now it does find in a lot of categories and if you are the target audience for fubo. It is pretty great. But we re trying to replace playstation view. Here and so we really only have two options left hulu live and youtube tv.

Both are decent. I ve used both. But right now the better option is youtube tv. Which is convenient because they re actually advertising on playstation view trying to get all those people over hulu live starts at 5 bucks a month.

More than youtube tv and you get fewer channels..

Besides. That hulu has as far as i m concerned a pretty painful interface that takes a while to get used to and when you do yeah. It still isn t good and i ve personally had a somewhat glitchy experience with its dvr while youtube tv s was pretty much smooth sailing. So with youtube tv.

You can match the base price of playstation view. And actually substantially increase your channel count at least for now. I mean i m on record as saying that youtube tv s prices will go up in the not to distant future and if you want to know when that happens hey make sure you re subscribed now again my heart goes out to all the playstation view fanatics out there including the one behind the camera over there i know you loved your dearly departed streaming service i get it but let me know what you think of your replacement. Options.

What are you going to be going with hit. The comments below make your case for your favorite playstation view replacement option give this video a like if it was helpful and don t forget to subscribe one more time ” ..

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