SwissGear 1900 Backpack Review: Such A Thing As TOO Many Pockets?

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“It possible for a backpack to have too many pockets well. Hi. Everybody. This is is buck to the west and today i want to help you travel smarter by the swiss gear scan smart 1900 backpack now i recently switched over to this backpack and have used it as my main gadget backpack for the last year.

And it s well it has its pros and it s cons room. Now. I was originally using the wenger synergy backpack for many many years but once i got my drone. The mavic pro.

I decided or actually i was forced into needing a larger backpack to carry at all now swiss gear products and the 1900 is no exception are extremely reliable. These backpacks will last forever. And i ve traveled thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of kilometres all over the world. I can tell you that these backpacks will certainly last.

So you definitely won t be disappointed with their durability and they re not too expensive either. Which is another nice bonus. The reason i love the wenger synergy backpack which i ll be reviewing in a few weeks is because it was really well organized so it has a lot of pockets..


But also a lot of free open space. That you can use and the 1900 s. Have a lot of pockets. It has 12 main compartments and with many organizers within those pockets.

So you can fit keys and ipad a laptop notebook any way you want there s gonna be a way to be able to organize in this backpack and this whiskey or scan. Smart has plenty of space. It s 18 by 13 by 9 inches. So it has a lot of roomy space inside.

And it easily fits the lumix jt. 5. With microphone light. The kit as well as my maverick pro.

The remote control. My laptop and all of my gadgets and i travel with a lot of electronics. As you can see in this video here now all of those pockets..


Though do come with a cost don t get me. Wrong i love. Pockets but the thing about thiscan smart. 1900.

Is that there might be too many pockets and it might not be a matter of having too many pockets. It s just like i mentioned before they re not organized. Very well so if you look at this pocket divider here it separates the laptop section with a small section for an ipad. And maybe.

Some papers and then that s separated from the main compartment. Which also has these two dividers in it all of that means is if you have a lot of small items. The 19 hundred is great because you can organize using all of those dividers. But if you want something with a large front pocket.

Which is something i ve found that i need more often than not then the 19. Hundred isn t the best backpack for you it s one of the reasons. I really like the north face recon which i ve reviewed earlier in the year..


It has a large front pocket so although these two backpacks have roughly the same interior space. Because the recon doesn t have all of these dividers on the inside. You can make much more full use of the interior area so if you re carrying around a lot of camera gear a drone laptop folders ipad all that kind of stuff then yeah. This is gonna be probably not ideal for you and it s one of the things i don t like about the 1900 aside from that i have a few other small gripes like these metal rings on the side pockets.

When you reach into those side pockets. Quickly your finger or your fingernail can easily get caught. And you can cut yourself. I ve cut myself several times on these small little rings.

It s nothing major. But it s just sort of annoying and i feel like it s something that could have been with a little bit of a better design. I also don t like the front pocket. Almost has too many compartments so it has almost too many small compartments and for the first time in my life after using this backpack.

I began to think that there might be such a thing as having too many pockets and dividers which is odd coming from someone who loves swiss gear so much and because you have all of these dividers if you stuff your backpack or you have a lot of gadgets and tripod and everything like that like i do you re gonna notice that the backpack has this sort of awkward shape. Which is an ideal or very comfortable. It s one of the reasons..


I like the north face recon. I like having that large front pocket because it has a flatter profile and it sits more comfortably on your back final odds. Still having said all of this i still use the 1900. As my primary gadget backpack.

I like it a lot. It has a lot of versatility and if you don t travel with as many gadgets as i do you re not gonna max this bag out in terms of space and size. It s an excellent choice to look at so. There you have it that s my review of the swiss gear skin smart 1900 backpack.

But let me know what you think in the comments below. I ll leave a link to it down there as well and if you liked this video. Please give it a thumbs up thumbs up and if you really like this video please hit the subscribe button subscribe. I ll have new videos for you every week thanks again for watching and i ll see you in the next video.

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