Steelseries Kana v2 Gaming Mouse Review

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“Guys. It s takashi again welcome to another video review so today i ll be be reviewing the steelseries kanna v2 gaming mouse. So this is part of the refresh their old co series kana which really wasn t that creative gaming mouse. So they released a new kind of v2 with a updated surface updated sensor outdated switches.

So i m going to really just be telling you what are the new refresh isn t with not mainly. I feel this is an upgrade over the original kana. So first of all on to the boxing. So the boxing is just like very very simple as you can see from these pictures.

Um basically. There s just a box. There s just a mouse. And there s a little pamphlet.

There s really nothing much i guess a lot of companies are doing this nowadays. They re really minimizing in the packaging. And they re just transferring all the drivers and software online. So you have to download the steelseries engine for the dimensions.

The kana maintains same shaped cat chasis as original kana. So the dimensions are at twelve point four centimeters by six point four centimeters by 37. Cm. So in terms of the shape.

It is in the middle of the sensei in the kinzua. It does maintain that ambidextrous feeling and for me my hand from the tip to the base. I can show you some pictures here it is extremely comfortable in my hand. I do prefer this shape over the sensei when there is a sensei in the kinzua.

I did like the sense anymore. But with the kana actually did like the kaunas shape. More however because of the performance issues with the old kana actually decide to sell that mouse off and i kept extensive so personally. I m just like a really big steelseries fanboy kinda.

So i like series mice. Anyway so moving on to the price. So the price of this mouse. I expect them to price it at about 59 us msrp.

I picked up in hong kong for like 64 us. So it is slightly more expensive. I was lucky enough to pick this up in hong kong..


Before other jurisdictions so great for me. But it is a little bit more expensive in that regard so in terms of build quality. The build quality. I do think they actually made an improvement.

I really do think they may improving so turns build quality. I ll talk about the surface first the surface they did refresh it so if for the matte version because i m not testing out the glossy version. But for the mac version the surface does feel a little bit more like the originals i version not exactly like the sensei raw matte version. But the originals i but not as sticky if you can imagine that so the original matte surface on the kana.

The black version. I ve you actually didn t really like that one felt kind of plastic piece felt kind of cheap. But this surface actually feels like somewhat smooth and it feels just really really comfortable on to the sides actually i think they refresh the sides as well the sides um. It feels just there just ever slight grainy feeling on the side so which makes for just a slightly smoother and a better felt grip.

So in this regard. I do think that could they have made an improvement over the bill cloth over the surface at least of ikana in terms of my subjective perception so onto the cord. The cord. They did maintain a braided cord.

And it basically looks exactly like the original cana. However. I do feel the the braided cord is slightly softer. The original cana cord was actually quite hard.

I made it for really difficult to drag. But in this one is actually it doesn t tangle as much it s much softer. So you can kind of like move it around and it doesn t really hit anything as hard. So you don t really feel that in that sense moving on to the side buttons.

I does again have one side button. I m completely okay with this and it does feel like the side buttons uh in terms of is click and is build quality. It s basically it s just really good quality like very very even hear that very crisp clicks the surface of it um it s somewhat similar to the side surface here so it s still somewhat smooth. When you press on it and you don t you get like a very tactile feedback.

So that s really really good moving on to switches. So the switches is the one biggest improvement over the original cause so the original caller use it used at ttc switches. Which were a white dot switches. We re quite hard for in regard so when you click them you can really feel that it s quite hard to click.

However it was still crisp this one it turned used the omron d2 fcf sudden end switches rated at five million. So i didn t take apart this mouse and take some pictures. But this has been verified by some other reviewers over in china..


That and the amin switch is just great. I i mean they are just the way to go over wanna switches or tec switches. Because if you can hear they are much lighter in this regard. And the tacca fee is quite nice so when you press on it i m sure if you use armand switches and most of the main mice.

You probably know how it feels. So. This is definitely a great upgrade over the original kata. It does make a it is a deal breaker really moving on to the sensor in performance.

So. This is probably the biggest upgrade over the original kana because it uses the new a 39 9. No 39 d optical sensors. Which is the highest bar best performing public sensor available from avec oh.

And this is a sensor used by like the new death. Adder. Used by zoe and all their mice as well. So.

This is like the seems. Like the benchmark. At least for the best performing optical sensor. So far in the market right now so it does come in steps of four hundred eight hundred thousand two hundred thousand six hundred two thousand two thousand four hundred three thousand two hundred and four thousand so there s about eight steps in this nice then this mouse sorry that you can use.

Which is absolutely awesome because in the original colony. I think you only had like three steps that you can choose from so you couldn t really fight like a good bounce of where you wanted to go. However. Was this mouse you could choose and with the profile system you can switch with different profiles and you have this button right here.

Which can kind of like it s on the fly switching. Which is like really really nice um. I am with the different steps. I guess you can get a more a better subjective feel of your preferred.

A dpi setting. So. Which is absolutely awesome. What the 3090 obviously is the best boring sensor is i didn t experience any jitter you can see from these speed tests.

As well like i can get up to about three meters per second of testing. There is no acceleration as well so that s absolutely awesome. However there one thing that i do have to talk about is the when i was testing it the dpi settings..


Didn t exactly review the actual didn t seem like the real dpi setting so when i was actually testing the 4000 and i mean so the 4000. The 3200 and the 1600 they actually came out with slightly lower values in real life. Then they then he showed it so four thousand. I felt like they was like three thousand six hundred for the 1600.

I felt i was 1400 so from the sleep test. That s why you can see that my dpi settings are slightly off. So this is maybe. It s very very subjective you might have to test it for yourself to find out which dpi settings are right for you.

But i feel like not every single 1600 dpi is really 1600 dpi between different mics. So you re actually really test this for yourself so in terms of sensor. It s absolutely great um and the polling rate is very very stable as well. So steelseries really did a great job in keeping with it s a timely update to the kana.

With such a great shape to put in a good sensor and put in a good switch. So absolutely love them for that moving on to the scroll wheel. So didn t really make any changes to the scroll wheel. It s still the same old scroll wheel a glides very smooth and it stops relatively quickly.

But the indentations are very very small so if you can see right here. It s just a very smooth smooth gliding scroll wheel. I guess so that s pretty cool another cool thing about the lighting is that you can actually change the intensity of the lighting. So they have like four different intensities you can choose from the lighting of the scorpio you got high medium low and none so you can now see have two profiles.

I mean not to profile you have two settings and chris the click on switch on the fly and it changes either you can have a high intensity lighting or low intensity light. So that s actually quite cool finally. I think what else oh yeah. The teflon the teflon in the old kana they when they produced it it was one of the crappiest plasticky teflon teflon that they produce.

It wasn t even actually teflon. It s actually u pe u. Retha or whatever. However in how you pronounce.

It. And didn t glide. Very well so good thing they did actually use ptfe teflon for their mouth. Sweet as a base talk.

Which is absolutely what this what they should do really is really the standard. However i think in conclude and overall one last thing at the same. I ve said a lot of good things about the shape sensors are switches..


However one bad thing is that the 3090 is a very strong sensor so inherently it has a little high lift off distance if you don t do anything with the custom lens like zoe did with fk or am they lowered it to a very lowered lift off distance. But the base us mouse feed. It is a very extremely extremely high liftoff and is extremely uncomfortable so what i have to do is i could attach three sets of 05 millimeter amounts feet to make it one point five millimeter mouse feet here like on the bottom on top of that to reduce the left autism s to get to like a comfortable. Level however if i do use 15.

Millimeters. It does raise it so high that it does feel uncomfortable. I can feel the gap between the mouse and the surface. So i had to reduce it i found that one millimeter.

Worth of mouse week. Is actually the most optimum position. Whereas liftoff is not too bad. However like i can t really feel.

It s still the mouse is still comfortable. I can t feel a gap between the mouse and surface so i think that s just the only downside. I think the to this mouse other than really other than nothing. I absolutely i think this is going to be my go to mouse out the fk.

I ve been using the fk for the past six months. So i m gonna probably switch this uhm over on conclusion you know like anna and myself i m a gamer and i buy mice to play games. I don t buy mice to test them and see whether like good or like suppose us other specs are good i buy my so that i can prove myself in gaming. So i use this mouse.

I played a couple games of dough i play dota2 myself mainly and for mobile gaming rts gaming. It s like it s it was absolutely great like the sense of performance. I was using fk before it had similar performance. It had just the there s no acceleration.

So that was great for mobile ii. And the light on one switch is really made for just a good clicking experience like i can use my skills and click the right heroes. It was just really really fun like it just made the gaming experience really nice compared to the old kana in conclusion definitely a great upgrade. Absolutely absolutely great upgrade if you like the kana for its shape.

And you needed a mouse in between sense in this kinzua. This is absolutely the the way to go i think it s a timely upgrade. And i don t know why they came out with such a crappy kana. One to be honest.

But the kind of e2 definitely lives up to its i guess rep or i guess the hype van i guess so i really like this mouse. I definitely definitely recommend it as one of the my more favorite mice now after getting with it for like a complete a whole night so thanks for watching guys i hope you guys enjoyed that video review sorry i haven t been doing any videos so hopefully i was not too long so hope you guys enjoyed that and thanks for ” ..

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