Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Galaxy Note 3 Review

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“What s up everybody. This is danny and today. I m going to be looking looking at the neo hybrid case for the galaxy note. 3.

Made by speaking sgp case is available on their website. Ebay store and the amazon store so make sure you check them out and we re going to go ahead and get right into it and see what comes inside the packaging. And i guess they re going to make it really easy for me. Because there s really nothing that comes in the package.

So let s look right at the case. If you re familiar with the neo hybrid series. Then this is really no surprise or this is a two part case. But this one has a black rubberized texture on the back.


It s flat. It s a little bit slippery. But it feels good because it s not completely gloss and the outside is made of a glossy shell that kind of protects it on the outside and that s interchangeable. So if you were to buy extra colors for this you go and interchange those.

But i really wouldn t suggest you taking it apart for installation. I ve read some reviews where they said there are some fit issues with the neo hybrid. But i haven t had that problem. I think a lot of it has to do with people trying to put that plastic band on after the fact so leave it intact and when you push it in there ll be a corner that you won t be able to get down just quite right.

And what i do is just receipt that and then just make sure that the red band or the plastic fan on the outside fits properly. And that s it i ve had zero issues with installation with my neo hybrid. I m using this probably for about three weeks now and i ve never had it where it came off or where i felt like it was unstable at all and the number one thing about this case. It s the most beautiful case that i ve seen for the note.


3. Yeah. And some people aren t a fan of the glossy exterior. But it actually gives it a rich look and it provides some grip as well and the usb port speaker and microphones and everything else are cut out very nicely and the pen is extremely easy to get to as well so pen access is not a problem and the camera is also protected by this case for it has a nice inset for the camera lens.

So don t worry about getting the camera scratch so definitely like that on this case on the front of the case. You will find a nice lip. That goes over the lcd screen itself so you will get protection. If you put that on a flat surface so for those people that like to see the front lip on the case itself.

There it is and it s a pretty good sized. One so you won t have to worry about that you should get adequate protection. But overall. This is a great case for the galaxy note.


3. The only downside to it is it s pretty bulky in the hand. And you ll feel it as soon as you put it on there. It definitely adds some size some bulk and some weight too as well.

But the back feels pretty nice and a lot of people ask if it s really slippery. It s not the grittiest texture on the back. But it s not to the point. Where you re going to drop this phone because of the glossy sides that s what gives it the grip for you in the hand.

So don t worry about it slipping out or anything. And it feels premium in the hand and all of the buttons are very tactile and has great adequate travel on the button. So i think you re going to love the buttons they feel good and i ve never had any problems with the spigen sgp button setup on their cases at all and this lives up to the same kind of quality that you would find on the other cases so overall. I think.


This is one of the best cases out there for the galaxy note. 3. And definitely one of the most attractive ones. Even though.

That it s a little bulky in the hand. And it s a little bit weighty and it s got a pretty decent price tag of 35. I think it s probably one of the most attractive cases you can get so if you re worried about aesthetics with protection. This is probably one of the best cases you can get and the fit problems i haven t had any but if you re experiencing those please leave the comments in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to my channel.

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