SONY HANDYCAM – How a 20 year old camera holds up today

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“Guys my name is marc and i want to try a little camera experiment. I i want to shoot my very first law the 20 year old camera. This is sony handycam ia camera now keep in mind this to predate hd and 4k so the picture quality is obviously going to be a little worse ac. Tight you see is ac.

I hd. Let s cut to my very first vlog with my 20 year old camera breakfast. The reason. I m doing this experiment.

Today is when i found this camera and powered it on the first thing. I wanted to do was shoot something with it when i was younger i took this thing everywhere and i shot everything myself has some interesting features that i wanted to put you with 10..

So i m really not sure. What s going to happen so for those wondering hi and a video editor. I m currently working on the show made 8 or in europe known as air crash investigators well today s actually a pretty big day from i ve got my edit going out to the broadcaster. Today.

Which means i have to make sure everything is as perfect as can be editing. It s generally pretty boring so i m going to mount our so most of that and then just kind of see where the day goes it so far should be realizing this camera the looks. I m getting walking around the street. It s pretty interesting the hell is that thing a thing that s ancient.

But so far it s actually pretty good i m digging it but before i get started one one critical thing shoes off i never edit and shoot. It just feels like you re working..

I want to take my shoes off kind of feels like i want you to need my story editor duck. There s duck. Laughing. I m going to squeeze his head.

Now and take a bit of a break go see the box nothing cooler late dogs at the office there s an interesting bookstore down here i wanted to show you guys. This is the freaking coolest bookstore. I ve ever seen all we ve got now is the chapters indigo don t we see books smells like this anymore. There s tons of stuff here.

So cool. Thank you very much actually pretty good lunch..

Very satisfied you having your toy where your life by huh you like how do you like my old camera. So this is what the script really radio edit is basically script translated to the screen. There we ve got vo down here got to click here slowly waters after four week. I ve got this basically the rough cut right now obviously much more building compared to the radio in it well that pretty much does it for my work day ten minutes and i m leaving gun at home it s friday mother s day weekend.

Look at that camera actually stayed charged for my face use our choices for images and be good. Colonel highway hour. And a half charge. All nations dom n.

No i ll be right there all right cool. I am so tired..

I had a lot of fun that this was a heck of a lot of fun. And i really enjoyed you as camera despite the crummy picture quality everything about this camera for being 20 years old is really convenient. I think the battery lasted all day this landon s autofocus look at that watch the look close that will focus there so that my finger is pretty much touching the lens. And it s in focus is amazing.

There s nothing step backs. This camera is by no means a standard that can be really used today. But i had a lot of fun and i m glad i did it and i hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much guys. I m going to bed with not too had you ” .


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