Silver Knight Painting Tutorial – Dark Souls: The Board Game

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“To hockey s gaming for another dark souls the ball game painting video here with with your hog. This game enclosed james much a star for it s been a while since we ve done a painting tutorial by having front of me these silver knights from dark souls the ball game. And i m going to be giving you a quick tutorial how to batch paint these super. Quick yeah.

This is slightly differently to how we did the knights in the night painting tutorial. Remember you could support its content by checking the links in the video description below. And that includes buying from element games. Using those links and the code.

Which removed all store let s get down to show you this so of course. These miniatures have all been washed in hot soapy. Water to clear away that release agent and that s really important for you start playing any kind of paint through these miniatures now of course the name it again with bats painting let s try and get this done quick and for this i m going to be using the silver led belcher model spray paint so it s a primer. But it does mean that we are going to put and silver straight on through those miniatures and you see that a miniatures are inside a box that s because i m doing this inside the element games in the quest game center and you don t be getting spray everywhere.

It s exactly the same if you do it in your backyard. And i do recommend that you do this in a well ventilated area. And do try and spray the spray paint from at least fifteen seven years away and try and get a nice light dusting. Okay.

We re gonna get that just a nice little shake. And just from a bit the distance just gonna start spraying it all over and we ll go around do the outside and show what they look like when they re done. And there you have it absolutely super super super quick now if you re incredibly lazy. You could just leave them like this they are now of course silver.

However we re not gonna do that we re gonna let them dry and then we are gonna start applying some washes now if you re worried about being able to follow what paints and washes and equipment. You should be using to paint. Nice then what i will do is put a link in the video. Description below.

Which will lead to a bundle of what you can purchase in order to be able to create the effect that we re going for today. Another quick thing to point out is that when you get plastic miniatures that are kind of one one come old like this sometimes you can get this syndrome. Bendi weapon. Syndrome now it s easy to fix this when you don t place that in hot water and then just shape it to where you want it to go.

And it will straighten itself out if they are exposed to heat. Then they will bend again can also use a hairdryer as well just a top tip to keep your miniatures. Nice and straight. Now that the primer has dried.

I need to ink these bad boys. I m going to be using the army petoria paints ink dark tone. I do like this one it s not quite black which i think works really really works. It s very unnatural to kind of get natural blacks in in real life of course.


So what i m gonna be doing here is i m going to give the ink a good shake that s really important i m going to squeeze it onto the palette reasonably generously and i m going to apply using the element games character series brush now the reason i do this is a little bit bigger because i can go everything. But i don t want to bigger brush because i still want to be able to drag the ink into the various details so we re gonna do is we re gonna pick up one of these silver knights like so we re just gonna start putting that ink all over and you can see straight away. Just for a little bit you start to create some depth and the shading. Which is exactly what you want it for so.

What we do is we ll come back when all these guys are done now that our ink is drying you can really really. See the depth that just putting a little bit in on a miniature creates and she s off that silver. As well what i have found is that by using the led belt sort of a spray as opposed to the paint straight out of the pot is there does seem to create a little bit of a lighter silver than than when you do use it from from the pot and as such when you put the shading over it naturally because these shaded ink goes into the recesses you end up with a highlighted raised area anyway now you could accentuate this by going over it again with maybe a citadel led bulger or even using iron breaker. Which slightly brighter again i would tend to maybe edge highlight this with a room fang steel.

But today this is a quick paint that we re going for we re going to move on to the next area and a really important thing when you re painting painting miniatures. You ve got some kind of source material that you refer to so. What i ve done is i ve got my roll look at that for shininess. I ve got my my ipad here and i literally just looked up a picture of a silver knights.

Because i wanted to see if there are any other colors in there. And that i seemed to be of course. The cloak. Which is kind of like a weathered sandy dirty bone color.

Which i ll show you how to do next. And then there s also the black behind the armor on the backs of the legs and also some some leather. So what we ll do is we ll get to that straightaway. We re gonna start with the capes and in order to do that i am going to start with the saddle color.

Xandrie dust. Which is a base color. Which means just a little bit thicker and now i like to start went on painting a light color such as white with a dark color. So rather than paint a color that you re going for and then wash.

It with ink and then start working up from there sometimes it s better just to work on my dark column. What you re going for so. I m gonna use this and read us here and i m going to be using the army painter hobby precise detail brush again you ll be able to see that in the bundle below. So we can take a little bit of paint onto the palette from the pot.

Again make sure that you don t put too much paint on the brush try and always keep the paint away from going down to this end. Take a tiny little bit of water and mix that in and then start playing dragging away from the pain twist. It just so you create a nice fine point and then you want a nice thin layer. We want multiple thin layers here so i m going to pop this on i say reasonably generous lee.

But remember this is just the first coat you ll be able to see the silver through it that s not a problem because we can do a couple of layers of this and i ll come back when this is complete there we go so after the xandrie dust the base layer has been put down you ll see that two thin coats results in a really nice smooth finish as you can see here now normally when you put base color on likes on your ad a wash. And that s how you create the shading. But we actually want the saundra just to form the shading for this miniature. So we re gonna do is we re gonna take the set or base color design d does we re gonna take a slightly lighter color.


Which is the sharp t bone. We re gonna 50 50 mix those two together so again we re just gonna take our army paints a precise detail brush and we re just gonna place a little bit of a sandra duster and then i m just gonna wash. That brush lightly always shake your pots of paint. Very important i m just going to mix in the a sharp t bone for a 55th day.

It s just one drop of each and that will create a slightly lighter color. And what i m actually going to do here is i m going to take this glaze medium again i bought this from element games. I ll stick this in the bundle blood as well and now one of the reasons. Why you might use a medium is that it means that the paint won t dry as quickly on the brush.

Which when you re mixing paints can be really cool and important because if you run out of the number the amount of paint that you need to use you don t want to be remixed in and be getting different colors. So i m just going to put a tiny little drop in like so mix that in so you don t always need to use plays medium. But it s good alternative to water when you re doing highlights now that s mixed in i m gonna drag the brush and twist. I m going to take the miniature what we re gonna do is just on these raised areas.

We re just gonna start dragging down and creating the highlights. So that s still a little bit too thick for my liking. I want it to be a little bit water more watery. So you can see the claw underneath coming through and that will create a nice blend.

Which is what we re looking for because not see that coming together. So i ll do is i ll come back once. I ve done this for all of the miniatures and you just see they re nice blend is happening. Which is good there we go and now that that first twilight on the cape is done we need to move on there all the great things about the silver knight capes.

Is that they are pretty simple to do is quite clear where the raised areas are so you can just drag your brush down and that when you are highlighting do you drag your brush towards the area. That you want to be the lightest so you just drag your brush down on each of the raised parts of the cape here and that works quite that now we need to take a final edge highlights. This is a quick paint so we re gonna go for the ashab jabo. We set it out again.

What we re gonna be doing with this is we re just mean marking out a very very very light edge highlight just on the very very edges of the miniature. Okay. So we re gonna do that right now. There we go.

Highlight supplied and as you can see they re looking at reasonably. Nice now if you do find that the highlight is a little bit to start one little thing that you can do is a top tip is to just get a little bit water onto your brush whilst. The paint is still reasonably wet and then just come up like so and if you just take the water and just drag it over the area where you applied the highlight this will just blend for the lighter paint into the base color. Just that little bit more and gives you a bit of a softer highlight.

Which is always a good chap and another way you can do this is actually to almost create a glaze with the highlighter color. So i could really really really really thin down some a sharp t bone and i could drag that over and that will what that allow because it s very thin paint as you ll see what i ve done behind it through the layer that i ve put on top. But even just dragging a little bit water over make sure that the paint s not too wet. When you do this.


But it s also not fully dried and that just create a little bit of a smoother blend. So now that we ve done that we need to move on to the next part. Which is going to be the parts the bits of black trousers. That you can see behind the armor.

Here now although on the artwork that we ve looked at it does there are some like brown leather straps. These guys don t actually have that so because they don t have that which is going to paint the black on and i ll show you how to highlight that as well and to do that we re gonna be using the citadel color abadan black. So now that we ve painted the back of the trouser legs as you can see there we re going to use the magic black highlighting paint. Which is settles layer paint a sheen right misha s all you need to be a highlighting black because it s very very easy.

When you re highlighting blacks for it to start to look like it is grace. What we need to do is a very very very light edge highlight of this a top part of that and if you do feel like you end up with a little bit too much of a stark contrast between the highlights and the base color then of course just apply another black wash. We re gonna do that straight away. And there we go so now that our action gray highlight has been applied it just you can see there just gives an air bus of slight highlight to the lab and with that i am pretty happy with how these guys have finished off in terms of the silver night swordsman.

Now do remember that i will be looking to base all of my miniatures from dark souls. The board game using generation shift bases first generation shift 92. Does some fantastic custom bases. Which were really really well with the world of dark souls.

So i do recommend you go check him out on facebook. In fact. Just for you guys. I ll stick a link in the video description below and give him a shout now that the swordsman.

I m reasonably happy with i am aware they re having lots at the artwork that the silver knight. Great bowmen have gotten gold bows have got great big gold looking bows. So what i m going to be doing in this one is i m going to be using the citadel based color. Rich.

The beautiful armor and really applying that all across those buns. So we ll get to that now and then it ll be a wash and these guys will be dumped. And there you have it now one of one of the things about using the lead belcher spray underneath is that really we don t have to get a huge amount of coverage with the retributive armor gold. Because we almost want a little bit our silver to come through and create a highlight unto itself.

We re going in like a reverse order or painting. Almost so we re actually allowing brighter colors to come through darker colors. That we re actually putting on top or layers. And that process is a little bit more like glazing won t be doing once these have dried out just a little bit more we ll be using the army painter quick shade strong tone.

Which a brownie coloring because although this gold is very nice. What we want to do is we want to just darken it up ever so slightly and we want to allow this to go into some of the detail which you see in the in the bow. There and that will just finish. These guys off nicely.


So let s up a little bit a lot will shake up the ink and you ll see what they look like when we ve done that process. And there we have it our silver night great moment in swordsman. Quick paint is done and all in all these six should take you somewhere between two and a half and three hours to take you long about not a problem. Especially.

If you are a beginner and that s what these painting videos are designed for they re designed for you guys out there. Who maybe never painted miniatures or my coming for maybe a ball gaming background. But would like to immerse yourself further into universe of dark souls. And get a little bit of paint on these miniatures.

So this is a nice quick easy way of doing it so. As you can see the ink on the great bowman. Just really really really picks out the shading and why i also did as well with that final strong tone for an army painter is i just did a little bit of that browner ink and the chainmail just tiny little bit on there what that does is just gives a slight rust effects very very quickly and i also put a little dabble and the bottom of all of the cloak. So it looks like the cloaks are a little bit weathered and i ve done that across the board here so there you have it our silver knight paint hope you enjoyed make sure you join me for the next dark souls.

The board game video doing hot gates gaming. Soon they have a hcg hot wires. Another dark souls. The board game painting video done i must admit i did cop out a little bit by taking the easier option little bit easier than painting in the hollow soldiers.

And the gargoyle for this video. That s due to time constraints. Remember if you re enjoying these then you can support this channel in a couple of different ways by checking the links. The video solution below.

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Here hope you guys are having a good day oh. ” ..

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