Senator McCaskill Proud Of Missouri Student Activists Rachel Maddow MSNBC

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“Us now for the interview is senator. Claire mccaskill of missouri. Just a new memoir memoir out called plenty ladylike senator. It s great to have you here with us for being thanks.

Rachel and by the way. Yeah. You know you ve made. It when.

When you are guaranteed on 30. Night live oh well they should here s the thing. That was pretty cool. The weird thing it looked like she was wearing my exact clothes and i keep my clothes in the building.


Like i don t wear like a suit when i go home. And i like they probably figured out a way to get him i think it s quite possible i know send the dry cleaning bill to them. But thank you for that okay so in that interview this morning. You sounded like you may be new these resignations were coming today is that true well i certainly had been in contact with the administration and frankly been in contact with a jonathan butler s family over the weekend.

The hunger. Governor yeah i mean i found that sometimes you can do better work. When you are quietly reaching out and talking and trying to move the needle and these that the credit goes to these kids the credit goes to these kids who took a stand and to the football players who went to visit the young man who had gone days without food and they were motivated and moved by his commitment and then i was proud that it wasn t just the black players that were in that picture. It was the team and the coach that all kind of came together.

And said you know we re one here too and something needs to happen there needs to be a reprioritization of how important this problem is on campus and i m proud that i think today the university. Really took a meaningful step towards that and admiring the accomplishments and the sort of tenacity and dedication of those activists sort of one lane here. But the other issue is the the veracity of their complaints and their concerns that there s not just been random racially tinged incidents at the university of missouri. But that there is a problem with race relations and the way that racially biased and racially inflected incidents are happen are dealt with when they happen at that campus.


You think the substance of their complaints is fair. I do think on several issues. I think the substance of how diverse the faculty is and this is a problem all over america and by the way in fairness. You see of missouri.

I bet you there s a lot of a lot of college administration s that over the next week are going to be checking to see what they re doing checking to see how much effort. They ve put in to retaining students who come in in some way marginalized because of socioeconomic status or because of minority status. I think that this will be an impetus across the country for all of higher education. To really do a hard look in the mirror about their commitment to making sure that their their campuses are tolerant and inclusive and doing the best job.

They can to make sure that all students are welcome and feel safe one of the things that feels very relevant to me about your book is that a lot of the book. I mean everything including the title. Plenty ladylike is the title a lot of your book is about things. That you have faced as the first woman.


This and the first woman that and is a lonely woman in a prosecutor s office or a lonely woman in the legislature. A lot of things that you ve done where you were in mostly male environments. And the kinds of sexism that you experienced in the way that you dealt with it i wonder looking at the situation of the university of missouri looking at the resignation of president and the chancellor now if you feel like you have learned things about the way to demonstrate leadership in the face of low level intolerance. That s otherwise passed over otherwise seen as the normal way of doing business.

Well one of the things. I say in the book. One of the things i m fearful of is that i confess. I m not sure i handled it right when i was a young woman and i faced some really pretty blatant and ugly sexism in the missouri legislature in the early 80s.

But i really believed that if i would have publicly confronted it it would have minimized my effectiveness as a legislator and so i kind of internalized all that and said. I m going to show him mm hmm. I used to this fuel. I m going to i m better at this than you are i m going to work harder at this to you do i m going to go farther than you and the speaker of the house which i talked about in there who is the one who told me when i asked him how if he could help me get my bill out of committee as a freshman legislator in 1983.


He said did you bring your knee pads. I ended up in the united states senate and he ended up in prison. So the plan is try to go further kind of work and i m not sure that was the right way to do it i think young women today. I hope have more information and more confidence to do a better job of confronting and these young people are a great example.

This was a bold thing for this young man to do and then he was leader and got others to follow him and he impacted real changes. I think will make a difference for many other students of color at the university of missouri hey youtube fans i m luke russert thanks for checking out our msnbc channel subscribe by clicking right here and click any of the videos over here to watch the latest breaking news mini documentaries conversations from shift and other digital exclusives. ” ..


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