Sea of Thieves Weapon Damage Guide New Weapon Balancing Update PC And Xbox

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” s it going guys my name is jack and today. I m going to be be testing the damage of all the weapon types in sea of thieves. Now obviously s no friendly fire and sea of thieves. So i had to find another player.

And politely ask him for help so big thanks to big hoss soy sauce. For helping out. Also keep in mind. That as of the date of this video.

There is no modifier for getting a headshot against another pirate also the damage dealt from further distances. Do the exact same as close distances and shooting in or out of water does not change the damage that is dealt so with that said. Let s just jump right into the data first we tested the single sword slash. Which dealt 20 damage the swords triple slash combo did 60 damage.

Which makes sense as it is three slashes. The sword lunch did 49 so two successful lunges will not quite kill an opposing pirate. A single pistol shot did exactly 53 so two shots from a pistol should kill another pirate. The blunderbuss is a little tricky to calculate.

But here s what we figured out in our testing. The blunderbuss shoots. Ten pellets with each shot and each pellet does. 15 damage so in order to one shot kill another pirate.


You must hit with seven of the 10 hot pellets and in order to do this you must be close now these pellets do not fire in a consistent pattern. So the blunderbuss is a difficult weapon to predict the one thing. We know is that the closer you are to your target. The more damage.

You will inflict as more pellets are going to hit a point blank shot with the blunderbuss is the only one shot killed in the game. And finally a successful sniper shot will do 79 of damage here is a graphic showing all of these damages side by side and in the description. You will find a link to the image. If you want to study this a bit longer or i guess that s gonna do it for this episode.

I hope it helps you win more pvp fights in the sea of thieves if it did help please hit that thumbs up and if you want to see more videos just like this one including tips on an almost unbeatable pvp pirate and other tricks that you can use on the sea of thieves. Please subscribe to the channel bye bye. I got to in the water and that guy so it s a 4 man galleon. Sir guy.

Oh yeah. Nice see you buddy music. h talks about a shipment coming in on the night of october 10th 2077. He asks that this shipment be kept off the books and to use as few dock workers as possible to get the job done.

It isn t tell ralph what the shipment is and says remember watts rewards employees that demonstrate they can be team players sounds. Almost vaguely threatening inside the building. We find that the first floor has caved in on itself you can easily jump down to the second floor and use the makeshift ramp that has formed from the crumbling main floor rubble. But let s explore the main floor first on the main floor.


We find four or five robots they re not active. But they re not destroyed either you can t loot them they re simply deactivated you see a number of pedestals. Which were used to show off the robots that watts consumer electronics sold it looks like in addition to selling their own things like holotapes laser rifles and batteries. They also sold robots manufactured by robco this building has a surprising number of bathrooms.

There are two bathrooms side by side on the main floor and then if you go through the far door against the wall. You find what appears to be maybe. An employee restroom. Or an employee break room or maybe a waiting area for customers.

While the staff gets their robots together and inside this room. There is yet another bathroom. So there are three bathrooms on this main floor locking up the main steps. We find the manager s office and inside here.

We find the assistant manager robot. It looks like one of the mr. Hairy robots was programmed to be an assistant manager for this location in the managers terminal. We learn a little bit more about that secret shipment.

We find a cryptic note from malcolm. That says. The shipment is procured and on its way leave your payment at the drop off site in the amount that we discussed these are some high grade robotics. I m getting for you so we know that the shipment that felix was getting was robotics and we know that it was under the table for some reason felix didn t want anyone knowing about this.


But why know that yet now i spent too long far longer than i d like to admit trying to look for the payment drop off site that malcolm mentions in this terminal. I even talked with viewers on my dis court server. And asked them if they knew where to go. And they didn t know either my best.

Guess is that the stash talked about in this terminal entry is found in the plumbers secret. A little ways away from the watts consumer electronics is an unlisted location called plumbers secret. This is a small warehouse consisting of two rooms connected via a doorway through a wall in the middle in each with an upstairs loft area the rooms are unremarkable and i m slightly. Disappointed that there are too few supermario references in a building called plumber secret in fact there are no supermario references.

Which is a bit of a bummer you can find a bit of scrap and some cams. But what s interesting is that if you go to the loft area in one of the rooms. You see some plungers sticking to a wall. The trail of plungers goes up the wall.

And then across the ceiling and stops at some loose boards that are concealing a stash area. If you shoot the boards out two things fall to the ground. One is a stash of caps and the other is a syringe or rifle. Now i have very low luck and when i loaded the caps.

I only got 15 caps. It s highly unlikely that felix is going to be paying for a huge under the table shipment of robots with 15 caps. There s also a syringe er rifle. And i have no idea what malcolm would want two syringe or rifle for so i don t know if this is the cash that is referenced in the terminal.


But it s the closest secret cash that i could find near watts electronics. It s also quite possible that it s just not in the game. I mean if we were to find a location like this in real life. And if we were reading a terminal entry that was 200 years old it s very unlikely that we would find in a cache or that if we did anything would be left in it so that s my best guess at to where the cash is i ll leave the final conclusion up to you many things to viewer brooklands on discord who pointed me to plumbers secret.

The other entry on this terminal in the manager s office looks like a command that controls all of the different robots. It says disabled military protocols. But if you click on it you simply get a note that says. I quit.

Cooper suck on it felix. It looks like his terminal has been hacked and i think we can understand a little bit more about this secret shipment. It s unlikely that a bunch of consumer destined domestic robots would have a bunch of military protocols installed on them my guess is that felix managed to purchase a shipment of robots that were destined for the military that already had military programs installed on them my guess is that he found somebody that worked with robots for the military and arranged for that person to steal a bunch of military robots that he could buy for far cheaper than he could buy from robco and then sell from his shop this would help keep the watts electronics storefront competitive with hester s consumer robotics since watts electronics doesn t manufacture robots themselves they re going to save a whole lot money buying these robots in an underhanded fashion from some rogue agent at the military rather than buying them at full price from robco it looks like in order to get these robots ready to sell to consumers he needed to wipe the military protocols on them and felix assumed his employee cooper would take care of it. But it looks like something went wrong because in this terminal entry cooper quits.

There s another staircase that leads up to a storage area. A caged storage area. You have to get through an expert lock to open the caged area. But if you do you re rewarded with a mini nuke and a broken safe filled ” .


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Sea of Thieves Weapon Damage Guide New Weapon Balancing Update PC And Xbox

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