Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review Indonesia

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“Have tried galaxy s7 edge and i like its design now i ve tried note. Note. 7. And i love its design more than s7 edge.

It has bigger screen. Slimmer body and also better color option. This is the review to us. Galaxy note.

7. At the moment has the most beautiful design among other smartphones samsung successfully combines the elegant design of dual edge display in a 57 inch device and compact body that is wrapped in enticing colors. If you want to look differently. We suggest you to buy the black or blue.

One both colors offer different feeling and sensation rather than the mainstream colors like silver or gold. We also chose black due to its elegant and premium appearance its backside shows reflection of light in form of shining vertical line this part actually belongs to its fingerprint magnet. However the attached fingerprint cannot be seen clearly in other words it would not bother your eyes despite its 57 inch screen samsung manages to compress the whole dimension of galaxy note. 7.

This smartphone has a very effective proportion of body and screen since there is not much wasted. Area the top and bottom sides of the screen are only around 15. Cm regardless its wide screen. It can still be held using one hand besides being impressive and elegant galaxy note.

7. Is solid as well its body seems to be solid with a gorilla glass. 5. Plated alloy screen in its front side and a gorilla glass.

5. Plated metal in the backside. Meanwhile..


The placement of s pen is just the same as its previous series it can go in and out just by clicking galaxy note. 7. Is also samsung s first smartphone that uses type c usb port another supremacy. It brings is that its water and dust proof ip68 certification.

Unfortunately since there are a lot of cases involving explosion of the battery. We were discouraged to try its waterproof capability galaxy note 7 comes with os android 601 and combined with touchwiz that brings edge screen feature in it similar to galaxy s7 edge the periphery of the screen can show many kinds of information and shortcut to any applications or contacts you can also download and install edge screen application thru samsung store yet it is not always free while it is locked and off the periphery of the screen can show information such as notifications or updates on latest news as well by touching it like this moreover. If you put it upside down. And there comes notification or incoming calls.

The periphery of the screen will show flash of light besides edge screen feature of galaxy s7 edge. Which is very useful galaxy note. 7. Also has a super exclusive feature s.

Pen up to today. Samsung s s. Pen. Is unsurpassable by releasing s.

Pen. Although. Smartphone is locked. You will be able to write off its screen s.

Pen is also supported by air command. Which can accommodate six shortcuts like this you do not need to worry of losing s pen cause your smartphone will notify you if s pen is not in its place this feature only activates when the screen is off aside of its excellent responsivity and accuracy s pen on galaxy note. 7. Is even smarter.

Now there are three new capabilities. That are offered the first one is translate to quickly translate words this feature needs internet connection for it uses google translate database the second one is magnify to zoom specific area in the screen the. Zoom level starts from..


150 up to 300 . The third one is glance to minimize an opened application and change it into a thumbnail that can be reopened in a full screen. Only by hovering s. Pen at the top of the thumbnail.

The last one is its capability to easily transform a video that is currently being played into an animated gif file. Another stand out feature that is offered is its security system aside of having fingerprint scanner galaxy note. 7. Is also equipped by iris scanner as long as it is in an area with enough lighting.

The sensor can detect retina in less than two seconds. Although. The function is not that much iris scanner at least becomes a plus value for galaxy note. 7.

Users. This feature makes lockscreen that uses pattern or pin. Looks old fashioned. Galaxy note.

7. Which will soon be available in indonesia. Uses cpu octa core exynos 8890. 4.

Gb ram and 64 gb storage. The performance of its processor is slightly below snapdragon 820 s therefore the antutu score can only reach 104000. Points yet honestly if it has reached more than 100000 points. You can run any kinds of applications.

Especially to those who enjoy playing games or watching videos its screen will spoil your eyes thanks to quad hd resolution super amoled panel and 1000. Nits brightness its screen becomes the best one compared to other smartphones. However there is always something that needs to be sacrificed in this..


Case battery samsung equips this smartphone with 3500 mah battery obviously it supports fast charging yet the average screen on time is only 35. Hours. While its configuration of brightness is under 50 percent and without playing games. What s interesting is that samsung allows us to change the screen resolution from quad.

Hd to 720p hd or. 1080p full hd. When we lower it the battery s sot finally reaches 5 hours in the end. It is in the user s hands whether you choose to have the best screen quality or to have a more efficient battery.

Speaking of which the moment of charging its battery is very intense to us due to the battery explosion news. Luckily the unit. We have is fine in spite of its process of battery charging delivers a high temperature. Which is 38 degree celcius this temperature reoccurs while playing games.

This is not a surprise since the backside is made of metal besides its beautiful design. We adore its accuracy and s. Pen velocity. It is as comfortable.

As writing on a piece of paper using a pencil plus s. Pen can also be used in a different level of suppression. For drawing needs. Other androids have 16 mp or even 23 mp.

Camera. Yet samsung is still very confident with its 12 mp camera. Their decision is proved to be correct that resolution is not everything its camera is extraordinary fast while aiming and capturing pictures. The result of taking pictures with enough lights or not is as good equipped by 12 mp.

Resolutions. The camera is sharp enough even to zoom several times to take picture during night time or low light. We suggest you to use manual mode..


By adjusting iso configuration and shutter speed so that the result is still. Crispy another camera capability that amazes us is its f. 17. Aperture.

The result can be seen in the following. Pictures that we took using manual mode. The bokeh effect is very dramatic and satisfying. The main camera can also record 60 fps full hd video and 4k.

30. Fps video. The result is very good yet. We think that it is still not as good as iphone 6 s meanwhile galaxy note.

7. Still uses 5 mp. Resolutions for its front facing camera to selfie freaks note. 7 s front camera is still not as good as cheaper smartphones like asus zenfone 3.

Xiaomi mi 5 or oppo f1 plus aside of the battery explosion galaxy note. 7. Deserves the title of the best productive smartphone. This year great appearance dual edge display waterproof best screen excellent camera and an even more responsive and accurate s.

Pen. And that s the review. If still have question. Please write a comment below subscribe droidlime s channel and download our apps on google play ” .


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