Rowkin Base Line True Wireless Earbuds LONG BATTERY LIFE!

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“Is going on guys today we are doing a quick unboxing and first impressions video video of the broken baseline true wireless earbuds. These guys are long lasting earbuds that came off a successful indiegogo campaign. But before i jump into any more details on these guys i just want to say that if this is your first time to the channel welcome to plug and play my name is jada and the goal of this channel is to help you guys make a better tech buying decision now if that sounds like something you re interested in and you want to see more reviews and other tech related videos just like this one please consider subscribing to the channel hit that bell notification. So you don t miss any other videos now with that out of the way let s jump in in unboxings bad boys.

So for some quick context here broken has been one of my favourite brands of earbud makers for a very very long time. I did another review on the broken dissent. Plus charges and they were they were one of my favorite pairs of earbuds. I still use them on a regular basis.

I really really like their products and so. When i found out that they were making a new product line called base and there s two different models. The thing we re gonna be taking a look at the base line model. Which is the which is the higher end of the two new products that they re coming out with like i said they just got off of an indiegogo campaign that was successful and i believe that these guys are all shipping out right now to the backers.

But you can still pre order. Them. And you can still order them directly on the indiegogo page. I put a link as usual guys down in the description below.

So you can check that out again keep in mind that it is an affiliate link. So if you do end up purchasing something through that link. I do make a small commission. But again this is not an ad.

This is not sponsored. I m not doing this video because they are paying me to do so this is literally. Because i m excited about this product. And i want to show it to you guys and again as usual to help you guys make a better tech buying decision.

So with that out of the way. Let s open these guys up and see what we get alright guys. So the packaging is pretty straightforward when you get it it s it s a matte finished box. Very straightforward.

It s got some cool details on the side here. But other than that so we got the baseline earbuds. These are black. I don t know if they come in any other colors.

But they are they re pretty straightforward packaging. You got a magnetic little flip here and we open it up and so we have elevate your sound..

So we got basics here s the basic controls. This is actually pretty nice so you ve got this touch controls. Which is great so touch controls on these guys. Which is fantastic super.

Excited about that here s your control breakdown. So you got left and right single tap for volume down volume up so volume controls on earbuds. Thank you so much so right off the bat. We have volume control and we ve got touch controls.

Very very happy with this so far double tap on the left. For a voice assistant. A double tap on the right for play pause. And then you ve got your hold left and right your buds for skip.

And you got your you know your answering calls all those stuff. So here. They are wow. This case is super super tiny.

I mean look at that in the palm of my hand you can see how small this case is very very tiny case microusb charging here. Which is good to know looks like we got three little led indicators on the front here with the base logo. There let s take a look and let s open these guys up so here s the case again very very compact. Very small.

Which is nice you ve got a lot of rounded edges everything is smooth and rounded so it looks like it s gonna slip in and out it s kind of a matte finish so it s not not super super glossy. But i can see that it is picking up a little bit of fingerprints. Which is not a huge deal of the case. I mean realistically this thing is gonna be in your backpack and your purse or in your pocket.

So i wouldn t be too concerned about that so let s open these guys up and see what the earbuds themselves look like so opening these guys up got a flip top. I like the fact that the flip top locks into place and it s magnetically closed so very very durable not gonna open up. But when you open it you can hear the clicking really in there. So you can see the leds that light up as well to show the battery life indicator.

So three battery life indicator there open these guys up and it locks in place so it actually goes all the way back. First stage is just kind of flopped open and then it locks in place. Which is really nice so that helps you kind of just you know if you re gonna pull these guys out it helps to keep the case open there so i ve already taken these out of the box. Once and peeled a little plastic.

They come with a little plastic cover over the contacts. I just wanted to get them charged..

But here s the earbuds themselves so very very cool looking these are very reminiscent of your your apple earpods right. So you re gonna have the bulb that goes in the ear. Here. And then you ve got that long piece that comes down below.

And so there s a lot of different things that they can do with this they can put a lot of technology in this in this arm. Here that comes down as well as in the bulb. So you can get bigger batteries you know radios for bluetooth. Things.

Like that you can put more technology in here and one of the big things that i want to mention that these guys have is these guys have up to 8 hours of playtime per listening session. So what i mean by that is normally when you re looking at true bios earbuds. You re looking at how you know they like to combine the battery life they like you know. 24 hours of battery life.

Well that is the battery life for the whole setup. So that is the listening sessions as well as the case and so these guys get 8. Hours. On one charge.

So these guys you can put these earbuds in for 8 hours. And get a tear with 8 hours of battery life. And so i ll do some some advanced testing. Some extended testing on these guys once i get you know into the full review.

And i ll have a full review on these guys coming up and if if you re watching this video right now if i ve done the full review. It s gonna be popping up above my head. I ll also put it at the end screen at the end of this video. And i will also put a link down in the description below if you re not seeing any of those things that means that i haven t done the review.

Yet so again if you re watching this video. And i ve done the review. You re gonna see those thing popping up here momentarily. So keep an eye out for that you ve got a matte finish.

Which is really nice. This is going to be the rokan that the base logo. Here is gonna be your touch sensor. You ve got nice soft gel pads here just standard gel now one thing.

I m gonna notice right off the bat is the shape of this case and i m gonna try and get it angled so you can see this very clearly you can you can see that these guys fit in here. Exactly..

And they fit in magnetically. They magnetically slap snap into the case. Which is really nice. It is a molded shaped case so you re not gonna be able to put any comply foam tips on here you know anything that s not built to fit this exact shape is not gonna fit in here.

So keep that in mind alright. So let s pull these guys out. So. I ve got them paired up with my phone.

Pairing was really easy. When you pull them out of the case. The very first time they go into pairing mode. You look for them on your phone and the bluetooth settings you pair them up and it s it s very straightforward very simple right off the bat just putting them straight in i automatically.

I immediately have a seal and i m using the medium tipped earbuds that came pre installed on the the rokan. The broken base lines here. And i have i have pretty good noise isolation. They sealed right up which is really really convenient.

I don t have to do i m not gonna have to i m not gonna change anything. That s pretty sweet. The seal is really good they re very comfortable there they re definitely not yeah. They re definitely not coming out of my ears.

They feel pretty secure you know i would have to try them and in a workout in a running scenario or something like that but you know for the most part they feel very secure in here. The touch controls work the touch control worked really well so that s nice so i m running these guys at about 80 volume. It s where i like to listen to my music is about 80 volume. Not a high volume kind of guy.

So let s see we got going on here. Okay. So i can already tell from the very beginning here that these are definitely gonna have some bass to them highs are nice very clean oh okay yeah okay so i m gonna i m gonna hit pop i m gonna hit pause right there and i m gonna put these guys down so real talk real talk about the rokan bass lines. These guys right here.

Okay. The sound is very very good that was that was a great listening experience so again. I ve listened to that just that one song really quick. I just wanted to give you guys that that initial first impression.

But the sound is really good okay it hit very crisp highs. I felt i heard the mids..

Very very well represented and then the bass was a nice deep bass. It wasn t overpowering. It wasn t flat. It wasn t like you know muffle.

It was it was a very clean bass that i could honestly that i felt like i could feel you ve got dual cvc noise cancellation. We ve got eight hours of play time on a single charge. Which is which is huge touch controls with volume controls. Volume controls work really really well.

It s a single tap on either earbud to go up right as up left us. Down so that works out really well instant pairing with bluetooth 50. That worked out great siri and google assistant. I ll test that and i ll put that in my review and fast charging so far from my first impressions.

They are delivering on just about everything that i would be looking for right touch controls super long battery life eight hours of battery life again guys. I can t stress that enough that s huge alright sound quality fantastic. I m very happy with the experience so far with the broken bass lines and and i m looking forward to testing out those battery life because they hit eight hours of battery life. Oh man.

I m telling you they are a contender in the game right now. So that s it for me right now hopefully. This video was helpful for you if you guys are looking for more information on the rokan baselines. Keep your eyes open for a full review coming.

Very soon again. If you re watching this video. Right now. And then the review is out.

I will put a b. There will be a link at the end screen. And the link down in the description below to the full review so look for that if you re seeing this video. If it s not linked either of those places that means i haven t done it yet so keep that in mind guys.

But hopefully. This was helpful for you hopefully this helps you guys make a better tech buying decision again link is in the description below. But guys. That s it for me and i will see ” .


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