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“Music. Hello welcome to this episode of hampton roads. Business. Live.

My name is rory. Rory. Graham. And i m your host and today.

We have the pleasure of having us. Mike ward from the project management solutions group in hampton virginia. Welcome mike thank you thank you for having me let s just start off with an overview of your company. What exactly is for project management.

Solutions group. Quite a name yes. It is i only had 10 minutes to make it we are a project and program management company. That also does a staff augmentation.

Ok all right and and so so what can you dig into that just a little bit more who do you serve you serve employers employees. We serve both actually we have what is called our discovery. Our eight point system to where we find out what the employer wants and and we also try and find the best team or the best individuals to help that employer be more successful..


Okay and and now you re new into the area yes. And so what kind of an impact are you looking to have in our area hopefully a positive impact. We ve discovered that there hasn t been very many staff augmentation companies that actually have an outreach to the community and that s where i think we can make a very successful endeavor. Okay so so why is your company of the project management solutions.

Group. Why are you a good fit for employers here in the area. Because we try to find out what they ve done to make themselves successful and we just try to augment it okay all right and and now how about on the other side. The employee side on the employee side.

We do something different than most i believe we actually sit down with each candidate find out where they come from what they ve done what the resume does not say and get to know them well enough to where we can stand forward to the client. So that gives you the opportunity to create a better fit correct okay all right. And is that the thing that sets you all apart. You think well today everything is so automated you just send in a resume and maybe you ll get a call.

But nobody gets to know you whereas. We have endeavored to sit down with each and every candidate teach them how to fill out paperwork how to present themselves in front of a client and have an overall professional feel for how we want them to perform okay and and this this is gives you the opportunity to learn a lot more about them that is correct and do you see that there s a lot of difference. I mean like for instance. If you re interviewing welders you see you know they re not.

All welders are exactly like a lot no they all right yeah. So a lot lot bring a lot more to the table than others. Yes..


So this gives you the chance to be able to utilize that when you re trying to match them up right yes. But for each discipline. You have a certain type of conversation right and with that conversation you also want to dig into the into their past as far as their personality. Their family sometimes you just find out more about them in the whole not just what they do as a profession.

Okay now you do a lot with veterans right yes. We ll talk about that yeah. Well as a former member of the united states coast guard of course who we look for veterans first because we give and take instructions really well. I m sure they have a lot of other things yeah yeah.

But we re on camera. Now so be nice. You ll be nice all right well. It s good all right.

So what s the typical waiting period from the time you receive a requisition. I know i asked you this before i was surprised by the answer from the time. You receive a requisition from an organization to the time of having it filled with a qualified applicant and i was surprised by what you told us well normally it takes us two days. But if we have that person in our database usually takes us anywhere from four to six hours.

Well. That s that s incredibly fast for me so so do you provide skill training no. But we do provide workshops..


The workshops that we that we put on have increased our employee fold our employee base tenfold. Okay. Now your company has been around wow. Yes and and so what are some of the positive accolades and all that you ve gotten because that we really care that s the bottom line with both our clients and with our employees.

They really care about the employee. With which is why we give the best benefits. The best 401k plans and we also get paid time off so we give them what they need what the employer is most happy about is that we have that personal touch. We go in and we talk with them we talked to department heads and we find out how we re doing how we re performing and how our people are performing you know looking over the literature about your company um.

It strikes. Me that if you re finding really matching a person a profession of something they love to do and you re matching that right person with the right job or right employer. That s going to make a much happier relationship between employee and employer or it s going to be done setter fit. Which is going to be good for everybody as a win win right that is correct okay all right so.

What s the normal process for someone you know seeking a job well first. We asked them to either send their resume to us at hr aap msg us or they can call our 800. Number or toll. Free.

Number rather. Which is 844 job p. Msg..


And from there. We talked to them have them come in fill out paperwork bring their resume and just interview them there okay it sounds pretty simple and now what about a company that s interested in knowing more about you well our website of course. It s wwe msg us. Which is being worked on right now and the company again can give us a call and we ll come and do a presentation and let them know what our services are okay all right and is there anything i haven t mentioned that you would like to mention.

No. I think that s just about it well i know and i know you ve been very successful in other areas of the country. And we welcome you here to hampton roads. And i wish your great deal of success there so if you are looking for employees or if you are looking for to change change your employment.

You might want to give mike a call the contact information is at the end of this video. And it s also at the bottom of this page. And they they will be able to set up time to talk with you and hopefully. There ll be a match.

And i thank you very much for coming in today. Thank you for your time. Sir thanks music music music. ” .


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Project Management Solutions Group – Mike Ward

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