Principles for Success: Embrace Reality and Deal With It Episode 2

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“Principles for success an ultra mini series nadventure in 30 minutes. And in eight episodes. Episodes. Episode.

Two embrace nreality and deal with it the path you take in life nyour. Most important decision in my case. I wanted my life to be great and i feared boredom and mediocrity more than i feared failure since i didn t start out with money and i didn t need much nmore than a bed to sleep in and food to eat i could skew my decisions to pursue my adventures so ever since i was a kid ni ran after the things i wanted crashed got up and ran again and crashed again and each time. I crashed.

I nlearned something got better and crashed less by doing that over and over again..

I learned to love this process. Even the crashing part of it through it i encountered reality. And i learned how to deal with it which inspired another one of nmy. Most fundamental principles.

Which is that truth is nthe essential foundation for producing good outcomes by truth. I don t mean anything more than the way the world works. I believe that we were given nthe laws of reality by nature humans didn t create nthem but we can use them to foster our own evolution nand achieve our goals realizing that made me a hyperrealist by which i mean. I became nsomeone who has discovered the great rewards of deeply nunderstanding.

Accepting and working with reality as it is and not as i wish it would be when i say i m a hyperrealist npeople..

Sometimes think i m saying that dreams can t come true that s absolutely not true without pursuing dreams life is mundane. What i mean is that to me. Nhyperrealism is the best way to choose one s dreams. Nand.

Then achieve them having big dreams. Plus nembracing reality. Plus. Having lots of determination will nbring you a successful life.

I believe this formula nis true for everyone..

But what does a successful life look like we each have to decide for nourselves. What success is i don t care whether you want nto be a master of the universe or to live under a palm ntree or anything else i really don t each of us. Chooses goals based non our values and decides on the best path to achieve nthem. But we all need approaches to making decisions that work nwell especially when facing problems mistakes and nweaknesses that stand in our way to succeed.

We must nembrace all our realities. Especially the harsh realities nthat. We wish weren t true at first looking at these nharsh realities caused me a lot of pain. But i learned nthat this pain was just psychological and that by nseeing things differently made all the difference.

I came to view problems like npuzzles that would reward me if i could solve them they would help me deal nwith..

The problem at hand and they would give me nprinciples for dealing with similar problems in the future. I learned to treat pain as na cue that a great learning opportunity is at hand nwhich led me to realize that pain. Plus. Reflection.

Equals progress meditation has been invaluable in helping me see things that way i found that when i calmed myself down and embraced my realities nand dealt with them the rewards brought me npleasure and the pain faded each of us has the unique ncapability to think logically to reflect on ourselves nand our circumstances and to direct our own personal evolution doing this well is just na matter of following a simple five step process in episode three. We ll nexplore. What that process is and how to use it ” ..


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