Phones Are Getting Weirder…

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“Has got to be the weirdest gadget that i ve had on a show in in a very long time first off you look at this thing and you re okay. That s nuts the caliber of the print out here is a bit suspect. Then you look at the name. You re like s.

Pen well isn t that a thing. That samsung puts inside of the note series. Well those are numbers. Those are buttons.

It looks like a phone that s because it is a phone and now you re just in banana land. What s going on sync. Contacts music voice changer. A micro sim and it can store 500 contacts.

So different. And so weird first thing. You see is the sim tool and some plastic with nothing in it a very short microusb cable..


No power brick no power brick. How much does this cost will does this have a price wheels. Telling me to be be nice. Because this is a prototype and so that s fair okay fine.

It s a prototype it s still on kickstarter currently we ll starting to feel bad right now well do you feel the need to come on camera right now to rectify the situation. I ll hear you out they ll hear you out what do you got so it s still a prototype. But all the features are there it s got some pretty cool things man somebody s patent will wallet again go on go on this thing has a dual camera. It has a laser pointer.

A voice recorder. A radio okay so you recommend that everybody that s watching this go buy this right now. It actually starts at 50 bucks. Which is not bad so this is will dues official recommendation official selection well let s say that you know yeah well it s still in the package and you re already selling it.

But nonetheless. It s still bananas admit that oh yeah. 50 bucks is something i feel like i could have as a novelty without feeling too guilty oh i m just going like this now trending you know what yeah okay it works in spen instead of my s pen everyday carry or what edc baby..


There you go. Well. That s hard to imagine uh. There s the camera right.

There is that a headphone jack seems like today that looks like a laser pointer right ah that s the laser pointer. What you think your buddy. Barry thing must be a fat wallet your screen powering up zanko menu. This will be your menu.

Oh you know what the nav here is not bad. Hilly. Jack. It s any time.

A selfie time ready in three two one. Yeah. Not enough memory..


Oh okay. Good. I don t know why i m kind of into this. Yeah.

Should i put my sim card in here. You didn t think i would there s a sim card slot. Here we go guaranteed in the comments. Lou you should use that exclusively never been to funkytown.

Well. What s your phone number four one six. So it has the voice changers. We ve seen this in phones before this is kind of fun.

I don t know i don t know that s i don t know well yeah. Hey would you use this no you wouldn t use it for what are you crazy man like i m gonna carry this thing around plus that thing where do i put this this should be their kickstarter right here. The nav is surprisingly decent..


It s better actually than i expected to move around the little tiny interface there the cameras. I don t always gonna use that the fact that it can act as a bluetooth dialer like you can hook. It up to your smartphone and not pull. The sim card out that s kind of cool as well.

But you know it s a novelty thing. It s a bit of fun mm hmm well you gotta have a bit of fun. Yeah. I don t get that much fun.

Yeah. Yeah. I know i just i heard the last phone call you had with that girl that you met it sounds like a nightmare. It s a bit imaginative but from a practicality standpoint.

There s just a lot of features that probably no one or a lot of people would use there s a lot in there okay. So you re buying one i mean they gave me a few already so no no can we just end off with this shot here what s up ” ..

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