Philippine Economy – 2015 Review

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“Big surprise. A big booster for you guys here. So. What can we really put put it down to a good morning.

Wish. I think we just shown that we been able to this structural group capacity of the country by presented a half the average over the past six years has been six point two percent. Which is the highest. We ve had in 40 years and again the reason for this is sustained and dependable consumption.

But at the same time an increasingly capital formation is investment for..

Example the last quarter showed an increase of about 135. Percent. The other important thing is the role of services services. Growth export growth in the last quarter was over thirty percent.

Really led by videos as well as tourism in fact ppo industry hit about the 12. Billion employment and maria 20 16. Or 17. It will be about equal so limited so the two of them combined will bring in an excess of a billion dollars.

And this will further strengthen our structural..

Current account surplus situation. Which means that we can continue to find consumption. Our fiscal space is strong and that means we can continue to fund investment in infrastructure. Which all goes well for the future secretary whether you know that in mind.

I mean what are we looking for the rest of the year and how does that in effect also change monetary policy. If at all well i think if you look at the last four quarters. I think we d shown that there is on an upward trajectory and since the first half of the year. We re going to an election historically that added to that gdp by about half a percent.

So i think you know the next year..

I be cautiously optimistic about doing better than we ve got in 20 secretary. Know that you ve already said in the interview about how you want to reduce your dependence on remittances. This is a hard nut to crack. Though is it not so if i m talking to you let s say this time next year.

What are we going to be talking about in terms of remittances as a percentage of of money coming into the country well i increasingly it s a less pain. Less of a role. Because ppos have been growing dramatically in fact as i mentioned earlier it winds up crack at your path remittances in terms of amount in a year or so and then increasingly with improving tourism of the country. It s becoming a third strong leg in our current account story.

Because of course..

Many know that the philippines is one of the world s most mineralized countries. And we ve been working on improving the regulatory environment need to make sure that it s a win win proposition. If it was you see the doctor need a commodity in the future. Then that can become a force so let s own religion is it important but we re increasingly diversifying the source of foreign ” .


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