PES 6 – UEFA Champions League 08/09 Episode 4: LAST 16 1ST LEG!

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“We reviewed the core i7. 59. 60. X.

Here. An 8 core. Hyper. Threaded ddr4 ddr4 fueled monster of a computer processor that seems to be positioned as the elite cpu and gaming systems among boutique system builders and yet doesn t appear at first glance at least to offer a compelling improvement over a more mainstream and much less expensive ddr3 equipped quad core processor.

Like the core i7 4790k. Perhaps. There is more to this than meets the eye. Though like how i ve been using an iphone 6 for a couple weeks.

I mean actually that one s pretty easy. I have a review coming subscribe so you don t miss it anyway back to cpu performance for now. Though corsair gaming. Rgb keyboards.

Feature precision cherry on x rgb key switches for sixteen point eight million color. Perky. Backlighting for virtually unlimited customization click now to learn more so here s the problem with the way that benchmarks are typically run in a cpu review in order to isolate as many variables as possible and keep the results as reproducible as possible. This is the correct way to do things scientifically speaking by the way background processes on the system are kept in check.

So. Only. The applications being benchmarked at a given time are run and fresh system images are loaded very regularly to ensure random extra junk isn t interfering with getting the best results possible. However in the real world.

A more cluttered environment. The kind where you ve got you know a thousand sometimes poorly coded random apps in the system tray like bloated gaming peripheral software antivirus game streaming voip clients printer auto updaters etc is often times more realistic and beyond that power users and prosumers may be interested to know how their system will perform in games. When they intentionally have a demanding application running in the background. So the test.

I set up is based on a worst case scenario for a prosumer like a game streamer. Some of he s heavily into gaming and uses their gaming rig for some content creation as well so here s my hypothetical scenario. Our pro streamer just finished editing together a highlight reel in sony. Vegas pro.

12. And is rendering. The file. Then he or she wants to fire up a game.

We ll use far cry. 3. At 1080p ultra. Details with 8x nsaa wants to stream a four mention game on twitch using the fast preset with an hd webcam feed in the corner.

Using xsplit wants to use screen capture to have a buddy skype in to join the stream and then while all that s happening an antivirus scan starts running in the background so for the test. I used an asus rampage. 5. Extreme motherboard with a core i7.

59. 60. X. Then i used the handy.

Dandy. Multiplier. Adjustments that all k and x. Series chips have along with a seuss s manual turbo boost controls and hyper threading toggle to simulate the performance of all the other cpus in the test.

So i m using this the same platform same os everything so there are two different ways to evaluate the performance of our system. Here first up we can look strictly at average fps in our game. Over a two minute span. At the beginning of my benchmark the overclocked eight core runs away with this.

But not everyone overclocks and that stock speed our quad core 4790k with hyper threading does just as well as our stock 59 six the x. Which costs about three times. As much presumably thanks to its high turbo clock speed of four point two to four point four gigahertz. Adding minimum frame rates to the mix gives us a little bit more insight.


Though now we can see that our six core seems to be struggling a bit thanks to its lower core count or lower clock speed compared to the other competitors depending on which one we re looking at it against and even though on average our quad cores hold up against our eight core the dips in framerate are 20 lower. Which would normally be okay. But what the numbers don t even tell us here is how noticeable the hitching and stuttering is in each of those configs. The eight core configs on the other and both ran the game with smoother animations and the six core stuttered.

Occasionally. But better than the quad course. The quad core. With hyper threading was noticeable.

But usable and the quad core. Without hyper threading. Was basically unplayable. And you can see a full explanation for why these fps numbers might look ok.

Even though. The animations are terrible in the video linked here. But there s another completely different angle. That we can use to examine this torture test scenario to give us a clearer idea of how the chips are holding up to the load.

How well was the stuff in the background. Running well first let s have a look at dropped frames in the twitch stream. Only our non. Hyper threaded quad.

Core dropped frames. Here. So we can see that our simulated 4690k was really struggling to multitask like this in a way that the others weren t now finally we can look at render times. It s a one minute chunk of my corsair gaming k70 rgb keyboard video that i exported at 1080p with cpu encoding while everything else was running and this is where we see the men separated from the boys our hyper threaded.

6. Core stutters less in game and renders. The video a full two minutes faster than the hyper threaded quad. Core.

Even. Though. Its average frame. Rates are not as good.

Then our a core improves frame rates. Smooths out gameplay completely and. Knocks another 40. Seconds off the render time with our overclocked.

44. Gigahertz. Eight core delivering smooth gameplay. The best frame rates out of all the configs and also it manages to render the video in a third.

The time of our similarly. Clocked quad core. With hyper threading. So in conclusion.

Am. I saying. Any of this is the kind of thing. A normal user will encounter every day or am.

I saying that this is the only way to achieve butter smooth. Gaming while working on projects in the. Background absolutely not using a device with an onboard. H264.

Encoder setting up a separate machine for capture or utilizing. A network. Render farm are all strategies that might actually be more elegant depending on the exact workload. No the point this video was just to explore the effects of an overwhelming workload on a variety of different configs and have a look at what those lucky dogs with 8 core extreme.

Editions can throw at their machines before they even really start to feel it and the answer. I guess is a whole. Heck of a lot guys thanks for watching like this video. If you liked it dislike it if you disliked.


It leave a comment. Letting me know was this about what you were expecting did you think it would be able to handle much more did you think even the 8 core would suffer love to hear from you guys also check out the link in the video description you can give us a monthly contribution to help support us to make videos you can buy a t shirt cool one like this which does the same thing or you can change your amazon bookmark to one with our affiliate code. So we get a small kickback. Whenever you buy cpus or tape or stands or whatever else.

It is you buy on amazon. I actually got these on amazon great great product. Very inexpensive anyway thanks again for watching and as always don t forget to subscribe. power was always gonna be the winner plant even near the target.

Jannetty had mantini in mind never mind when teeny black sitting. In suggested. Costanzo time is running out for ai. N t amanda s safe face mangiamo.

Oh they could have stubborn goalkeeper between the sticks swung in a bitch. It s a land level space. They re blushes by the swede disturb the naviance and the man keeps his command skills alive and excellence literally. But everybody in the dog knows the ibrahimovic it s an absolute bugger to deal with in the air charisma cuts inside the stream.

Somalians algae are my the bicycle kick not internal and lumpy port. Adriana. The sutra. Oh howie s waited all season to see something like that for that man the emperor ante on a brazilian bazooka.

An ante atomic bombs at bikini atoll. Eva are they have birth delivered at the giuseppe maxo perplexes. Our treats through the oceans of inter automatically come back from inter milan. They are halfway there it s intamin to fc basel.

One european knights are the merseyside to light liverpool already buried one half of redress at the red colton. But the galactica s may need a bigger grave it s a non starter fare here and i filled two unsuccessfully gets it over the world plucked up the sky by a fictitious opportunity here from madrid. Robin swears. It to vanish away vanish away of course.

No stranger to merseyside live. A broken break. This starts with pennant to give him guru tara track in the man and jemaine clement completes. It robbie keane squares.

It s a good memory torres. Anyone took today believer will take the lead and that marks the second madrid side for men. The toyota scored against in this competition. Where medusa s offense quarter.

Uncharacteristically counter attack to liverpool. Well great. Footwork twinkling fruit little pools solid back for us later. We re over to the wasted no time.

He s sending a reply literally less than a minute. I m an betray that cancer that liverpool s leaves and then suddenly had the away goal for the framing of both friends they practically they snider stroll through the backline woman swears. It to his countrymen. Vanessa roy doesn t quite play structure.

If it s enough to skin off the palms of reina god. I am. Lovin let s turn a roger rabbit rate and now anfield has been standard the silence. It s a soft growl to continue to keep we really should be dealing with anything that comes into that six yard area.

Where madrid all right like this robin snaps. One that the keeper enhances keeping the pressure on one minute. Maybe time. And say the spanish prince that s just a guy messer livable ever since deceived in a second goal liverpool have been trying to keep their head above the water.

But where i m until they ve kept pushing them back below the surface and advanced from gerard taking matters into his own hands. Good seaman. The net points tomica further ways to sending me hard to clip. These balls.

It s slick it s wet well sources tackle from van der vaart kept alive by robin living dominated throughout the group stages. But they ve met a different classroom and madrid. We can t figure out a way to escape their own heart and right wall in precarious position magnets lie. Variety.


If lamesa mark to the fantastic sentence from a material. They formed a brilliant team goal around eight passes in total. I counted run of art win the ball back on the left hand side made his way to the other side of the pitch. Without leaving the ground here comes king close relation for keen perhaps oh.

He ll be able to liverpool to summon a sense of istanbul as he travel to madrid is living who won grabbed it before and now the tooth dark horse is in a champions league come face to face porto. The two time european champions. Very nearly made it a third in our time pc played through in the channel back on pes fight. Faced.

Very talented were the bremen side. Who stood the lease goals of any last 16 team lucho gonz lez dazzling his way precisely hang on the plates perfect start reporter idea. Study at the devourer is taken to server. 10 minutes for the dragon is a brief fire into this game converted of the weak foot to not by the tool good pass from fringe diego please back and fix it in water call from the other there are players in the game to only needs literally a fraction of a second half the chance and they were forced into that category look at this it s like a basketball shot.

Doesn t need to be the tool 10 minutes ago. Until. Halftime butcher have a corner shut down knock down to benitez that s a splendid passivity guess. But drink this should be making to keep it work from where though diego this hour in possession.

It s it s alright. Oh kisses the crossbar relates to holt who generates so much power from standing the deep boolean and it s likely to on lopez. He takes full advantage of shumpert defending from brother. It s a place for lethal is angela place.

It s a great purchase go from the center. But where on earth where in portugal. Was where the bromas defense. That s an ambitious pass almeida would have been pretty if he could still against his former club.

Ben stiller s angela pierce s porter to murder. One celtic have gone from the future of dreams in manchester. United in creepy to him the cathedral of concern is the company for the most valiant fight of their lives against the heavy favorites from the champions league. The high scoring.

Barcelona. Jerry and we will keep this alive. By his time cuts inside. Ah.

Here is hinkle. Sam is left wide open that s all it takes for barcelona to go down to celtic. It s like surrounded by options for by choice in the answer. It will only sully has one job to tea and if it gets out to do it takes to know and there s a kind of desperation from porec.

I will stop roundness is squashed chevy. I need to counter that everybody can see coming some of us surely sam last time i saw this then it s for the subscribe to the lifetime. Everybody s wondering how barcelona went 45 minutes left scoring a result it whatever dean themself saracen and all but maybe not maybe been given toledo messy. But i swear the defender the embarrassment and leah messi is hardly gonna beat x 1.

4. Call to his name he s a good passer. Meta. Leo.

Messi kozlov. A fortune comes up the shin of gary. Caldwell. Nakamura.

He s been dying to cut inside on that left foot to game look at the way. Barcelona. Searching forward in numbers when that time doesn t himself. Anyway.

He s taken an hour you must longer than anybody spread his celtic glass. But barcelona finally have a cushion against celtic. It s going there before for the cameroonian king. He is in flirtatious form lined up for magee knee strong hands from victor validus.

In here. Sir knocks. It back into play and subsequent courts out saying it ll spread abroad a he s gone and if it wasn t for archer burrage. Sure.


Six will be dead and buried yaya tour. Coming one o clock. Less these tips over by the keeper four minutes left and shabby makes. It a third barcelona are gonna have an easy like in glasgow.

That s for sure. It s a ping er from shabby such a clatter brakes. Haven t touched the ball to the majority of this second half here we are me carrying it forward for barcelona. They re like cyborgs they are not science.

When samuel airtight schools. The force the force that makes the celtic consider forfeit their team s tally up to five goals incredible certain have been slaughtered at the new campus barcelona port celtic nil. So we go from the aforementioned capital of concern to the theater of dreams. We ve arguably saved the best for last the european champions manchester.

United continue the second half of their defence of the european championship against and that witless olympic leon inside benzema pudding ferdinand and village our position into the middle technology top 30s leonid and all trusted. And it s come much earlier than expected. Leon s our toughness is the last thing. Manchester united needed was to be a goal down moony just waiting for christian as i have his back.

And he s slightly under hilary s luck tonight under a door. Where simply says so let us see us seven. And it s just like any other game up north. It s a lead class without by a very very quick reply two goals in 15 minutes.

We have a long way to go yet to the lung nominates himself to come forward his frozen face. And it s stuffing on the turn good catch. Tremendous are united looking the miss startled by leon on the flanks. It s never crossed him now bends him up here s to the long versus skulls.

When to make the target shut down taniya fix it in the game. Printed. My article sisters place. After resilience problem.

This pitman would ve over second goal in his kids. Karim benzema. Who has me nerves arouse the interest of manchester united they follow them closely jelena with the good way is at the bar benjamin pendleton in to the brace. What is happening to manchester united curran pentamer is giving the european champions have front row seats as his potential.

The best team in europe is providing the worst defensive displays in europe. Carrot. Muniz. Flint louis.

Says it straight out of any crack cooked with a forward from dimitar berbatov manchester. United had a lifeline they pulled one back it s game on here in old trafford. If the gc deficit just in time before the break. And there will be a fourth car for dimitar berbatov chris has gave it away to permit sox rudy.

The united could restart the school just before half time all night what the hell happened there carrot party. Son never director character couldn t provide an effective cross with his position. Well now the loonie down the line good safe from lewis park powering. Forward with babbitt off to his left.

And he slowed down a little giving leon. A chance to achieve great back into the middle berbatov rooney it comes off of the beasts and it doesn t matter how it just matters that united a back to square one and the european champions have resumed their fighting chance of defending their title. It s not the end of the world to leon they still have three away goals janina benzema pass the coin all alone. But it doesn t mean they clark benzema nearly gets a hat trick well it s a thrilling game.

At old trafford. It s manchester united free olympic. Leon free world. The first leg of the round of 16 ends with goals in every single game some freely encounters in the champions league diego forl n.

And samuel eto o have climbed to the top of the go scoring charts with five goals each thank you for watching the second leg will come a midweek libba native addictions. We will turn around we will save their club in the midweek replay. I hope you are all a safe and well wherever you are in the world and i will ” ..


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