Parkitect Beginner Tips

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“Guys. This is game jamming and today. We re gonna do a little bit of of architect and i m kind of try to do some simple tips and tricks. I ve learned after playing a few missions from the campaign.

The first thing i m gonna note is pay attention to the objectives it seems obvious at first but one of the important things here is notice how none of these goals talk about how much money that you need to have that because it doesn t mention money. Some of them do and they will and later missions. But the current missions. They you don t have money is not important to the objective.

So feel free to use uh use the budget thing budget anything to get some loans so over here in the finances tab. There s the loans that are already sitting. There and you can take two of these loans with no issue right as soon as the active loans. You re outta and no i wouldn t take them immediately just take them when you need them that way you can avoid paling the monthly fee okay so that s the first tip and trick going through here there s also those advertisements.

Thing here. The advertisement should be thought of as like a multiplier though you re the attractions that you have at the park would bring guests in if you run a campaign on that attraction or just on the park in general. It will multiply the amount of guests that are coming in and we ll go over the maximum that s supposed to bring in so something that you can do i would generally do it toward the end of the campaign. Just because it s not necessarily a rush bringing everybody right now.

When you ve got no ride setup. Yet anyways um. So let s have some rides real quick. And then we re gonna explain some of the things further what do things note here is look at this road right here.

This is a service road. And you can see in here. This is where the service stuff is you should plan to have your shops as close to this thing as possible because otherwise people aren t gonna get to it. And it makes it easier for the hauler who has less to battle.

But let me put some stuff in here and then we ll go from there okay next tip and trick. So now we ve got some source set up and you see this little icon. It seems like you re connected to the path. But you re not sure what s happening like why is it not getting stopped now i m gonna zoom in right here these are the goods for this store.

These are the stories they obviously have to be stopped. Though i know this should have been covered in the tutorial. But if you re anything like me. I just kind of blaze through the tutorial.

I wasn t really thinking about that much so need to pay attention..

Know what you need to get goods around the holler you take a holler drop them down and we ll automatically figure out that something has happened you can see delivering condiments two hotdogs aren t doing the work. It s cool now the collar really only needs two things he needs a path between the goods and the hauler can get tired just like any of the other employees. So you either need to have an employee. Rest stop.

Which is dead your staff room. The staff training room or you need to have a bench. But one of the simple solutions if you afraid your employees are gonna get tired grab a bench and i m gonna put one near here i ll even put one over here okay cool. Now the next thing well.

This is getting halt. You know just taking care of the trash right now. I m gonna i m gonna put some rides in here just for funsies right right yeah this gonna add darkness so a lot of times you might make multiple things you re doing a whole bunch of stuff before everything gets started and so you like you do a whole bunch of things and you re like oh wait a second i got a bunch of things that need to open because i forgot to open them so there s a cool thing over here this little info button overview it will give you all your rides and you can just hit open all now it s open and this gives you a nice easy management thing to see the prices for all the rides. So if you want to manage all the prices because you re not making money or clicking the button up and down like wise and all the shops that they didn t open open all those open.

They re done all right. What s nice about that is this is an overview of employees. And this is an overview of guests. Very cool little info panel these and the joke.

Okay so this is gonna get stocked over time let s go through the staff management cuz. It s actually important again let s go through the staff. One more time janitors are pretty obvious they clean the pathways. And more importantly.

They also clean out the toilets. When you have a toilet later installed you re gonna wanna make sure the janitor can reach the toilet and i believe they service it from the front. But another important part about the janitor is they don t have a negative effect on your scenery. Unlike the hauler people do not want to see the haulers because it kind of destroys the immersion.

But anyways the janitor our janitor you walk them around we ll get to this thing at the end. But this is actually a really cool feature phones. We have the hall are doing the job. And you can see this store is already filled and this has probably a little bit few more boxes left to fill cool mechanic mechanics fix the ride.

It also fix vandalized objects automatically so definitely want to have one mechanic at least one mechanic for your parker. Then you can figure out what you need more or not security is what prevents vandals from attacking the park again. I don t know how necessary it is in the beating campaign. But especially when you get that notification those vandals around you might as well go zack you are going right.

And finally entertainers this can just help with immersion and i also believe it keeps people happy and they wear cute costumes that s important this is tell you the tasks that are available to be done..

But the important part in this is zone tool at the end it s super uh super cool. I think it s really nifty no you know this is a hauler here sometimes we don t want the hauler to go anywhere else now. This is only has one path. But if i opened up the path more uh then i don t want the hauler to leave this area so if i go zone.

One like this if you need to drag it out just drag out like this i ll expand the zone. And then i can go to that hauler boom down one now this hauler will not leave the area. Even if there is service path going somewhere. Else is a nifty tool.

That was the the staff management um. I m not going to talk about research. Right now the park info. Again if you ever forget your goals go to park info.

You ll check it out. There s also statistics opinions is a nice little deal is tells you things that are happening in the park and then this this thing is so so helpful just because now right now everything s showing this 50. Because the park is just open overtime. That will fill with the guests rating as you get more guessing so up next is something that i think is super cool feature.

Now one of the things that we re talking about again was that immersion want to feel like they can enjoy the park. Enjoy the tractions and want to see cool scenery and they don t want to see you like emptiness. And more importantly. They don t want to see the bad stuff or don t want to see this hauler.

They don t want to see the service path. But what do you do a lot of times. You kind of think like well okay i ll just put some stuff out there. But you can t really tell if it worked or not the trick is to you visualizer and then gute wait where is decoration there we go so this is going to tell you what you should focus on anything.

That s green probably pretty good anything that s read is read at and anything this pink is just telling you this is like the stuff that actually causes badness. If you will it causes decoration. See source of bad decoration reading no ste just read section rather than turning it off. I was on a live stream and crazy mad captain that was in the stream was like hey.

Why don t you just leave the thing on while you re doing your improvements. I was like it s not your great idea because what s important about that is if you could see it getting fixed. Then you know whatever you re doing is working so let s see here i m gonna go to structures. We re gonna go look for some fences.

Let s see if defences work so i m gonna put some fencing here..

Hey. So now what s important about this fencing is you put that in there it s like okay. It s cool. I guess.

But they can see through it right and every time you see that it s updating those tiles. That s checking it out so let s try something else okay that fence didn t work let s try this tall fence. No that was not too tall right yeah. Tall fence okay.

We re gonna try this one hey is helping oh look at that do you see how the colors are changing a little bit. And so what s nice about the system is rather than doing the guessing check just look at the thing and go oh. What it s supposed to do or didn t do what it s but yeah let s do this i want to cover up this thing. Because it s kind of ugly.

I say anyway. I swear she words are complicated now another problem you re gonna notice is that hey we solved this problem right i m gonna turn off this day. Quick let s go back decoration again it s neutral at least not pink. So that s a good sign looks like there s nothing over here.

Oh great uh. But for there s no trash cans here oh gosh cans. What s wrong okay uh. If you don t have trash cans.

When people eat their food do whatever they re gonna throw. The trash on the floor and gets needs to get cleaned up by the janitor. But obviously if you have trash cans that solves a problem. But unfortunately having the trash cans brings up a new thing that you need let s put the trash bin out where the trash cans in order for them to can be cleaned out you need to have a janitor now.

This is the janitor doing her thing. So it s elizabeth. There right there. The janitor has to find a place to put the trash.

If they want to empty the trash can and unfortunately. The only place to do that right now is in this service area basically they can dump the trash here now you could put out a trash chute. Which is totally fine. But let s go with the simple solution because in the beginning of the game.

You re actually trying to do things affordably right you can t just spend money on this whatever you want and i m gonna create a service f..

Now what s gonna be the immediate problem is you re gonna say wait isn t this gonna wreck the decoration rating. You re absolutely right. It is at the moment right so i m gonna give you a cool trick to show you see how this now pink again. They re like oh.

I see the service path. That s kind of no good okay okay so see this person is gonna come over here. And that s not gonna be any good and on top of that i bet to like this by the way the hotkey for that is p that s the default binding. I m gonna block this off because i don t want people to see them right and then we are gonna put that beautiful beautiful geckos block off this area come on eric there you go look at this you do you put this down on the sign you can type something you can be like ooh ancient isn t that cool it just comes up on the street.

So cool. And you go no entry for guests yeah look at that if the online. Change is definitely you can change it title. Though yeah.

I don t know whatever you want to put on there. But what s important is once you put on that sign now people can t enter that area so if we go back to that decoration rating. Again decoration. This is back to normal.

There s no pink here anymore and people can t get back. There. Oh all good problem solved now obviously it s a little bit ugly you can clean it up do it want that s fine uh. But that is a super handy tool.

And it s important for the immersion for you so uh go fill up your parks go have fun and those are some simple tips. If you ve got any tips to share please leave them in the comments below. I d love to hear them i am learning this game as well. I ve been i ve been part of the beta for a long time.

But they with the campaign. It kind of changes things to be more real where before i had no money so it was like just kind of did whatever you wanted to do it s a very fun game. I really hope to hear some more tips and tricks. I m already starting to learn a little bit about the speedruns for this game.

We do have a time of about three minutes on the first first one imma have to try to do some more speedruns and i m learning some stuff from that too so thank you for watching and i hope to see you guys next time when i do some more ” ..

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