Panasonic Lumix 25mm f/1.7 REVIEW

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“Months. Ago i bought this lens the npanasonic 25mm. F. 17.

For about one hundred hundred and fifty ndollars and after using it on just about every project that i done since then ni have absolutely no doubt that this is one of the best value lenses for micro nfour thirds starting off with the build quality this nlens is extremely small and lightweight. It s made of plastic. But it doesn t feel ncheaply made and the lens hood is extremely easy to take on and off or neven reverse. Unfortunately the lens is not weather sealed.

So you should be ncareful about shooting in heavy rain. But i have used this lens in some very damp nenvironments and i ve never had a problem this lens could be considered nthe. It s the full frame equivalent of a 50mm lens. Which makes it a standard lens so it s a close napproximation to what the human eye sees this means that at this focal length any nfaces in your shot as well as the depth.

The compression are going to..

Look very. Nnatural the lens has an aperture of f. 17. So if you re shooting portraits you re ngoing to get a.

Nice shallow depth of field and a good amount of bokeh and the nbokeh that you do get is very smooth. Unfortunately this lens is not nstabilized. I shoot a lot of handheld video. So for that reason i really wish nthat.

It was but even though the lens is not stabilized. It does give you an nextremely sharp image and very fast autofocus now even though this lens has ngreat autofocus. My biggest problem with it is the manual focus let me show you nsomething. So.

This is a normal camera lens right..

It s an 85mm and you nturn. The focus ring. And it moves a part of the lens and changes the focus in the nshot. This is this is good it works panasonic s 25mm on the other nhand uses a system called focus by wire.

Now what that means is that instead of nhaving. A mechanical system. Where you move the focus ring. And it moves a piece nof glass in the lens therefore changing the focus when you turn the focus ring.

Nit sends an electronic signal to the camera to change the focus and i just i ncan t sleep at night. Because i m up trying to figure out why panasonic does nthat as you probably know if you shoot with panasonic lenses. Focus by wire ncauses. There to be a very minor delay between you turning the focus ring and the focus actually changing.

Which doesn t sound nlike a big deal..

But it is so the manual focus with this lens. Just like nmost other panasonic lenses is delayed just enough to feel unnatural and be ntedious to use so. I almost never even bother trying to use manual focus on nthis lens. If you shoot photos that s probably fine.

But it s something to keep nin mind if you re shooting video. If you want to do something like a rack focus nshot with this lens overall. The combination of the focal length. The nbokeh the sharpness the autofocus and just the overall portability and ease of nuse that this lens comes with makes it very good for someone shooting casual nportraits of their friends or someone like me who just wants to go out and nhave an easily portable and small setup.

They can use to take videos and that is nwhy this lens is my go to lens for absolutely everything except vlogging nbut everything else and why i think that this lens belongs in every panasonic nuser s camera bag. But that is all for this week s video and you might recall a ncouple of weeks ago when i made a tutorial about hyperlapses. I asked you nguys to send in hyperlapses of your own. So here are all those thank you to neveryone who sent one in i got a bunch of great submissions.

And if you want to nbe featured in next week s video..

Just like this just go ahead. And tell me in nan. Instagram. Dm.

Or an email. What your favorite lens is to shoot with and send nme. A photo that you took using that lens. And i ll feature you right there in the nnext video.

But that is all for this week s video. I hope you enjoyed it and nif you did do feel free to show your support by leaving a like on the video. Nor even subscribing to my channel. I upload not one but two new videos about nfilmmaking every single week keep ” .


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