Panasonic G85 Video Guide

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“Guys. This is kayla with dsr video shooter and today. I m happy to announce announce the g85 video guide is now live rather than talk about it. Here is trailer out of the box.

The g85 is set up for this we re going to change that in this guide. My name is kayla pike. I am a youtuber and camera operator. You may know me from my youtube channel and video training sites.

Dslr video shooter..

The g85 is one of the best all around cameras for shooting video. It is the perfect camera for bloggers. Youtubers filmmakers and enthusiasts my job with this guide is to take a good camera and turn it into a great video shooting machine. This guy has everything you need to know to get rockin video results out of the g 85.

And we re going to do it in four sections in the first section. We re to cover button and dial layout. Essential menu changes for best results and creating custom function buttons on them in section. 2.

We re going to dive into mastering crucial settings like photo styles white balance..

We ll talk about resolution and frame rate. Theory. Exposure. Focus settings stabilization and much more in section.

3. We re going to get down and dirty with video gear including support gears lenses and adapters audio accessories and several power options signature you never run out of juice for your g85 in section. 4. We bring it all home with shooting tips will go over shooting and lowlights getting correct exposure.

And where to go over the best run and gun and vlogging setup for the g inside..

So you re ready to master video on the g5 grab your camera your favorite streaming device and a drink of choice. Let s get started so. That s what i ve been working on for the past month. And why i ve been a little late in getting videos up now.

I will be getting at my g85 review up within a couple days or a week. Now i have spent a lot of time with this camera. I know the ins and outs and quirks and there s some funky stuff. But overall.

It is a fantastic camera and i m a big big fan..

The guide can be purchased for 20 on my website. You can save 10 in the next 24 hours by using the code below in the description. And i m really proud of this one. I m also looking forward to bringing some of the techniques that i used in the trailer to a tutorial here on youtube.

So thank you guys so much for watching i ll see you in the next video or over in the guy you ” ..

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