Otterbox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy S8+

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“Guys now we re going to put the otterbox defender case on the samsung galaxy galaxy s 8 plus so let s do this and i can remember this does have a built in screen protector. It has the little arrows that are kind of showing you we have to separate the case not octan easiest thing to do but i m showing you all this in the video. So you see how much fun. It is or how much fun.

It is not going to be trying to put with these otterbox cases on okay like it d be easier. If i had a screwdriver or something this way to like help pry this open a little bit like you see right in there. Where the arrow is but you have to be extra careful because you can damage the case or the sample or the tabs or mark it up so i don t want to do that so. But anyway like i said you can see how difficult this can be or easy depending on you know if you re not doing it for buying a camera alright.

So we got our case. Separate it so now let me grab my cloth wipe. This on down a little bit in the front and mainly in the back get some these fingerprints off okay..


So then this is the cutout for the camera flash in the fingerprint. So you line that up put it right in okay. Like that and this top part of the plastic case. We ll just line that up here the cab snapping into place.

Okay. Did we got everything seems pretty good now we will put on our outer rubber protective piece you can see that it s a pretty snug set to get this piece on there. And i tapped a big speed button. So what you re go on want to do is like i see me doing you re going to wile dice.

You re just kind of like feed it over the lip of the plastic out here wrap it around okay. See how that feels seems like it s nice and tight hang on yep all right it feels pretty good let s see how the edge screen. Feels let s take a look at it first though here you have your flaps to help prevent you know liquid and dust and dirt getting in okay..


Except the speaker. Port is wide open let s fix this part a little bit down here get that without doubler. There we go okay. Let s take a look around looks pretty good and buttons work pretty good.

There s big speed okay all right now let s go home. And let s try the edge panel. Okay that works very well there s no problem accessing. The edge panel.

See that okay so the case is not getting the way but yeah here s the otterbox defender case for the samsung galaxy s8 plus now when you look at this let s just take a look this does seem here. Let me hold up my iphone for an example. Here..


This does seem like with the outer box defender case with the s8 plus like it will offer yeah. Some good impact protection. So. If you drop this and hits the ground face down as you can see it s raised up see that this is the si plus on top.

It is raised. So you will have some protection from hit on the ground when you know if you accidentally drop your phone now of course. I am ordering a screen protector. It is on the way from otterbox because you can see in this example.

If the phone does fall on a flat surface the lips here will protect the screen from actually hitting the ground. But however. Let s say there s something on the ground like a piece of metal or a rock or something well it could still smack into it and the screen could still hit and break..


So. Yeah. You definitely want to have a screen protector because while this lip does offer some protection again like i showed you in this example. If there s something like a small object.

The screen could still make contact and get damaged. But other than that you know i like the case fits really well the edge. You know works you know there s nothing no getting the way or hindering it but yeah otterbox defender case for the samsung galaxy s8 plus all right you know any questions just leave them in the comment section below. ” .


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