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“Name is kindrie grove. And i m a professional artist and art instructor. Probably the the clearest thing that i can say i m trying to express. Is the essence the spirit of the animals that i m painting some of the movement and the motion kind of the inner spirit and finding ways to connect people to that through the work kindrie grove captures and extracts strengths.

These details are of paramount importance to kindrie in her work. She has roots in alberta and some formal instruction at the alberta college of art and design in calgary. Penticton bc. Is her home for the past 14 years.

In that time. She has managed to take something that she loves animals and create expressive art with a connectable spirit kindrie. I work with photography. I work with my own field drawings and studies and i also work intuitively where i just allow things to come through and sometimes during each of those processes.

I ll have a very clear idea of what the painting is going to look like and then it s really important at some point through the process to let go of that and just allow the work to become what it s meant to be because the more i try to control the process as the artist the less of an effortless quality comes through it s like connecting to a flow of creativity..

You release your attachment to how it s going to end up and your need to kind of control. The outcome and you end up with work that i think in a lot of ways can be a lot more powerful than when you re when you are trying to control. It the way i m working now. I m looking more to find a way to bring out the essence of the subject as opposed to the surface detail and texture the way i used to paint.

I was putting a lot of detail into the animals and into the backgrounds and the process that i find myself working in now is much more about saying more with less i often just use a color field brush strokes texture. Textural brush strokes in the background for myself it s more important that people have uh a very very strong very direct connection to the animal itself. Growth. In an artist is of paramount importance and with kindrie that means exploring the gamut from drawing to painting to sculpture all the while she pulls lessons from her past.

A nurturing environment cements. A foundation and fosters kindrie s growth as an artist kindrie right from my earliest memories. I can remember drawing. My mom who was a painter in her spare time and a graphic artist was sort of my earliest teacher.

She would show me how to do some things i ve always been really interested in animals..

I grew up on a horse farm. And so we always had lots of animals around so it was kind of a first love as well i always had a horse physically in my life that i interacted with and when i gave my horse away to a good friend of mine in calgary. That was when i started to actually be drawn to paint them and sculpt them i got a lot of support from my family. There was never a well you can t do that you ll never make a living as an artist that sort of thing.

It was really up to me to choose what i wanted to do and i was supported fully art seems to choose kindrie as much as kindrie chooses art sharing her talents with others is equally important as her art. She opens her studio to students offering. What she calls studio sessions that are self directed. Classes with a bit of fundamental instruction as a base.

She then augments. Her art instruction by adding dvd s and the internet to help widen the scope of her endeavors kindrie. I try to expose people to as much as possible in terms of techniques. Um styles and ways of working.

It s actually opened and broadened doors for me in terms of my own creativity..

Because of the inspiration. I gain from seeing other people pursue it i often use the analogy with my students. If you re just starting out just beginning the process of learning you need to treat that inner artist in yourself like you would a small child. That s learning to draw and paint.

And think about what you would say to them to encourage them and to help them along and use those words for yourself. Because so often we re really hard on ourselves. If we don t feel we have the innate talent to do it right away. It s almost like an illusion that you can t do it at all so i think.

It s a matter of just giving yourself time being patient and doing the actual doing cause you got to practice it whatever. It is reflecting on the ebb and flow of creativity and inspiration in her works. Both as and artist and a teacher kindrie definitely knows her place in the world of art by being true to whichever avenue of either effort. She pursues kindrie.

It s a very healing process for people the more avenues..

We have for self expression. I think the healthier we are as people i ve i guess in a way been blessed with an ability to do this and through developing. It over my life up to this point it very much feels like it s important to share that with other people and in some ways to help other people reach that point too. I man really it sort of balances.

There s sort of a flow back and forth between pursuing my own work and working with other people and helping them to develop their own skills. Really i m finding the more i do it the more i enjoy doing it in terms of the teaching side. I don t know life s a journey right and you don t really know what the destination is it s all about the process. So wherever i m led as long as i guess i m true to myself.

That s the main thing. ” ..

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Penticton BC artist Kindrie Grove has an eye for art with a unique flavor, and shares it with others through her work and through her instruction.

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