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“Guys today i want to talk to you about market research firms. So if you you re trying to develop a brand new revolutionary product you already know that it gonna be important to do market research. If you re trying to find investors investors are gonna want to know how many people are in your market space. If you re trying to design this you re going to need to know maybe.

Some of the specs of the products that it works with so there s lots of different reasons..

You re going to need to do market research for your project so my product here is a smartphone video mount it takes your smartphone and turns it into an action camera i ll demonstrate here a little this is a knob on the back take your smartphone stick it inside the jaws squeeze down tighten it up now your phone s totally secure. Because we did market research and we figured out exactly what kinds of phones people have so we had to know the largest phone on the market with the largest case and we had to know the smallest phone on the market. What that enabled us to do was design this though that was universal and work for all smartphones something none of our competitors have been able to do so you can see here it shrinks all the way down. It s about two inches.

And that works with the iphone 5c..

Which is the narrowest smartphone on the market. And it goes. All the way up here and will actually work with the galaxy note. 2.

Which is the largest smartphone on the market..

And it works with an otterbox case on that phone so because of market research. We know exactly how to design it so if you re trying to find a really good market research firm. The people that we use was called focused product design. The first step that they do in product development is go out and figure out what your market is where is the niche that you re trying to fill what did the products that are already in the market space.

Do and how can they improve upon those designs with your product idea to fill that niche..

So if you want more information on market research with focus visit focus pdm com. I m going to post the link right here in the bottom of the video and you go to the website and check them out you got lots more information. There so it s definitely worth a read thanks for watching this video guys. ” .


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