Logitech G432 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

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“Have. D. Logitech. G.

4. 3. 2. D.

71. Will trot surround sound gaming headset. Headset. And would you know it it goes on.

Pc. Ps4. Switch. Xbox.

One because has xbox. One. Sorry because it has 35. Millimeter.

Jack. Now as we did on the g. 3. 3.

2. We re going to do it. Here as well we re going to do the mic test. And everything because well we re supposed to do it right.

It has a much nicer books. And i have to point it out because i really like the designs of the new boxes of the logitech peripherals and the it s somewhere over..

There dg. 3 3. 2. Is a bit different from the others.

But ok. It s that doesn t matter in comparison on buying it this is also something to advance the prodigy series. As well as the fast path. Etc.

Dead. Now we have also d. Usb. Jack.

As well. And this is it from this part. Now. The difference between the g3 3 2.

And bg. 4 3. 2. Is well it has delayed right ear.

Cups. Deliberate headband here to make it softer for your head. When you use it it has the same microphone so on and off with moving it up and down. And also it has the same volume knob so what is actually here the.

Difference it has the ets headphone. Acts. 71. Will troll surround sound.

And you also get everything except everything the same as the. G3 except for these usb..

Here so just connect the usb 2. D. 35. Millimeter jack there habit.

You just connected to your computer. And will work. We re going to test the microphone. But i just have to read this out loud because this is really well they re wrong here your game from every angle with 71.

Surround sound precise position of your renders our 3d sound scope. Some soundscape sorry some scape so you can detect enemies from all sides so basically they re saying that these year cups are made for fortnight babji and all these similar games in well competitive gaming. But allow or am. I missing something right okay never mind that so we re going to connect it with usb first.

We re going to test the microphones see how it works this is a bit advanced model. So it s going definitely going to be a bit more pricier than vg3 3 2. And also it has the same microphone as i said i prefer more that the microphone is stucked in the ear cup or is magically hidden in the ear cup or anything similar to death. But yeah.

Let s go test the microphone out and see how it works with usb and then we re going to. Check it if it will have any difference with the two 35 millimeter jacks as well ok. So we are recording the microphone of dg 3 4. 3.

Sorry dg 4 3. 2. And we re recording it directly to the audacity and i have to say it does have a different sound. When doing the recording you know.

But that is most likely because i changed. The microphone to g 4. 3. 2.

And the speaker to g. 4..

3. 2. Some directly hearing myself. While talking and we re going to have to listen to it if it has or.

Maybe it s just 71. Virtual surround since i connected it now with the. Usb. Ok let s connect it with double 35.

Millimeter. Jack and record. It again. And then we re going to do a comparison and see.

Which is better of. Course. Okay so now we are. Recording it with the double 35.

Millimeter. Jacks. Separate from the one for the microphone and one for the headset. Now.

I don t hear myself direct into the speakers into the ear cups. Which is probably because the usb is transferring this sound directly to the ear cup since i placed it over here now i m practically yelling because these elation on the ear. Cups is really nice and i have to sound a bit louder of course you won t hear it the you won t hear the audio from the camera. You will hear the audio from the audacity that i m currently recording so yeah i m going to listen to both sounds here that i record it and then i m going to do a comparison for you guys to know what to use.

I was talking a bit nonsense talking over the microphone when i was recording because the usb allows this 71 audio virtual surround sound and d 35. Milimeter jacks don t so it has the usb has a bit louder volume here on the microphone. And it does sound better even than the g 33. And of.

Course that is almost the same because it s connected with the 35. Millimeter..

Jack. So dg. 4 3. 2 and the.

G. 3. 3. Sound.

Basically the same when connected with d. 35. Millimeter jack and i m talking about the microphone. Now.

Connecting. It with the usb you get certain boost all its definitely. D. 71.

And i met and i have to point out it s virtual surround. Sound so it kinda makes an effect that it s 71. It s not you don t get seven speakers here inside and one for the base of course it does make a nice differentiation in the sound. So you notice.

It s it has more. Clarity i mean you hear the microphone over usb and over the 35 millimeter jack and you can conclude by yourself everything there is to it so guys this is going to be a bit pricier model just because of the 71 virtual surround sound but it definitely sounds much. Better the usb then it is on d. 35.

Millimeter jack so guys thanks for watching. I m putting the links below. As always don t forget to sub and like one more videos coming thank you guys and bye bye j. Nice time ” .


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