Let s Play Gaming Expo 2019 – Full Tour!

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“Guys we are here at the let s play gaming expo in irving texas. At at the irving convention center at las colinas morning like this picturesque lobby here we about to walk in it s gonna be a little dimmer and it s gonna be a lot more game intensive so let s head online check out the sights alright guys so first stuff we re gonna walk into kind of the vendor area as you can see it s big it s huge. I mean. This is a big convention center and so you ll have what i think you know you would expect you ve got a ton of videogame dealers.

You ve got a ton of kind of nerdy entrepreneurs. Right here. Sure so. If i want to buy a video game is this a good place to buy one yes.

So. The reason is like everyone s competing with each other ah she s back there shopping. No the real thing is everyone s competing with each other here and they re all bringing some of their best stuff to try to you know get sales make a profit because it costs them some money to get a booth here so you have everyone here bringing what they really want to sell so with that competition. It really makes it s a great place to buy i still like them we almost bought one.

I know i feel like i m almost here though akon had an alcohol service. No alcohol service here so you ll have a ton of videogame dealers and and you ll have a lot of people coming here early friday. Standing in line to get that first crack at the dealer s tables. Because the others are bringing all sorts of really cool stuff.

And you might find a good deal or you ll find something that you ve been looking for forever. And that s one of the a lot of the collectors are like completionists. They re looking for a whole series of the games like every game that ever came in on the week. Or the nintendo or anything like that well i mean a lots so as their list gets smaller.

They have to start coming to conventions like this to try to find that last one try to find a good deal and but nowadays with the internet. Everything is pretty well priced like you kind of know what a fair price is and it you know you ve got a ebay auctions and everything setting the market well. I m telling you dj. Said you found a game.

It was like 15. And he made it sound like that was a lot but like a normal amount to pay for well. So i mean so you ll have games here that are worth everything from you know dollar atari 2600 games to tens of thousands of dollars and then of course. We ve got you know all sorts of other people that are doing demos.

We ve got a little vr demo here like beat sabre and stuff like that because like i said. It s it s like nerdy entrepreneurs everywhere and then yeah. But this is a great place. If you re looking for a videogame or you re looking to try to just get into some of these kind of communities meet the people who come here.

It s there s a ton of people there s the r2d2 that we ve see around the lot. So i mean it really is and this is this is expansive like this is really cool to watch because you know last year. We had and there s brent white s fan. A free play right.

There famous video game author so i mean you ve got every end. That s as we get into this you re gonna have a bunch of voice actors that are here kind of signing stuff. It s really wow this is really big we ve got it looks like freaks and geeks coming up here sponsor..


A free play right here yeah sponsor. Our tuesday night fights to all sorts of really cool stuff. I mean if you look around it is so much there s just so much happening. This is so neat because last year.

Right they were competing with each other all these different conventions not this year. Everyone is here and you ve got collection after collection doing all this amazing stuff you ve got 3d glass art. But yeah i mean it s it s really a lot so not only yes is this a great place to find video games. I bet if you re what completionist you re gonna find a lot of the stuff that you re really looking for because this is more vendors.

I think that i ve ever seen here and they ve had some really good years sorry so that was two rows. We re gonna hit. But first let s stop by here let s check out the trophies so like we talked before they re doing a ton of tournaments. So you they have off the sub term.

So they don t they re they re also doing the big wizard. Thing so this is the big well i think that s one of the wizard. Things that might be the texas world series. Yeah.

So the creator of rampages here. They they have a mint condition just refurbished rampage machine that you re gonna first do a tournament on and then you get to play the creator. If well it s really it was really smart. So what s really funny is this is like one of those generic corporate trophy designs.

But they got the etched windows so it looks like a building is smart. If you guys know by getting trophies that look a little bit tricky. They re expensive and they all kind of look cheap. So and then you have all these sub sub tournaments.

You ve got kirby air right nhl. 94 tetris 1080 hyper fighting hyper fighting. Oh. I didn t know they were doing a street fighter.

I had i gotta go tell some people some stuff and then a mario kart so i mean yeah. So not only are they you know doing a lot of cool stuff doing a lot of tournaments gala lot of vendors they really go all up with all aspects of it and then you ve got another vendor right here behind the prize trying to lock up with more awesome. I mean. This is like oh.

I mean so we ready a gun right. That s not a video game convention or anything. But they were a couple. I wanted to there s a bunch of all game systems on that metal one back here.

Yeah. I mean you ve got some serious collections here for selling. And what i know about the dfw community and is that some of these people are just people at home..


Who have tons of overstock like in their collection like they just have a lot of video games and they ll come here they ll get a booth. They ll buy selling but they re really here to try to trade with other collectors to try to get you know traded things up. I not i watched a huge threat. Unlike.

The dfw retro gamers talking about these massive amounts of trays and we re gonna have it on this floor. So yeah you ve got nes games. There in the bar game in for three bucks. There s got to be something good in there open it we re about to do like a interesting maneuver over these trash cans this is intense.

But this is really cool. I mean you ve got guitar center here they ve actually been a sponsor since day one they do audio video stuff they re actually i mean if you needed av supply instead of a booth every day well we we re not good at planning. So we re a big guitar center customers. But yeah.

It s really neat to be able to walk through this much and what s really cool i mean you ve got a 50 mystery bag sounds risky are they ever a good idea. I don t know i guess we could buy one and find out you know i hit all that akon money they left over money and is always sunglasses case. And i found it today. Well.

This is my backpack right now yeah. Sorry freeplay. Oh. My gosh so we got money to buy stuff.

This is they have the energy drinks. The dragon ball z. Energy drinks you know we used to stalk that brand alright. So we ve got the microsoft booth looks like they ve teamed up a little bit with extra life.

Doing them some promos got a really cool set up of like all of the current modern console stuff from microsoft. So xbox one you ve got like a cool force of driving set up over there just you know you know the microsoft team has a huge budget to bring whatever out so. It s really neat to see them they always have a great booth. You ve got it looks like the second extra life booth there their individual booth.

We of course participate with extra life we do a big fundraiser every year 25. Hours i think we re normally raising you know five almost more than 5000. Which is amazing and awesome for charity right now on our left. We ve got some cosplay stuff.

We saw that cosplay at a con. I believe on our right. We ve got different people doing autographs different voice actors. I mean it s it s really like when they first started.

It was vendors and the arcade and like smash brothers. Now it s like the whole world right it s like the entire nerd dumb or whatever you call it here and then we ve got of course the amazing borderlands gearbox booth r2 spent 200 hours completing that it s really really detailed it s got some like history right well. It s got something hit well..


What s really funny is they had issues getting it supported right so you see all the tape on the wall. But that almost feels borderlands yeah. Just having that so i think that should be like a halloween like haunted house like well yeah. I wonder i wonder what your mike s gonna do with it the weird thing is for the second time but five borderlands three it s amazing our kids definitely assistant her husband works for gearbox he s working they re more successful the more successfully involved the more they will be able to get it ll be super cool and super awesome.

Which and i ve talked about this a lot before trying to figure out what s going on over there they got some sort of i think this is both normally on grass. But it looks like they ve set up a little temporary music and t shirt booth thing looks really cool but yes gearbox borderlands 2. Is the last new game. I ve played right here you ve got the voice actors from various video games you got john st.

John famous duke nukem voice so i mean they ve well in they have a bunch of creators here. And what s really nice you have the creators. The voice actors everyone setting a boost right and then they also get to participate in panels. Do everything so here.

Yeah. Yeah. We re gonna do a whole nother. Look.

Okay. Then come back so and then of course. This was that rampage setup. We were talking about earlier and we just walked by them.

Brian colin. The programmer designer of rampages here signing cool posters. Awesome. I like doing it so and then right here behind this on this side you can see the arcade and we re gonna head back we re gonna check out the stage area the tournament area give some details and then we re gonna go upstairs check out what s up there so let s kind of get around check out where they re playing tetris.

I m gonna find out if they re using my nhl carts i m gonna sit down and kind of represent and they re running these challenges constantly throughout the day and they re you know this is not a small endeavor that they have going on right here. They ve got the world series. The tetris world series or world championship. This is qualifying event.

So they re all playing nes tetris all on these crts and there s certain you know qualifications they re live streaming one of the the setups behind them it s the extra life let s play streaming booth. So they re there streaming the entire time and it s you know for charity their their fundraising as they go then they have the nhl 94 setups here again maybe one of my carts is being used this is and then i think they have a bunch of free play area. So yeah you get them playing hogan s alley. Just different free plays.

So this is the different tournament. Setups you ve got rc pro. Am. Which is a tournament game this looks like the practice area and just people having fun playing classic retro games.

Unreal monitors. I would not know which games. I could wander up and play and which ones like goodness..


It s true they probably should tell you exactly what s i think those are the official tournaments. I think they are because they re running stuff and they were like i think these right here are the practice games that we just went through except for the tetris tetris. So this is their main stage. This is where they are gonna do all their announcements and i think they re gonna bring in the the wizard stuff here.

They re obviously they re doing like a live broadcast. Right now the internet. They ve got like a little interview booth and that s the thing they re trying to like capture that feeling in the wizard. I don t know if you have actually seen the movie.

I m sorry. But there s a huge stage where you you know it s like everyone geeking out and celebrating the best video game players in the world with sue. And it s it introduced super mario bros. 3 of the world who is the wizard.

The wizard fred savage. There s two of them. But i think it s fred job wait late railroads fred savagery. Fred savage was playing the wizard.

I mean like is the wizard posed to be a real person in videos. Oh no it s like the video game wizard. I think is it s the point there s not like a wizard. It s not like it was no it s actually like any good 80s movie has some melodrama.

I want my picture taken with the ufc girl. Oh. Okay. You put all useless put your arm around yeah.

All right guys. We just walked through all of let s play let s play expo. Here. Irving convention center at las colinas such a cool or a cane.

I mean. One of the cool is commuting arcades that exists unbelievable. We ve got a whole separate walk route just for the arcade. What a ton of vendors ton of really cool experiences happening with the wizard you got gear box here microsoft here so i mean just a really great convention.

We re so happy to be a part of it at free play but for now that we re signing off. We re gonna go enjoy this convention you ” ..

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