Laptop screen replacement / How to replace laptop screen HP Pavilion 15-P033CL

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“Guys. We re gonna do a laptop screen replacement of the hp pavilion. What we we really need there s only something to pry open the computer and a tiny screwdriver. So we re gonna start off by flipping it over and removing the laptop battery.

Yeah push it on lock. And then push it over here. So we can remove the battery that way we can work without any problems flip back over open up your laptop now we get the tool to pry it open and you want to make sure to pry. It there s between the little rubber lining and the actual plastic casing.

So just try give it a shot. Sometimes. It s hard to do it..


So you got to find that good sweet spot. So let s see over here right here. We got we got a good spot right here. So we just carefully put it in and start prying it open several parts around the screen.

I already have some scuff marks from trying to open up before. But that s okay. What matters is that the screen works and it does pry it open everywhere else gotta be careful with the metal. Because that s where the camera.

The webcam is and then once you have that you might struggle a little bit at first the first time that you pry it open and then it becomes easier. I mean you ve got a need to actually do it again and that s pretty much it you see on the bottom. It s gonna be a little difficult to take it off all you have to do is close..


It be careful not to open and just break it this is gonna open for me very easily because i read it so i ve already opened it before. But right here you try to pry it open between the different color changes. And that s it you make it click come around do the same thing and you re done here so you keep turning around again. Open.

The laptop screen. All the way so you have easier access so grab it pull it out gently and be careful. Because there s a cable right here. Which connects to the laptop screen itself.

Now you want to carefully peel. This back. And be very careful and gentle because this is he s it breaks easily..


And you just pull this out done now next up we get the screwdriver and there s four bolts each around in every spot. Remember one of them that fell in there. I ll get it later get one right here be careful not to lose these these are very tiny. They re actually a little bit of a different size.

One is tiny bit longer than the other the longer ones go on the bottom. Because if you try to put the small ones down here. They won t be able to attach and screw in oh and other that s open you just grab your screen. You can just take it up i put it on the side right here.

So you grab. The new one and as a matter of fact. If you re not sure..


Which screen part that you need if you look at it over here you flip it around it tells you the model that you need to replace it now we ve got to make sure put it perfectly in line. And that s good so we grab the tiny ones put it back in it s pretty much just the same process backwards now again you grab this be very careful try to line it up actually closer and that s it let s take it back on and you re pretty much done. You gotta be careful with this this wire try to put it into place again. If not it s fine just be careful when it closing and then snap everything back in place the bottom.

Besides sometimes the bottom right here. It s not exactly snap. So make sure to close a laptop and push down on it now we put the battery back in lock. It turn around and you re good to go.

Thank you very much for watching hope you enjoyed and ” ..

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