Kaide KK-222 tiny portable radio

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“Everyone how s it going. This is wilks 85. And this is a kade or or kd. I don t know it s pronounced down off the east silent or very tiny very very tiny portable radio in fact.

I m gonna show you guys how tiny this thing is because you won t believe it like you know i knew it was tiny when i saw the ebay listing. But when it arrived i m like holy this thing is tiny you know it doesn t look like a tiny radio wouldn t you have nothing else to compare it to but right next to it is a general electric portable radio and you know that ge is pretty tiny. So when i bought this thing. I was prepared to compare it to an 8 track.

But it s more like a cassette haha. It s actually smaller than the cassette court by quite a bit see what threw me off about the size is the battery compartment. I thought those were double a s and i m thinking yeah..


It s not so small. But it s pretty tiny. But yeah these are triple a s so yeah that s all tiny it is let s get a close look at this thing. There s the speaker grille.

I wish that silver part was in there because it looks it looks much cooler from the side. When you can t see. The silver part there s a dial. There s an led that lights up.

Which is pretty cool so you know if it s on or not cuz. When you turn it down all the way you can t hear it so just for you i can t really show you because i don t have an attenuation cable. But this headphone jack on the side here what like a really nice feature about it and there s general electric has it too..


But um like if you plug stereo headphones into it it ll come in both speakers like it won t be in stereo. But you ll get it on both sides. Which is really nice. I mean usually with these little mono radios usually only comes in one channel.

Which is just so irritating to listen to. But yeah. It s got a stereo headphone jack. It still sounds really tinny like if you listen to this one.

It doesn t sound so bad. And it s not too bad at all actually okay let s turn on see how it works and excuse my dirty hands because i was just fixing the lawnmower and i can t get that grease off you turn the dial up to move the thing down. So you know tuning is very like tuning is very very precise you know here..


It s not really a big deal. But i live in a place like like new york city or toronto or something like that where every single frequency has a radio station on it then yeah tuning this thing would be probably a living hell. Yeah. There s a cut of my finger.

I m sorry about that the sound is as you expected three three mckinnon really good. I thought you can certainly see the radiance loving at the second. It still looks like i am. And you know the aim reception on this thing is not very good.

It s not that the reception isn t good. It s just that there s plenty very powerful stations that overtake the entire band so yeah and if this thing basically doesn t have ham. Unless you know i listen to like lista that s let s see kom and the french station at the same time and you ll hear that all throughout the dial..


So i can twist the cd you re seeking stand hit me on the string that s a very powerful local station. This is a cbc radio historic cvk over here. I think is pretty it s six o clock. Still getting news.

But yeah kind of the same yeah. It s kind of a cool look at the dial axing moves pretty nicely smooth you and i thought this thing sounded city so anyway. That s the kade kk to to to extremely tiny radio and i hope you guys. ” .


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